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Sun Transit to Leo - August 16, 2020

Sun Transit to Leo - August 16, 2020

Sun Transit to Leo - August 16, 2020

Vedic Astrology is a vast realm in which every little changes in the cosmos impact the human life. There are myriad of ways a human life can be affected either for good or for bad. Vedic Scholars put great emphasis on the planets in the solar system and the 12 constellations represented as zodiac signs. The planets and stars are subject to the earth's revolution. When the planets move from one zodiac sign to another, it is termed as transit in the tenets of Astrology.

Sun is idiosyncratic to ego, status, fame, the heart and the eyes. In astrology, the sun is projected as the father, a general denoter of respect and power. He is basically considered as a creator of the universe. When sun is suitably placed in the kundali it gives will power and good fortune to the native. It makes the native ambitious. The planet sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo. The Sun will transit to Leo on August 16, 2020. It will stay in Leo till September 16, 2020. The effects on various zodiac signs will be auspicious and positive.

Effects of Sun Transit to Leo on Zodiac Signs

Effects on Aries Zodiac Sign

Sun will transit to the 5th house for Aries Zodiac Sign. This sun transit will be especially auspicious for the natives born under Aries Zodiac Sign. In spite of being overall positive, this transit can be especially inauspicious for relationships. There can disharmony with your spouse and a lots of expectations that might derail you from your motives.

Due to this, it is advisable that you start being and talking openly with your loved ones. This sun transit can also bring a little disharmony in your love life. These problems can arise due to certain expectations which you are either unable to fulfill or don't want to. At such a time, you should talk openly to your loved one and avoid making false promises. It would be right for you to ignore small things.

Coming to people who are studying, this time can be very lucky and a harbinger of success. Therefore, if you have are thinkng of fighting a competive exams, then this is the right time for the success is going to be rightly yours.

Married life will be normal, but some problems may come from offsprings. Peoplw who are employed might face some problems in their work life. There can be possibilities of some suspicsion. Keep yourself away from office politics. This transit will be good for businessmen, if you want to spread your business, then this time is favorable. In terms of health, people of this zodiac will get good results during this period.

Remedy - Offer water to the Sun God every day at sunrise.

Effects on Taurus Zodiac Sign

The sun will transit in the 4th house for the Taurus born natives. The transit of sun in the 4th house can be troublesome for the mothers of taurus born natives. You have to take special care of their physical and mental health during this time.

This could be also a time when you would indulge in excessive overthinking. This will also make you depleted. Hence, it is advisable that you focus on getting some quality sleep. This will bring respite from many things. Spend time with your mother and also try to remove their problems. Some natives of this zodiac may get a government building or a vehicle during this transit of the Sun. During this transitional period there will be a feeling of satisfaction in the mind and you will do work that you enjoy. You will want to meet people at least. Talking about your married life, this time will be good for you.

Due to the movement of the Sun, your spouse will get good results in their field, maybe they are promoted, which will increase happiness in married life. The students of this zodiac should move forward with full dedication and hard work, it will be good for you if you do not fall in love with more friends.

Remedy - To please the Sun God, seek blessings of father or fatherly people.

Effects on Gemini Zodiac Sign

The Sun will transit in the third house of the Gemini zodiac signs owned by Mercury. In this sense, younger siblings, relatives, writing etc. are considered. The natives of this amount will benefit from the government during this period. If you are preparing for competitive exams then there is a strong chance of being successful.

Family life will also be good, but you need to control your anger, otherwise the people of the house may be angry with you. During this time your prestige will increase on the social level and you will come forward to help people. If you are in politics, you will be able to impress people with your speech. You have to take care of the health of your siblings and they are likely to get sick. The people of this zodiac who are associated with media or writing field can get good results. If you are into writing or any other creative work, then this is the time of prosperity.

Remedy - Donate the items they need to the needy.

