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Venus Transit to Capricorn - December 15, 2019

Venus Transit to Capricorn - December 15, 2019

Venus Transit in Capricorn on 15 december 2019

Venus is by far the hottest planet in the solar system. It atmosphere mostly comprises of carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid. These gases make the Venusian atmosphere so dense that the heat gets trapped in it. Hence, making venus the hottest planet in the solar system. The surface temperature of Venus is hot enough to melt lead. Venus is also the only planet named after the female Roman Goddess of Love.

Venus rotates counter clocking wise and the sun also rises from the west. Hence,it is also a different & odd planet in the solar system.

Venus in Vedic Astrology:

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra. This planet represents the relationships & art in Vedic astrology. It is exalted in Pisces whereas it is debilitated in Virgo. A strong placement of Venus makes the native talented and creative. However, these people also tend to have materialistic attitude and person can also have leisurely attitude.

What does transit mean?

The transits of planets are the backbone of astrology. Transits are a phenomenon when a planet moves from one house to another or from one sign to another then it is called transit of the planet or 'gochar'. The transits of planets create yogas and dosha. Hence, they can have good or bad results.

Venus will transit to Capricorn on 15 december, 2019.

Effects of Venus Transit 2019 on the zodiac signs

  • Aries:Venus will transit in the 10th house for your zodiac sign. This Venus transit will be exceptionally distressing for the Aries born. There will be instances of mental distresses and anguishes. There can also be health issues. It is highly advisable that you take care of financial issues as well as focus on your health. Offer time to family and handle your associations with care. Keep away from contentions issues and be warm with your life partner.

  • TaurusVenus will transit in the 9th house for your zodiac sign. This Venus transit will be positive for Taurus natives. You will encounter most extreme material solace and bliss. They are likewise high possibility for monetary profit and guilty pleasure in things. Representatives will see this time as constituting financial bliss. And there will be anticipated achievement and development in life. Understudies will be engaged in the investigations. Discussing wellbeing, this will be a decent time and you will get back fit as a fiddle. You will share financial profit with relative and the kin are bound to be agreeable and friendly. This travel is additionally favorable for marriage, and it is conceivable that you may locate an appropriate match. Socially, you will flourish and will meet new individuals. This time is likewise useful for profound movement.

  • Gemini:Venus will travel in the 8th house for your zodiac sign. This Venus transit will be certain for individuals brought into the world under the Gemini zodiac sign. This timeframe will be brimming with physical solaces & promotion is likewise a decent time for speculations and monetary profits. On the off chance that you are a single guy, this is correct time to discover a match. Wellbeing will be great and any past illnesses will die down. In the event that you are a student, you will exceed expectations in studies and assessments. You will be increasingly social and will make new companions. Expertly, this will be a prosperous time with monetary profits. Your picked exchange will thrive.

  • Cancer:Venus will travel in the 7th house for your zodiac sign. For the individuals brought into the world under the Cancer zodiac sign, this Venus transit means something bad. There can be inconvenience on account of ladies, and henceforth, ought to keep up a decent affinity with spouse. For wellbeing, this timeframe is going to brimming with medical & clinical visits. The females may experience the ill effects of infirmities and mental anguish. During this time, local can likewise acquire money related misfortunes and it is imperative to deal with the costs. This Venus travel will likewise realize mental pressure and strain throughout everyday life. For business experts, this won't be a prosperous or inspiring time.

  • Leo:Venus will travel in the 6th house for your zodiac sign. The Venus travel will be somewhat adverse for the individuals brought into the world under the Leo zodiac sign. This timeframe can be exceptionally dismal for you. You can confront heaps of impediments in your picked endeavors just as budgetary misfortune. It is basic that you dodge any sort of contentions with family and life partner, as they can blowback on you. Give extraordinary consideration to wellbeing as there can be probability of minor sicknesses just as mental distress.

  • Virgo:Venus will travel in the 5th house for your zodiac sign. For the individuals brought into the world under the Virgo zodiac sign, this Venus transit will prosperous to be prosperous. This is additionally a beneficial time monetarily, as you will see increment in salary and benefits. This is additionally a socially active time for you when you are probably going to get to know prominent individuals. Connections will undoubtedly thrive and the pathway will also be smooth. This is time of high excitement for the Virgo locals.

  • Libra:Venus will travel in the 4th house for your zodiac sign. This Venus transit will be prosperous for the Libra locals. You are going to confront high monetary development just as an ascent in success. You will invest quality energy with your family. Besides, you will enjoy great nourishment and clothing. Socially, you will succeed and will meet different individuals. The kinships that you will shape will give you incredible joy. Wellbeing will likewise be great and you are probably going to encounter increment in prosperity.

  • Scorpio:Venus will travel in the 3rd house for your zodiac sign. For the Scorpio locals, this time will be of most extreme flourishing. This will likewise be a period of satisfaction for you in each part of life. You will develop monetarily. On the professional front, you will thrive and can anticipate advancement. On the off chance that you are engaged with business adventure, this is the point at which you are probably going to acquire colossal benefits. Socially, this is a decent time for you as you will shed every one of your restraints. Your relations inside family will thrive and you are additionally going to invest some quality energy with them. Your kin will be agreeable and will bolster you in the entirety of your endeavors. All things considered, you will slant towards otherworldliness just as religion. Your wellbeing is probably going to stay great. On the off chance that you are unmarried, this is additionally a decent time to locate an appropriate match. It is fitting that you avoid superfluous contentions.

  • Sagittarius:Venus will travel in the 2nd house for your zodiac sign. For the individuals under the Sagittarius zodiac sign, this Venus travel will be exceptionally prosperous and monetarily bravo. Your associations with family will be great. Monetarily, this will be an agreeable timeframe. This is additionally a period for guilty pleasure and you will enjoy great nourishment and clothing just as you can wind up slanting towards imaginative endeavors. Wellbeing will be great with minor infirmities dying down.

  • Capricorn:Venus will travel in the 1st house for your zodiac sign. This Venus travel generally implies material and solace for the Capricorn born. You may anticipate a great deal of hustle in personal life. In the event that you are hoping to get hitched, this is the best time to locate a reasonable match. Some of you may likewise anticipate the appearance of another member in the family. Socially, this is a decent period to meet new individuals. You would be respected and your status is additionally liable to be raised in the general public. You are additionally liable to materialistic towards life and enjoy different material interests. Monetarily, this is an exceptionally gainful time and you will see an expansion in financial salary. On the off chance that you are an student, you will be centered around your research, and will verify great imprints.

  • Aquarius:Venus will travel in the 12th house for your zodiac sign. This Venus travel will be normal for the Aquarius locals. This time span is likewise going to be both positive and negative. On one hand this period means monetary benefit and on the other, it additionally signifies some unforeseen misfortunes. In any case, plan your costs and avoid superfluous costs. Be that as it may, your connections will succeed and you will appreciate great association with your life partner. Companions would regard you and are probably going to be agreeable and supportive towards you.

  • Pisces:Venus will travel in the 11th house for your zodiac sign. This positive will be profoundly positive for the Pisces zodiac signs. This is a time span of money related security and help from advances and obligations. You are probably going to be effective in your picked endeavors. Your prominence inside the general public will improve. You are likewise prone to enjoy materialistic solaces and joys. You can likewise hope to put resources into land & other real estates. You could anticipate an ascent in your status and eminence in the general public and collaboration of your companions. Your association with your life partner will succeed.

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