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Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Shatabhisha Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

Of the 27 Nakshatras considered important for Vedic astrology calculations, Shatabhisha is considered the 24th Nakshatra. Shatabhisha literally means a hundred Bhishya means a hundred doctors or a hundred medical and according to this many Vedic astrologers believe that this Nakshatra is related to a disease or its treatment. In Vedic astrology, an empty circle, that is, a sphere, is considered as a symbol of the Shatabhisha nakshatra and this blank circle depicts many features of this nakshatra. Many Vedic astrologers believe that a circle represents the inclusion of objects within itself, while on the other hand, this circle also limits the objects to be included within it by fixing some boundaries.

Due to this, in the Shatabhisha Nakshatra, characteristics such as making objects or persons own and setting boundaries for external objects or persons are found which act as defense shield for the native. Shataraka is an alternate name for this nakshatra which literally means hundred stars and some Vedic astrologers believe that the symbol of Shatabhisha itself contains hundred stars which shows that Shatabhisha Nakshatra can contain many such things in itself. Which is ignorant of the outside world or from which the external world is ignorant.

herefore, the tendency to hide things or things from others can be found in the Shatabhisha Nakshatra, hence the people of the influence of the Shatabhisha Nakshatra are considered to be more mysterious types of the Jataka than other Nakshatra. Therefore, Shatabhisha Nakshatra has a deep connection with the safety, disease and treatment of that disease, setting limits, hiding secrets, etc. and these characteristics give this Nakshatra a different type of specialty in itself.

A circle also shows the ideology of completion or perfection and hence Vedic astrologers believe that this feeling of perfection prevails even among the natives who come under the influence of this nakshatra. The people who come under the strong influence of this nakshatra are full of confidence. They know that the work they have started is also capable of completing that work and they also do it. At the same time, some other Vedic astrologers also believe that the Jatakas under the influence of Shatabhisha keep away from most people in the same way as a circle is cut off from the things around them and keeps its limits.

Vedic astrology considers the water deity Varuna as the ruling deity of this constellation and the influence of the deity of Varuna connects the Shatabhisha Nakshatra with every water creature or water hymn in this world, especially with the great seas and oceans. Some Vedic astrologers also believe that an ocean only portrays the qualities of Shatabhisha. For example, it is believed that an ocean is hiding many secrets and treasures within itself, in the same way, Satabhiksha also hides many secrets and knowledge within itself.

The ocean is believed to consist of many herbs which can be used for the prevention of many complex diseases and that's why Vedic astrology believes that an ocean can be considered synonymous with hundred physicians or hundred medicines which can be used for the Satabhisha Nakshatra. There is also the main symbol. It should be noted here that here the word hundred does not mean its count but hundred means every possible type. Just as the boundaries of a circle are set, similarly the boundaries of an ocean are also determined. Similarly, there are many more features that connect an ocean with this constellation and indicate the relationship of this constellation to an ocean.

Vedic astrology has considered Rahu as the ruling planet of Shatabhisha Nakshatra and as Rahu is also considered to be the planet of myths, mysteries and secret knowledge and magical events, hence the influence of Rahu planet also promotes this mysterious side of this constellation. Some Vedic astrologers believe that only the ocean-like properties of the planet Rahu link the Satabhisha Nakshatra to this planet. All the phases of this nakshatra fall under the Aquarius sign under the influence of Saturn, hence the influence of Aquarius and Saturn is strong on Shatabhisha Nakshatra and the proof of this is that the characteristics of Saturn and Aquarius in Shatabhisha Nakshatra, such as tolerance, arrangement and practicality.

To be found The people who come under the strong influence of Shatabhisha Nakshatra are of very mysterious nature and this secrecy mostly builds their personality and their abilities. Some Vedic astrologers believe that most of the natives with the influence of Shatabhisha Nakshatra reach the climax of success due to their secret knowledge, mysteries or some such secret things. The Jatakas under the influence of the Satabhisha Nakshatra are able to maintain the secrets of others along with them in the same way that an ocean can protect thousands of things which are hidden in its womb. Probably for this reason, when it comes to sharing or hiding some secrets, only the people with influence of Shatabhisha Nakshatra are considered the most trusted person and even after knowing so many secrets, they keep their secrets and look so calm and ignorant as if They do not know anything.