Effects on Cancer Zodiac Sign

The sun will transit in the 2nd house for the cancer born natives. In the second house of the Cancerians, the Sun will transit the planet. This expression shows your speech, property, family, food, imagination etc. This transit of the Sun will be auspicious for the Cancerians. During this transit you will get good fruits in family life and spend more and more time with the people of the house.

Taking care of family members will be your priority during this time. Talking about the economic side, there will be good changes during this time also. Your income may increase or your financial burden may be reduced due to the job of a member of the household. People of this amount will be able to save.

If you want to invest then this time is also favorable for that. The number of members in your family may increase during this time, maybe you are married or married, then a new guest in your life will knock. During this transit you will also get many opportunities to eat good food. However, the Sun is considered to be a fiery planet, so you can see a lot of importance in you. If you move forward by staying connected with the land, then this transit can be completely auspicious for you.

Remedy - Feed wheat flour bread to the cow.

Effects on Leo Zodiac Sign

The sun will transit in the 1st house of your zodiac sign. The ascendant house represents personality, character, first impression that you give. Ascendant is considered about your personality, health, character, intelligence and good fortune. This sun transit will be very auspcious for you and hence, you will see a marked increase in your leadsership skills and you will also carry a heavy influence on your subordinated.

Some of the natives born under Leo may get promotion. You will be energetic and may learn something new which would increase your knowledge and be beneficial for your career. People will be influenced by your behavior at the social level.

If there were any work that were stuck, this is the right time to accomplish it.The negative impact of this transit on leo born natives is that their anger may not know any bounds. You might also ipose your will on others which would be quite detrimental for your relatioships. You can also forcefully try to impose your words on your family members, it is not good for you to do so, this can cause tension in the relationship. That is why you have to control your anger. If you resort to meditation for peace of mind, it will be better for you.

Remedy - Chant the Surya Beej Mantra on Sunday.

Effects on Virgo Zodiac Sign

Sun will transit in the 12th house for the Virgo Zodiac Sign. This transit will bring challenges for you. It is the time to take special care of your health. Even outside food can lead to some illness, so it is advisable that you take special care of your health.

To keep yourself fit, you should exercise and drink more water. You may have eye problems, avoid going to dusty places. You also need to be extra conscious of your finances and avoid needless expenses. Make a good budget plan and try not to spend the accumulated money.

Since, trouble does not intimate. Hence, take care of yourself and try not to be reckless in every arena of your life. However, when it comes to job and studies, this sun transit will bring growth and success for you.

Remedy - Look at the sun with naked eyes during the morning.

Effects on Libra Zodiac Sign

Sun will transit in the 11th house for your zodiac sign. This transit is going to be very auspicious for you. You will get full support of your friends and family. Hence, this is also a good time to fulfill your desires. If you are confused about soemthing, seek advice from friends as they will point you in the right direction. The benefic of the people of Libra sign owned by Venus will be the transit of Sun God in the eleventh house. Your wishes with this sentiment, elder brother and sister. Desires are also considered. During this transit you will get full support of your friends. If you are in a state of confusion about something, then important advice can be obtained from a friend.

At the same time, people associated with the job profession will also get full support of colleagues in the field. If your image is good in front of your high officials, then you can get its benefit in this time period. At the same time, people who are looking for a job can also get a job. Sun is also considered to be the causative planet of the father, so during this transit you will get full support from your father also.

Time is favorable when it comes to family and married life, but there may be an excess of anger in your nature which is likely to spoil the relationship. Therefore, you will need to bring flexibility in your nature during this period. If you overcome anger, then this transit will give you many auspicious results.

Remedy - To strengthen the planet Surya, wear a Mukhi Rudraksha.

Effects on Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Sun will transit in the 10th house for your zodiac sign. In this sense, business, jurisdiction, authority, respect etc. are considered. This transit will prove to be pleasant for you. You will be loyal to your work so that even higher officials will be happy with you. During this time you can be assigned a new responsibility in the field, while some people are also likely to get promoted.

