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What is Vastu Shastra?

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is one of the most followed and the most adhered to concept in the Indian Culture. Vastu Shastra expert is often consulted for the construction of buildings as the construction according to the Vastu Shastra is considered auspicious and it makes way for positive energy within the home.

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that was originated in India. The Vastu Shastra plays an important role in the Indian culture to make way for harmonious and prosperous living by eliminating all kinds of negative energy.

How did Vastu Shastra originate?

Vastu Shastra is a part of the Vedas and is believed to be 5000 years old. The Vastu Shastra originated in the Stapatya Veda,a part of the Atharva Veda.

Earlier, Vastu Shastra was essentially a technical subject restricted only to the architects, and thereby passed on the heirs. The principles of construction, architecture were part of the vastu shastra. this particular science has been mentioned various times in the puranas such as Garuda Purana, Agni Purana, Skanda Purana & Vishnu Purana. There also various other Shastra that pass on the knowledge of the vastu shastra to the next generations such as vishvakarma prakasha, samraangah sutradhar, kashyapb shilp shastra, vrihad sanhita, praman manjaree, etc. 

The best example of the ancient Vastu Shastra is the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. They were the best planned cities of the ancient times.

Science of the Vastu Shastra is an integral part o the Indian architecture and Indian culture. As per the historians, the science of Vastu Shastra was earlier passed down orally and was later written down to be passed on accurately to the later generations.

In the ancient times, Vastu Shastra was primarily used for the construction of the royal palaces and temples.

Elements of Vastu Shastra

Earth: this is one of the most important elements of nature that exerts maximum energy and has a high influence on people. It is deemed important to consider the plot or the land before purchasing it. The Vastu Shastra takes into consideration the direction of the land, the size and also the alignment. A detailed inspection of the soil, site, shape, plot size is done before the construction can be commenced.

Water: Water covers the maximum part of the earth and also exerts high influence on the people. Vastu Shastra in reference to water focuses on the placements of the water resources. North-East is the preferable direction for the water flow as well as swimming should also be constructed in north east. This particular direction is suitable and auspicious for water.

Fire: Vastu Shastra considers south-east to the most auspicious direction for the fire and the kitchen. Vastu Shastra also takes into consideration the proper inlet for the sunlight.

Air: Air is the most important for all the living being on the earth. Air is also the element of north east. Air consists of various gasses such as nitrogen, hydrogen, helium as well as balance of humidity and atmospheric pressures. So the element of air is used to ascertain the direction of windows and doors. 

Space: Space is the never ending vastness comprising of sky, galaxies, star, moon, sun and the entire solar system. The space is an important part of lives and should be considers as this makes way for major flow of both positive and negative energy.

Some Vastu Shastra tips:

Tips for home

  •        The main door should be facing the north, east or the north east
  •        No water centric elements should be places outside the main door
  •         Don't place shoe rack or dustbin outside the main door
  •         Bathroom should not be near the main door
  •         The main entrance should be well lit
  •         The main door shouldn't be black
  •         Animal statues shouldn?t be places outside the main door
  •         The main door should open in a clockwise manner

Vastu tips for happy life

  •          The north & east passage should be clutter free
  •          Owner must own the south-west bedroom
  •          Kitchen should be in south-east direction
  •          Centre of the house should be free from any construction
  •          Marriageable daughter should be given north-west bedroom
  •          Children must study facing east or north and should ensure study table should not face a dead wall
  •          Couples should not take north east bedroom

Benefits of Vastu Shastra:

1. Comfort: Vastu can lead to more comfort in life. Even though, pain and loss are inevitable, Vastu can still enhance the beauty & the quality of the life. 

2. Inner realization: Vastu is an art form that influences things around it. And therefore it can be used to enhance the spirituality of the individual.  

3. Strength: one of the biggest benefits of Vastu Shastra is to ensure that the user gets the maximum benefit out of the placement of products and the structure of the building

4. Easy to use: the inflow and outflow of energy makes the Vastu Shastra essential for a better life. The design and the space is utilized to ensure that person dwelling in it does not have to deal with any negative energy.

5. Best use of space: Vastu Shastra is heavily involved with the architectural principles and hence leads to the proper utilization of space.

6. Good structuring: Vastu Shastra is dependent on the inflow and outflow of energy. Hence, Vastu Shastra principles lead to the better construction and structuring of the house so as to make way for more positive energy.

7. Can enhance one's personality: Vastu Shastra leads to positive and this positive energy in turn can uplift the personality of an individual.

8. Enhance relationship with other people: Vastu Shastra can also lead to a better life, and relationships with the people around.

9. Use this for spiritual knowledge: Vastu Shastra deals with energy and also modulates it and it also enhances the spiritual capacity of an individual.

10. Greater mental peace and skill: Vastu Shastra evokes the five elements and enhances the living space by providing the clutter free environment. And as it is often reiterated that the house that is clutter free and bright is a sign of enlightened mind.






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