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Virgo Zodiac Sign: What Are Their Personality Traits?

Virgo Zodiac Sign: What Are Their Personality Traits?

The Personality Traits of the Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign in Astrology ruled by the Planet Mercury. People born between August 23 and September 22 fall under the zodiac sign of Virgo and demonstrate the influence of this zodiac. Virgos are meticulous and always pay attention to the smallest details and they have deep sense of humanity which makes them one of the most careful and punctilious signs of the zodiac. This is a sign usually misunderstood because of the dual nature that it exhibits, and also because they don't lack the ability to express, but because they won't accept their feelings as valid, true, or even suitable when opposed to reason. These people are the dreamers and idealists of the zodiac.

  • Virgo Dates: August 24th to September 22nd
  • Virgo Positive Personality Traits: Precision, logic
  • Virgo's Qualities: Usefulness, sensitivity
  • Virgo's Faults: Finicky, rigid
  • Gemstone: Agate, jasper
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury

Personality of the Virgos:

People born under the Virgo zodiac prefers an organized life, and even when they let go to chaos, their goals and dreams still have strictly defined borders in their mind. Generally tensed that they might have missed a detail and due to this can get lost in detail becoming excessively critical and obsessed about matters that don?t really matter.

As Mercury is the ruling planet of this sign, its representatives have a well-developed sense of speech and writing, as well as all other forms of communication. Many Virgos may pursue a career as writers, journalists, and typists due to their innate sense of writing and expression, but their need to help others strokes their humanitarian spirit.

Seeking goodness in mankind is the story of Virgo, and disappointment seems to be inevitable from their point of view. Once they fail to find it too many times, Virgos will pull away, get lost, turn to substance abuse, or simply separate themselves from other people to sit on the bench, criticize and judge mercilessly.

The Earth Element

As an earth sign, Virgos are down to earth, ?salt of the earth? types who are brutally honest and deeply rooted in here and now. There are no sparklers or fireworks in Virgo?s production, and for good reason: These earthy Virgins would so much rather be chill and humble over allowing them to get all worked up. Much like their elemental sibling sign, Taurus, Virgo has a good taste for nice things. Virgin-born people tend to love fine material possessions but will become exceedingly choosy about what they want to surround themselves with. Hence, these people are often called materialistic and self-centered.

The Personality Traits of Virgo Male

The men born under the Virgo Zodiac Sign are practical, observant, and caring. Perfection, trustworthiness, and honesty are some of the basic features of a Virgo male. The Virgo male is very difficult to read and takes a while before opening up and relaxing around new people.

The Personality Traits of Virgo Female

Virgo females are usually underrated because they are often perceived as lacking essential life experience. A Virgo woman?s personality is caring, understanding, mature and sensible. A Virgo female loves learning from her day-to-day activities, because it helps her to relate and connect to other people. A lot of Virgo women find their interest in care giving careers such as nursing.

Virgo Compatibility

The most compatible signs with Virgo are usually the zodiac signs of Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. The least compatible signs with Virgo are the zodiac signs of Gemini and Sagittarius.

Virgo Career and Money

Virgos are practical, analytical and hard-working and they always know exactly where to look for the core of any problem. Their analytical nature makes them suitable for jobs that require good organization, dealing with paperwork, problem solving and thinking and connecting things. When they concentrate, perfection is to be expected from their work, for no other sign has such an eye for details as Virgo. They love with books and artistic expressions and hence make good critics, while their need to help humankind makes them best if they decide to become doctors, nurses or psychologists.

Virgo see irrational spending as a bad habit or a matter of being extremely spoiled, and always hold on to the solutions that don?t cost much. Unfortunately, this approach can sometimes make them a bit frugal. These people need to learn to indulge in some self-indulgence too.

Virgo Compatibility with Friends and Family

Friends of Virgos give excellent advice, always pointing to the write as to how to solve a problem. This can make them extremely useful to have around, but also brings to the surface their innate need to search the problem in everything and everyone around them. They will care for people they build a solid relationship with, not giving up on them and nurturing them in every way.

Family of People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are deeply dedicated to the family. They are willing to go to any extent for the family even though they don?t express it quite often.

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