Talking about family life, your relationship with your father will improve during this period. Any necessary advice can be given to you by your father. At the same time, traders of this amount will also be active during the transit of the Sun and will make positive changes in their business. We are also expected to have wealth. Those who were thinking of doing their own business for a long time, their dreams can be fulfilled during this time.

People of this zodiac will also gain respect at this level. The concentration of students will be strong, so that they can understand difficult subjects easily. Your foresight will also be amazing during this transitional period. You will keep an accurate view of the future so that you can spend a pleasant life in the coming tomorrow.

Remedy - To please the Sun God, install a sun machine in the house or office.

Effects on Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sun will transit in the 9th house of Sagittarius natives. In this sense, luck, religion, long journey etc. are considered. Luck will support you during the transit of Sun in Leo. Whatever work you start during this time, there is every hope of success in it. Students of this amount who want to get higher education by joining a good institute can also get success during this period.

The natural quality of acquiring knowledge is seen among the people of Sagittarius zodiac, so you can read interesting books during this transit of the Sun. However, you can be a bit alienated from spirituality and religion. At the same time, you can get the necessary advice to take life in the right direction, good guides will come in your life.

Before doing any work, you must think about it and also take advice from experienced people. You can get upset if you do any work without thinking. During this transit, you serve the elders of the house Should do it and spend time with them. For peace of mind, it will be auspicious for you to resort to yoga and meditation.

Remedy - Wear saffron colored clothes.

Effects on Capricorn Zodiac Sign

The transit of the planet Sun will be in your 8th house. This feeling is also called Ayur bhava and it is considered about the troubles, worries, blockages, enemies etc. in your life. This transit of the Sun cannot be said to be very good for you, because the impact of the transit can cause challenges in your life. You may have to change your work area or residence even if you don't want to, which will cause a stir in life.

If you mold yourself according to the change, then you will not have trouble, but if you do not adapt then there may be problems. The natives of this zodiac are married, they can benefit from their in-laws during this period. At the same time, your life partner may also get advancement in their career field. Keep in mind your belongings are likely to be stolen during trips.

The people of this zodiac will have to be cautious during this transiting period, you may have problems related to eyes and stomach. If you give exercise or yoga a place in your life, there will be positive changes in health. Avoid eating spicy and junk food during this transit.

Remedy - Wear Manikya Ratna to please the Sun God.

Effects on Aquarius Zodiac Sign

In the 7th house of the people of Aquarius, the Sun will transit the planet. This sense shows about your spouse and partnerships in life. Your situation in the family may worsen during this period. Your attitude to dictate to others can alienate you from people. Along with this, you may have to face some problems with your spouse in married life, maybe you both have different views on the same thing, which can lead to differences.

Traveling at this time will not be very pleasant for you, so do not travel and if necessary take care of your health and belongings during this time. You will get good fruits during this transit at the social level. If you are in politics, people will be influenced by your words and will come in your favor.

At the same time, people of this amount who do business in partnership or are trying to start business, then they can get success in this period. This movement is unfavorable in terms of health, so you have to pay special attention to your health. Make the right routine and drink more fluids, it can prevent many diseases.

Remedy - Wake up before sunrise daily and chant the Surya Beej Mantra.

Effects on Pisces Zodiac Sign

The transit of the Sun planet will be in your 6th house from your zodiac sign. This feeling is also known as Ari Bhava and through this, your enemies, diseases, people of maternal side etc. are considered. Sun lions will be good for the zodiac signs. Students of this amount will get success in competitive examinations during this time, due to which the respect of your parents will increase in the society.

If you were worried about any court-court case, then you can get mental peace during this success due to success in it. If the people of this amount associated with the job profession were trying to change the job, then they can get an offer from a good company. At the same time, unemployed people are also expected to get employment.

The position of the Sun in the seventh house will exude people of Pisces at this time and you will do everything with full enthusiasm. Realizing the importance of time, you will want to use every moment. Be careful about health. Avoid eating excessive food. You may have problems related to the digestive system. If you do such work which has to sit for a long time, then you must do exercise, you will not have problems related to back and back.

Remedy --Donate wheat on Sunday.

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