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Saturn Turning Direct | A Time of Positive Changes

Saturn Turning Direct | A Time of Positive Changes

Saturn Turning Direct

First of all, it is important to understand the meaning of direct movement and retrograde movement. It will be said that it is necessary to understand here that no planet moves upside down but sometimes when looking from the Earth, due to the relative velocity, it appears reverse. Since Saturn became retrograde in April 2019, it is now making a direct movement from September 18, 2019.

In astrology, Saturn is considered to be moving very slowly, it becomes slower when it?s in retrograde and slows down the progress of many things but now from September 18, people will see more positive outcome in life.

In this article, we will discuss the common effects of Saturn turning direct on all zodiac signs.

According to astrology, 2019 is going to be extremely auspicious for the people affected by Saturn. However, no one gets anything without hard work but they get anything quickly with little effort.

Effect of the Saturn turning Direct:

  • Aries: The passage of Saturn is an auspicious sign for the people of Aries. Luck will improve, work will be more beneficial, and especially some big and positive changes can be seen in your work. For a long time, your essential work will be completed and your financial troubles will also be removed. Actually, Saturn is moving in your destiny, so you will get benefits according to your ability.

  • Taurus: All your financial problems will be gone by the grace of Saturn. Decision making ability will be increased, which will make your work effortless, as well as money that have been stuck for a long time will be released. You can get any major success on the work front too. There will be a rain of love in in Taurus' natives life and all efforts will be successful.

  • Gemini: Couples will solve the problems going on in life. Businesses related to Saturn will give benefits, financial situation will improve and there is also a possibility of a big success to the spouse. On the other hand, at this time the Gemini natives will have to take decisions related to your financial matters carefully. If you talk about your work, then you have to avoid any kind of debate at your workplace.

  • Cancer: Disease, debt and enemy will be conquered due to Saturn's path, your problem will be solved in your job and you will breathe a sigh of relief. During this time, you can also dominate your competitors, rivals and opposition opponents.During this time period, the Cancer natives would have to take special care of your health. At the same time, caution is also required in legal matters.

  • Leo: Increase in education, differences with father will reduce, fame can be found in your love life. Any good news is expected from the child. Leo people should avoid getting into any kind of debate at this time. Also, you should make your important decisions carefully, it will be better for you. This time is favorable for students.

  • Virgo: Increase in physical pleasures, but the father may suffer, travels will be successful, there will be advancement in jobs or business, as well as Saturn's path is showing signs of increase in your pleasures. The Virgo natives will give a wonderful answer to your opponents with your wonderful work. Apart from this, you will get relief from any major health problems. During this time you will experience mental peace.

  • Libra: For the zodiac sign Libra, Saturn's direction is not less than any good news. Increase in happiness, also increase in family happiness, during this time your hard work in the work will bring color and you will get success. Also, happiness and peace will remain in your family life. All your works will be made by the grace of Saturn. Overall, your luck will remain strong.

  • Scorpio: Lost wealth can be enemy victory. The Scorpio natives will work hard in your field and your hard work will also be appreciated. Your struggle, which has been going on for some time, will end gradually and there is also the possibility of getting wealth by the grace of Saturn. It is possible that at this time you also take some trips which will prove beneficial for you. You have to avoid any kind of haste.

  • Sagittarius: You will get relief from your troubles. For the Sagittarius natives, ther will be increase in respect, increase in self-confidence, health problems will also be removed and you will feel better. There may be some obstacles in the field. You need to work harder. However, slowly things will appear in your favor.

  • Capricorn: Saturn will give you the fruits of your hard work, it will be a stagnant task, your decision making ability will increase and you will get success. If you talk about your financial situation then there is a possibility of sudden big financial gain from old investments. Maybe your opponents will create some problems for you. To avoid this, the Capricorn natives have to use your intelligence and understanding. At this time you will get the full support of luck.

  • Aquarius: New plans will open the way, there will be trips, your financial condition will improve and you will feel relieved. Apart from this, the Aquarius natives will also get some good opportunities to earn money. During this time, your health will be good; you will get many opportunities to progress in jobs and business.

  • Pisces: The Pisces natives will get mixed results due to Saturn's path. It may be that during this time the pressure of work will be more. You need to be patient. Paused work will become favorable in married life and full support of life partner. Do not interfere in the matter of others, while taking any important decision, please consult the elders.

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