Talking about the natives of Satabhisha Nakshatra, it is also necessary to mention that the ability of these natives to learn new things is very strong. The ability to learn and practice their knowledge is also incomparable, so the Jataka with the influence of Shatabhisha Nakshatra can be found working in such areas which are related to the work like keeping secrets. The people with the influence of Shatabhisha Nakshatra are mostly suspicious of nature and it is in their nature not to trust new people easily or believe late. The natives of Shatabhisha nakshatra have a natural tendency to protect and protect their borders like vrata or ocean, due to which the natives who come under the strong influence of this nakshatra keep themselves away and safe from any new thing or new person.

This is the reason that the people of the influence of Shatabhisha Nakshatra can take a lot of time to form a close relationship with anyone. Due to these reasons, the Jataka with the influence of Centenary is considered to be very complex social person because it is very difficult for these Jataks to come under the boundary of faith. An interesting fact here is that Rahu is considered as a social planet in Vedic astrology, when the Satabhisha does not seem so social, therefore it can be said that the influence of Rahu on the Satabhisha Nakshatra is the other two constellations Swati and its influence Different from Ardra.

Especially if we talk about another constellation Swati which is under the influence of Rahu, then we will know that Shatabhisha works in exactly the opposite of Swati. Where according to Vedic astrology, Swati is considered a social constellation and not related to the tasks of keeping the constellation secret, while in Shatabhisha Nakshatra this is the main quality, while both planets come under the influence of Rahu. Therefore it would not be wrong to say that through Shatabhisha we have got to see another side of the planet Rahu.

Many people with the influence of Shatabhisha Nakshatra prefer to be alone rather than sit in a group, so many times there is a tendency among these people to connect with the mysterious world, but sometimes some people are living alone due to mental depression or One can also fall victim to diseases caused by such loneliness. Natives with the influence of Shatabhisha Nakshatra learn new languages ​​very easily. They soon understand the mysterious science or such disciplines which are considered mysterious.

In fact, the natives of the Satabhisha Nakshatra have a great interest in solving such mysteries, working in areas related to such mysterious events, and gaining proficiency. Vedic astrology has associated many professions with Shatabhisha Nakshatra, some of which are physics, astrology, black magic or magic, tantra mantra and any other such field, astronomer, space researcher, scientist, astronaut or any such post. Working on, ocean explorers, scuba divers or other such fields such as doctors, surgeons, medical doctors or AI Area belongs to a commercial area. However, the negative effects of Shatabhisha Nakshatra are found in the selling of narcotics or drugs, trafficking of alcohol, prostitution or any such business.

Let us now discuss some other facts which according to Vedic astrology are considered important in the method of matching properties used for marriage. In Vedic astrology, Shatabhisha Nakshatra is considered as impotent linga or bisexual. According to some Vedic astrologers, the reason for this gender classification is the relation of this constellation to Rahu planet because Rahu planet is also considered as impotent planet in Indian astrology. Vedic astrology has considered this nakshatra to be a moving nature constellation which is active at all times and this fact can be understood by looking at the working style of this nakshatra.

Vedic astrology has associated this nakshatra with the Shudra varna and again the reason for this classification is the relation of this nakshatra to the planet Rahu. According to Vedic astrology, Satabhisha Nakshatra is a demon in Tamasic and Gana in virtue and Vedic astrology confirms this classification with two reasons: First, this nakshatra is related to Rahu planet and second is the style of this nakshatra which is related to mystical knowledge and actions. And in such actions and such knowledge, the demon caste is considered perfect. Vedic astrology combines the sky element out of the five elements with this constellation.

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