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Role of Moon in Vedic Astrology - Astropride

Role of Moon in Vedic Astrology - Astropride

Importance of Moon in Vedic Astrology

Facts about Moon

  • Ruler of: Cancer
  • Exalted in: Taurus
  • Debilitated in: Scorpio
  • Nature: Calm & peacefulb
  • Metal: silver
  • Precious stone: Pearl
  • Mahadasha Period: 10 years
  • When positively placed: signifies prosperity & wealth
  • When negatively placed: signifies arrogance & jealous nature
  • Body parts ruled: heart, bodily fluids

Moon is the closest thing to the Earth that can be seen every day. Many scientists are of the view that Moon was once was the part of the sun & broke off due to an asteroid impact some 90 million years ago. this theory is prevalent because both the earth and the moon share the same composition. The moon's atmosphere is very thin & hence as a result footprints can sit undisturbed for centuries on it. The moon's atmosphere does not trap heat and hence temperatures vary significantly. On the sunny side of the moon the temperature can reach 134 degrees Celsius whereas on the darker side the temperature can be around -153 degrees Celsius.

How moon influences the earth?

Bring extremely close to the earth, the moon's gravity creates a pull at the earth causing high and low tides in the water bodies as well as in the atmosphere and the earth's crust.

Moon in Vedic Astrology

Moon is of great significance in Indian Vedic astrology. Moon influences the emotions and feelings of an individual and hence, the placement of the moon in the kundali birth chart is deemed extremely important. For example, the constellation in which the moon is located at the time of the birth of a person is considered to be the birth constellation of the person with which many important facts of his life are associated, such as the name of the person. The letter with which the name of the person should be kept is derived from the moon’s nakshatras. Daily, weekly and monthly predictions are made according to the moon sign of an individual. The zodiac sign in which the moon is located at the time of a person's birth is called that person's moon sign. In Vedic astrology, when the kundalis are matched for marriage, moon plays a vital role in understanding whether the two individual are compatible or not. According to a belief of Vedic astrology, marriage is a reciprocal combination of two minds and the moon is considered to be the most important for this union as it directly influences the mind.

Apart from this, the negative behavior of an individual is also understood from the position of the moon in the kundali birth chart. In this way, the moon has great importance in many areas of Indian astrology and hence, it is important to understand the position of this planet in the horoscope.Moon represents the feminine side of humans in Vedic astrology. Moon is representative of the mother whereas the sun is representative of the father. Hence, it is the ruler of emotions.

The placement of the moon in the kundali is very important when astrologers try to understand the individual’s personality because the moon directly influences the mind and emotions of the native. When the moon is in the zodiac sign of Taurus, it is exalted and powerful. The moon is also exalted in the cancer zodiac signs which is also the sign of that the moon rules. When the moon is strong and positive in the kundali, the native is sensitive and soft. The native is also affectionate and empathetic towards others. When the moon is strongly positioned in the kundali birth chart, the native also tend to get hurt easily because the moon makes them sensitive. Nonetheless, they also forget quickly.

By nature, such people are erratic and sensitive and take great care of their loved ones and expect the same from them and in the event of not fulfilling this expectation, they can get hurt. But even after being hurt by their loved ones, such people soon forget everything and re-engage in their normal behavior. Natives with strong influence of the moon have special interest in artistic fields and also achieve success in these areas. The special auspicious effect of the moon in a horoscope can also make the person astrologer, spiritually advanced person and knowledge of paranormal powers.

When the moon is weakly placed or is debilitated in the kundali birth chart then the native is generally very distressed. Such a native is often mentally disturbed subjected to anguish. The moon is most debilitated in the Scorpio zodiac sign and also when the planets Rahu & Ketu highly influences the moon due to their respective positions in the kundali and can adversely affect the mental health of the native. The moon can also make the native insomniac and emotionally unstable.


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