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Taurus Ascendant: What is the True Behavior of a Taurus Rising?

Taurus Ascendant: What is the True Behavior of a Taurus Rising?

Taurus Ascendant/Rising Sign

Ascendant or lagna, as it is called in the Vedic Astrology, is the zodiac sign that is rising at the eastern horizon at the time of native's birth. When an individual has the zodiac sign of Taurus as an ascendant or as a rising sign, it means that the zodiac sign was at the eastern horizon at the time of the native's birth. This also means that the zodiac sign also rules their 1st house. The people who have Taurus as their rising sign also have Venus as their overall chart ruler. The rising sign of the native is responsible for the physical build and the first impression that follows the person. The first house of the kundali depicts the ego, self-perception and the overall behavior of the person. Whatever zodiac sign is in the first house, gives off the lots of its traits to the native, regardless of their sun sign.

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The Personality of the Taurus Ascendants

People who are born with Taurus as their rising sign have a very dynamic personality. They can endure many things and have a lot of patience. Taurus rising men and women are absolutely success oriented and show exceptional patience if they know success is going to be theirs. They are affectionate and likable and this is the reason that many people like to spend time with or around them. Taurus ascendant men and women are usually relaxed and calm, but when pushed too far, they can express a wild streak of violence. They enjoy good food much and often choose to indulge in various delicacies and cuisines.

The Strengths & Weaknesses of Taurus Rising Personalities

  • Strengths: Farsighted, cheerful and perceptive
  • Weaknesses: Ruthless, inconsiderate and deceitful
  • Perfect Partner: Someone who understands then and their behavior
  • Life Lesson for Taurus Ascendant: To let go off the aggression

Rising signs reveal how a person is on the outside or on the surface. The ascendant sign is the mask that people wear which often wears off with age. This sign is also most obvious because the person usually display their ascendant's behavior until you get to know them closely. Lagna have an influence over how people perceive the native. Ascendants also affect the way individuals physical built, their attitude and rapidity in movement, being very important to how they perceive new information and other people, or how quickly they react.

Physical Appearance of the Taurus Ascendant Men & Women

  • Taurus rising have strong bodies with big torsos.
  • The natives with Taurus Ascendant are generally short in height.
  • They can also be corpulent.
  • There shoulder can be stooped.
  • It is possible that they have a full forehead and other facial features.
  • Their eyes are dark and attractive.
  • Their limbs will be strong yet plump.

The Personality of the Taurus Ascendant

  • Artistic: These natives are artistically inclined and have an eye for the abstract beauty. Independent: These natives are independent but not wayward

  • Meticulous: The Taurus rising natives prefer to go through things before taking action. They are not at all impulsive.

  • Obstinate: No matter the gender, they will always adopt a fixated posture that reminds others of the actual bull.

  • Kind: They are gentle.

  • Beautiful: Taurus ascendant natives have beautiful round faces and are very cheerful.

Taurus Rising Personality Traits

  • Ambitious: The people who have Taurus as their rising sign are very ambitious and likes the finest things in life. Taurus rising are very focused on the materialistic things and are generally known to buy luxurious objects.

  • Spendthrift: These people are not at all frugal and spend money on undesirable things.

  • Intense: When it comes to their love life, they’re passionate and very intense. Yet they will have many demands from their lover, while their partner will still be aware of their devotion and sincerity to the relationship.

  • Jealous: Their ability to enjoy all the good things and life itself will help them bring a lot of joy to their romantic connections. However, they will surely be possessive and jealous at some point because they can get like this without even having a good reason.

  • Hard-Working: Taurus rising are hard workers who will work for money. They are famous for being slow and relentless, for planning and approaching a methodical strategy and achieving their goals.

  • Manipulative: Taurus ascendant people are often seen as passionate and enigmatic but they also have a tendency to manipulate. That’s why it becomes very important for them to allow others to get close while they still have a strong influence on them.

  • Expressive: Rarely unhappy and very expressive. They enjoy the little things and wish for everyone to be happy.

  • Peace-loving: They need peace, so they accept people with their faults and weaknesses. However, expect them to turn into raging bulls when crossed because their opposite sign, Scorpio, also influences them to be ruthless.

  • Slow to Anger: The fact that they keep anger in and release it all at once means they will last for a while being upset. They can be pretty aggressive when their anger is finally released.

Taurus Ascendant Woman: The Conscientious Lady

The Taurus rising woman hides her emotions and can appear unexpressive. When she’s upset with her partner, she simply holds all of her anger in, so he may never find out that she even has a problem. So yes, it is important to pay attention to the intricacies of their personality. The lady with Taurus in ascendant is the type who doesn’t abandon ship when winds are strong, but she surely hates being under pressure. If not happy with the way her relationship is going, she can be sure to leave without a second thought. This lady is a lot like the Taurus rising man as she wants to have as many possessions as possible and demands a lot from her partner. The woman with Taurus rising can be materialistic. However, she’s still more open to compromise and to give up on some of her materialistic desires.

Taurus Ascendant Man: The Stubborn Gentleman

That entire Taurus rising man can think of is food, good wines and everything that’s material, including cars and expensive watches. He wants to have a lot of money, so he’ll work hard and look for a partner who’s also the same. Stubborn and having strong opinions, the Taurus ascendant man is also a loyal partner who wishes for a lifetime’s romantic relationship. However, he can expect too much from women, so he’ll have short and fast-paced affairs.

The Celebrities with Taurus Ascendant

  • Martin Luther King
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Mariah Carey
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Nikola Tesla
  • David Beckham
  • Michael Schumacher
  • Serena Williams
  • Rita Hayworth

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