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Role of Mars in Vedic Astrology - Astropride

Role of Mars in Vedic Astrology - Astropride

Role of Mars in Vedic Astrology

Mars, often called as Red Planet, is the 4thplanet of our solar system. The Mars is named after the Roman God of War. The rusty red color of the Mars is because of surface being rich in iron related minerals. The atmosphere of Mars is cold and thin where the liquid water cannot really exist. Although, there are various scientists that says that it was once habitable. Mars have two moon Phobos and Deimos.

Some Facts about Mars

  • Ruling Planet of: Aries, Scorpio
  • Exalted in: Capricorn
  • Debilitated in: Cancer
  • Mahadasha Period: 7 years
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Color: Red
  • Friends: Jupiter, Moon, Sun
  • Enemies: Saturn

Importance of Mars in Vedic Astrology

In Indian Vedic astrology, Mars is mainly considered to be a factor of strength, ferocity and masculinity. Mars represents both mental strength & physical strength. Mental strength refers to the ability to make decisions and to stay on that decision. Native with a strong influence of Mars is generally able to take appropriate decisions based on facts and is totally pragmatic. Such a person generally does not bow down to any kind of pressure. They are headstrong and cannot be easily swayed. They think logic to be more reliable than feelings, and as a result give priority to rationale.

Mars is emblematic of the areas require courage, physical strength, mental capacity, etc. such as police jobs, army jobs, paramilitary forces jobs, fire-fighting services, physical strength in sports. Apart from this, Mars is named after the Roman god of war, and hence it also represents the war, aggression and weaponry such as guns, tools, etc.

Mars is a dry and igneous planet, thus, Mars represents the element of fire in human body and in addition Mars also represents water element in human body to some extent because Mars is considered to be the direct factor of blood. For astrological calculations, Mars is considered to be a male planet. When Mars is situated in Capricorn, it becomes the most powerful. This placement of Mars in Capricorn is also called Mars of high. In addition to Capricorn, Mars also gets additional strength when it is placed in the zodiac signs-Aries and Scorpio, which are the zodiac signs of Mars.

Native with a strong influence of Mars is physically strong and courageous. Such natives are combative by nature and work courageously even under the most adverse circumstances. They are perseverant in nature and hence, they also keep trying repeatedly to achieve success and are not easily distracted due to obstacles and difficulties in their path. Mars’ special and strong influence in the kundali gives the horoscope holder a special ability to argue on the basis of logic, due to which the native can become a good lawyer or a very good speaker.

The statements of people who become speakers under the influence of Mars are generally revolutionary and such people are able to give a new direction to the community and society through their words. The native who are influencing the whole world on the strength of their bravery during the war period, are found mainly under the strong influence of Mars. Mars is at its weakest when it is located in Cancer. Mars can also become weak due to its particular position in the kundali or due to the influence of an unfriendly planet. The negative Mars in the kundali can adversely affect the physical and mental energy of the native and in addition the native may suffer from blood-related diseases, skin diseases, injuries and other diseases that cause the person's body to fall apart. Such a native may also suffer injuries.

Personality Traits Endowed by Mars

Mars is deemed as a fiery, red planet in the Vedic Astrology. This planet represents aggression and anger but it is also symbolic of courage and authenticity. Following are the characteristics that Mars’ influence provides:

  • Courage:

    Mars, due to its color, is usually defined as fiery and aggressive. Nevertheless, the planet mars is also emblematic of courage in the native. Native under the influence of Mars is also courageous who stands strong despite the nature of circumstances. When Mars is strongly placed then the native is courageous who is not afraid of anything.

  • Valor:

    Mars is named after the Roman God of War. Hence, Mars is also the representative of the valorous instinct of the native. This is the quality that is most commonly seen among the soldiers who fight on the battlefield. This is the prime example of valor due to the influence of Mars.

  • Anger:

    Mars is considered by nature a planet of aggression and anger. Mars, whether positively or negatively placed, furnish the native with certain degree of anger. However, when it is negatively placed in the kundali or is debilitated than the native can have severe anger issues and can be somewhat brutal when angry. The trait of short-temperedness that certain people exhibit is the caused by Mars.

  • Physical Strength:

    Mars makes the native strong instilling both mental and physical strength. When the mars is positive in the kundali then the strength is exemplary and if often carefully used whereas when the mars is negative that the native can be reckless and makes bad use of the intelligence and strength.

  • Leadership:

    Leadership is most sought after personality traits. Mars is also responsible for the fiery personality traits that it represents. The people with strong placement of Mars in their kundali are usually exemplary leaders and people are not afraid of following them. These people have the capacity to influence others and their thoughts are generally revolutionary which makes space for different thought process.

  • Dominance:

    Along with aggression comes dominance. When Mars is negatively placed in the kundali, then the native exhibits dominating traits. Hence, due to his trait people can also become reckless and brutal. They are also stubborn with adamant and rigid mindset.

  • Strategist:

    People with good influence of Mars are good at planning. They generally tend to have strategies for the way forward in life, or whatever it is that they are planning to do.

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