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Shravan Nakshatra

Shravan Nakshatra

Shravan Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, Shravan is considered as the 22nd constellation out of the twenty-seven constellations considered important for calculating horoscopes. Shravan is one of the three nakshatras that come directly under the dominion of one of the trinity, due to which this nakshatra has its own special place. The literal meaning of Shravan is to listen and accordingly this nakshatra shows characteristics like listening, learning and then speaking to the learned.

According to Vedic astrology, the three footprints of the foot are considered to be the insignia of Shravan Nakshatra and many Vedic astrologers believe that these three footprints are three footprints taken by Lord Shri Vishnu as Vamana avatar rather than an ordinary footprint. To understand this meaning in detail, let us look at the context associated with this meaning. In ancient times, there was a powerful demon named Bali, who had conquered the three worlds of earth, heaven and hell on the strength of his might and power and due to the throne of heaven being taken away, Swaragadhipati Indra went to the shelter of Lord Shri Vishnu and sacrificed heaven again. : Pleaded to get them back.

Accepting the request of Indra, Lord Vishnu took the form of a small Brahmin, due to which his avatar is also known as Vamana avatar because Vamana means dwarf. Bali was performing a yajna and after the yajna, he had to give his desired Dakshina to the petitioners, taking advantage of which Shri Vishnu also joined the petitioners. At the end of the yajna, when Bali asked Shri Vishnu as Vamana to ask for Dakshina, Shri Vishnu asked Bali to grant him as much land as he could measure with his three steps in Dakshina.

Bali gave this promise soon after seeing Vamana's small stature because according to him Vamana could not measure more land than his three steps. As soon as he got the promise, Lord Vishnu incarnated in Vamana form increased his size so much that in one step he measured heaven and in the second step he measured the earth and hell and after that he asked Bali that all three worlds were already measured. Having already done so, where is the third step. The sacrifice politely bowed the head to Lord Shri Vishnu and said that the third step should be placed on his head, on which Lord Vishnu placed his foot on the head of the sacrifice and sent it to the Hades but at the same time the sacrifice of the sacrifice and Pleased with the characteristic of keeping the word, he also gave that boon.

Through this passage, we can easily infer the cleverness of Lord Vishnu associated with three footprints, who defeated powerful asuras such as sacrifice without fighting for the sake of world interest. This cleverness displayed by Lord Shri Vishnu is also shown through the Shravan Nakshatra, due to which Shravan is considered the most clever Nakshatra among all the Nakshatras and the Jataka who comes under the strong influence of this Nakshatra will use his specialty in success in his life tend to obtain.

According to Vedic astrology, ear is also considered as the symbol of Shravan Nakshatra, due to which the features displayed through the ear are also seen in this constellation. The ear is connected with the power of hearing and the power of hearing is combined with the power to re-assume and learn. In ancient times, each type of learning was learned only by listening and keeping it safe, due to which the Shravan Nakshatra is also associated with learning and keeping each type of learning.

According to Vedic astrology, Lord Shri Vishnu is considered as the supreme deity of Shravan Nakshatra due to which Lord Shri Vishnu has influence on this Nakshatra and some of his characteristics like cleverness, restraint, ability to manage efficiently and take appropriate decisions according to time. Ability etc. are displayed through this constellation due to which Shravan is called a very clever and orderly constellation. According to Vedic astrology, Goddess Saraswati is also considered to be the presiding goddess of Shravan Nakshatra, due to which Goddess Saraswati also has influence on this Nakshatra and some of her characteristics like ability to acquire knowledge, tendency to learn, interest in music and speech skills etc. Through this Nakshatra, it is shown that due to learning, Shravan is considered to be proficient in the art of speaking as well as speaking. The Jataka who comes under the strong influence of S Nakshatra achieves success in many areas of his life due to his speech skills.

Among the Navagrahas, the moon is considered to be the supreme planet of Shravan Nakshatra according to Vedic astrology, due to which the moon also has influence on this constellation and some features of the character of the moon are also displayed through this constellation. The moon's ability to connect with the community and influence it is demonstrated through this constellation. According to Vedic astrology, all the four phases of Shravan Nakshatra are located in Capricorn, due to which Capricorn and Saturn, the lord of this zodiac sign, also prevail on this constellation.

The influence of Saturn and Capricorn on this nakshatra gives this nakshatra the ability to manage, practicality, ability to connect with the public community, self-control and to strive for a long-term success, due to which the native of hearing Successes are seen in those business areas that require all these characteristics to achieve success. The natives of Shravan Nakshatra are intelligent and they use their intelligence to achieve success in many areas of life. The natives of Shravan Nakshatra also have restraint and such natives are also capable of trying for a long time to do any task, but the goals of these natives are practical rather than impractical like the natives of the Nakshatra Nakshatra.

The people of Shravan Nakshatra can also use their specialties for the welfare of the society by not doing it for social welfare and such people can also become a matter of concern for the society due to their cleverness and other characteristics when their Goals should be positive rather than negative and motivated by selfishness. In the event of the people of Shravan Nakshatra engaging in criminal or illegal activities, such a person can become a matter of great concern for the society and the law, because the natives of this nakshatra are adept in wearing camouflage and hiding themselves.

As a result, most criminals who come under the influence of this constellation are going to hide themselves from this success behind decent and good characters. Far from catching them for the law, it becomes difficult to decide for a long time whether these people do any illegal work or not.

The people who come under the influence of positive energy of Shravan Nakshatra use their characteristics for social welfare works. The natives of Shravan Nakshatra are skilled in social behavior and such people make many friends and also take part in many group activities. The natives of Shravan Nakshatra have the ability to influence people, due to which such people are skilled in carrying out their work by influencing people. Finally we discuss some other facts related to Shravan Nakshatra which are considered important for the method of virtue matching used for marriage functions according to Vedic astrology.

Vedic astrology considers Shravan as a male constellation, due to which most Vedic astrologers consider this constellation to be a relation with Lord Vishnu. In Vedic astrology, Shravan Nakshatra is given the Shudra varna which is amazing in itself. Vedic astrology considers Shravan Nakshatra to be the deity from Gana, due to which again most of the Vedic astrologers consider this Nakshatra as a relation with Lord Vishnu. According to Vedic astrology, Shravan Nakshatra is considered to be Rajasic by virtue and most Vedic astrologers attribute this tendency to trying to achieve the physical goals of this Nakshatra. Vedic astrology connects the Vayu element with the Shravan nakshatra out of the five elements.

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