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Sun Transit to Capricorn - 2020

Sun Transit to Capricorn - 2020

Sun Transit to Capricorn – 15th January 2020

Every one of the planets of the solar system mirrors the light projected by the powerful Sun. In Vedic Astrology, Sun is frequently viewed as father and the lord of the nearby planetary group since everything had started from it. In Vedic Astrology, the Sun controls the zodiac sign Leo and it is additionally the leader of the fifth house of the kundali. At the point when the planet sun is emphatically put in the kundali birth chart it gives the local imperativeness and resistance. The sun is set apart as the wellspring of insight, brightness, riches, ego, intelligence as well as desire.

The Sun will Transit in Capricorn on 15th January, 2020.

Effects of Sun Transit on the Zodiac Signs

  • Aries: The Sun will transit in the 10th House of your zodiac sign. This sun transit will be truly great for the Aries local. You can anticipate awards and advancement in the professional life. This is additionally a period for high monetary gains and benefits. Your rapport with the seniors will improve. You will make progress in any undertaking that you may decide to seek as well as accomplish all the looming assignments. Socially, you are going to meet individuals and have positive communications. You can anticipate certain surprises too. Your health & wellbeing will be at its best.

  • Taurus: The Sun will transit in the 9th House of your zodiac sign. This timeframe can bring about negative results for the Taurus local. There can be instances of absence of mental harmony and anguish. You may confront some awkward circumstance at the work environment. There can also be financial misfortunes, so it is advisable that you take care of your budgets. In this way, it is prudent that you go through with care. Discussing relationships, there can be contradictions and contentions with your family members. You perspectives or feelings probably won't coordinate with your family and the disagreements and disappointments can increase. It is imperative that you take care of the health, as there can be both mental and physical distress. There is likewise a high probability of travel.

  • Gemini: The Sun will transit in the 8th House of your zodiac sign. This sun transit will be particularly disappointing and negative for the Gemini born natives. There can also be unnecessary expenses as well. The health of the native will be okay. It is prudent not to take financial risks during this time. There can also be struggle in relationships. Your connections are additionally prone to endure during this time, as there can be decrease in help from loved ones. This time brings to you scope for travel; however, there can be certain issues in the professional life. You might switch occupations as the present place of employment can demonstrate to very unpleasant. The psychological wellness can likewise suffer as there can be mental distress. It is fitting that you avoid any sort of contention and squabbles in your own life.

  • Cancer: The Sun will transit in the 7th House of your zodiac sign. This sun travel can end up being distressing for the Cancer conceived. Be cautious at the work environment and avoid debate. Both expert and individual connections can give off an impression of being stressed, subsequently; keep your temper in charge. Sun's quality in the seventh house can create possibility of travel; however, this movement can end up being troublesome for the local. There can be some significant mishaps in your professional life, with a general absence of accomplishment and eagerness. Deal with your wellbeing, as you would be exceptionally defenseless to stomach related issues, blood related issues, as well as exhaustion. Your own personal relationships are additionally similar to endure and cause anguish.

  • Leo: The Sun will transit in the 6th House of your zodiac sign. This Sun transit will be certainly positive for the local born under Leo zodiac sign. You will face any obstacles and will also supersede them. This is a decent time to accomplish any incomplete activities. This time is additionally going to monetarily prosperous. Your health and wellbeing will be good and any past infirmities or health issues will improve. This is where your connections will prosper and most extreme flourishing. On the professional front, you may expect promotion.

  • Virgo: The Sun will transit in the 5h House of your zodiac sign. This Sun transit to Capricorn will involve various battles for Virgo local. There will likewise be a significant decrease in the general health & wellbeing with increment in stress and tension. It is fitting that you don't lose your temper and maintain a strategic distance from any sort of affectation or contentions in both the professional and personal life. You additionally may need to manage different deterrents. Take delicate consideration of your wellbeing as you are probably going to feel debilitated and torpid. There will likewise be episodes of mental anguish, anxiety and a feeling of dread. These can likewise make yourself image delicate. There can also be disagreements with the family.

  • Libra: The Sun will transit in the 4th House of your zodiac sign. This sun transit will comprise battle & disagreements for the Libra locals. There can likewise be decrease in the societal position as well as there can also extensive strain in the relationships. It is advisable that you don't fall into the snare of superfluous contentions and lose your temper. This travel can prompt misery and trouble as well as can lead to mental anguish. Your musings will run haywire and you will be unable to do anything in a better way. Your relationships, on both the individual and professional front, may strain and cause pressure. Try not to let your wayward considerations make pointless difficulty for you. Your health will remain good but however there can be mental worry and anxiety.

  • Scorpio: The Sun will transit in the 3rd House of your zodiac sign. This sun transit will be extremely positive for the Scorpio local. This will be a high time for the vocation with an expansion in acknowledgment among the colleagues. You are additionally prone to get advancement and gainful business openings. You are vitality will be brimming with eagerness and energy, and you are likewise prone to beat any obstacles in your path. This is additionally a period for money related and monetary benefits. Socially, you will thrive. You will free and devoid of stress. You are probably going to be alright with your life. Your physical health & wellbeing is likewise going to be good.

  • Sagittarius: The Sun will travel in the 2nd House of your zodiac sign. This sun travel can prove to be monetarily un-prosperous for the Sagittarius local. There can be difficulties on the professional front. You are probably going to deal with dread and misfortune. There can also be increase in mental misery and you are probably going to think that it’s hard to deal with even the daily issues. Because of this affectability, individuals are additionally liable to drive you insane. And due to this you might have to face some disagreements in relationships.

  • Capricorn: The Sun will transit in the 1st House of your zodiac sign. This sun transit can end up being troubling for the Capricorn local. You might have to face obstacles on the professional front. However, it is imperative that you keep your temper cool. Keep away from any sort of squabbles with your associates. You are likewise bound to be bad tempered and may snap on the near and dear ones. There can also be possibilities of travel. Your health will be good but there can be stomach, eyes or heart related issues. There can also be instances of mental anguish and in general nervousness.

  • Aquarius: The Sun will transit in the 12th House of your zodiac sign. This sun transit will be trying for the Aquarius locals. You would need to be cautious while taking care of your funds. There can also be obstacles at work. In the event that you are a representative, there can be surprising money related misfortunes, subsequently; it is prudent that you be cautious in your dealings. Socially, this time isn't exceptionally prosperous, as there will be some misconception with the near & dear ones. Stay away from any action that can be unsafe. There are likely going to be health issues as well as problems related to stomach, fever or distress of the eyes. Attempt to keep up concordance at home.

  • Pisces: The Sun will transit in the 11th House of your zodiac sign. For the Pisces locals, this sun transit is going to positive and gainful. Your financial and economic wellbeing will improve. This is additionally an appropriate time for advancement at the working environment. You can anticipate money related benefits from any exchange or speculation. You group of friends and social standing will prosper. Your health and well being will also be good. This is likewise a period for good associations with loved ones.

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