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What Does Your Rising Sign Say About You?

What Does Your Rising Sign Say About You?

Ascendant in Vedic Astrology

Why is Ascendant so Important?

Ascendant or the rising sign is one of the most important concepts in the field of Vedic Astrology. Rising sign is popularly known as ?lagna? by Vedic Astrology. The lagna or the rising sign reflects the first impression of the individual. Ascendant has a profound effect on the native. The key characteristics that an individual reflects are the characteristics of the rising sign.

There is a great significance of the Ascendant/rising sign in the Vedic Astrology. It is also called as lagna in Vedic Astrology. The ascendant or the rising sign plays an important role in the prediction of the native?s life. The Ascendant is the basis of the kundali chart and according to the rising sign the good and bad traits of the native are determined. Ascendant is the important because it signifies the person at glance. It's the first impression that you gave off to people and it also reflects how you react to things. it is our public persona. it is what we choose to show to the world - our personalities, our appearances, and in fact our taste of clothes, etc.

The ascendant sign is the overall vibe and aesthetic. It is the part of ourselves that the person consciously chooses to show to the world. This particular representation of the ascendant sign can be further elaborated as the mask that we wear and displays to the outside world. It also demonstrates the individuals? day-to-day existence & the manner in which they understand the life lessons.

How is Lagna or the Rising Sign Ascertained?

To ascertain the ascendant, the astrologers refer to the kundali of the native. In a kundali, there are 12 houses in the kundali or the natal chart of an individual. Out of these 12 houses, the first house is the house of ascendant or lagna.

The ascendant of an individual is determined by ascertaining the zodiac sign that is at the eastern point of the sky at the time of the birth. In layman's term imagine that the sky makes a complete angle of 360 degrees. There are 12 zodiac signs in the astrology. The 360 degree of the sky is divided by the 12 zodiac with each sign occupying the 30 degrees of the sky. Now, out of these 12 zodiac signs, one is situated at the eastern point at the time of the birth of an individual. This particular zodiac sign which is situated at the eastern point is considered as the ascendant or lagna of an individual. One zodiac sign remains for 2 hours at an eastern point. The house of the ascendant is the first house in the birth chart and is considered important than other houses. The ascendant sign is also considered important than the other signs.

The earth takes 24 hrs to complete rotation. During this duration it passes through all the zodiac signs. It remains in one zodiac sign for 2 hours. The first house of the kundali is called ascendant and if the house of ascendant has number 1 written on it then this determines the ascendant is Aries, if there is number 2 written on it then the ascendant is Taurus and so on and so forth.

What are the Characteristics of the Different Ascendants?

Aries Ascendant:

Individuals who have the zodiac sign of Aries as their rising sign are known to be forceful and courageous individuals. This is the influence of the planet Mars which is known for its red & hot nature. Typically these individuals require judgment and tact when managing others. These people change their thoughts in the blink of an eye and do not hesitate before taking the plunge towards the life. Generally things are done in an indiscreet and eager way. These people like the beginnings of new pursuits and undertakings. These people have the need to vent out their gigantic interior energy by some physical movement such as biking, running, or different adventurous games. If they don't vent out this energy than this give way to moody fits.

Taurus Ascendant:

People with Taurus ascendant in their kundali are observed to be truly steady, enduring and steadfast throughout their life. Taurus Ascendant prefers to appreciate life to the greatest. Taurus Ascendant are commonly detached yet when incited can transform into forceful bulls and hence being their Taurus Ascendant. They never take rash choices and every real change in life are pre-arranged and pre-interceded over a more extended timeframe. They are fixed in their feelings. These people make careful arrangements to complete any employment which they have begun. Although, these Taurus Ascendant prefer to finish the game-plan would in a well-paced way. They are referred to be very liberal as their decision planet is Venus which is related to affection, excellence and effortlessness. These people are likewise known to be apathetic now and again. Their delicate nature is increasingly articulated when contrasted with different signs. Taurus ascendants are generally intensely constructed with regards to the physical structure.

Gemini Ascendant:

People with the Gemini Ascendant are never dull. They are in fact extremely smart and clever. Gemini Ascendants need constant stimulation and mental incitement to continue with any task. These people hate isolation and detest fatigue. They are known to be rationally forceful and have a craving for energizing circumstances around them. They are a truly friendly individual yet now and again may lose the temper. The careers best suited to the Gemini Ascendant are the ones that include writing and correspondent. Just like Mercury, the ruling planet of the zodiac sign of Gemini, people with Gemini ascendant are dangerous and hard to deal with.

Cancer Ascendant

People with cancer ascendant are extremely delicate and enthusiastic. They are positively in touch with their feelings and sentiments. Cancer Ascendants likewise have the nurturing nature. On occasion cancer ascendants can demonstrate some clairvoyant propensities too. Their mind-sets can change with the moon tide a few times each day. Now and again the feelings of cancer ascendants cloud their contemplation and the useful thinking is damaged. The cancer ascendants are absolutely caring and responsive. Although, these people also have a certain tendency to withdraw into themselves when cornered or defied. These people like building up their family around a solid base. Yet, they have to avoid a lot of negative vitality as this is probably going to negatively affect their feelings too.

Leo Ascendant:

With Leo in the first house in the kundali birth chart, Leo ascendants are probably going to have regal persona. They are known for their liberality and warm-heartedness. With Sun as the ruler Leo ascendants generally have an exceptionally bright manner. The Leo ascendants have the ability to enchant people with their mind. Leo Ascendants have the best energy throughout everyday life. Sun, being the ruler of all things considered, typically prefers to govern or rule circumstances around themselves. Glad and self-assured, these people may overload themselves every now and then. They are also known to lose their temper at the smallest moment. When faces even with a little affliction or the criticism, people with Leo ascendants have difficult time dealing with such circumstances. Being indulgent and difficult are a portion of the negative tendencies and indicates the need be held under check. They are sentimental and make a decent companion or accomplice.

Virgo Ascendant:

People with Virgo ascendant in the kundali are pragmatic in nature. Locals are normally peaceful, unassuming and don't have a rough character yet rather refined. They are exceptionally precise when arranging and executing the work. There would be no mistakes as people with Virgo Ascendant are meticulous. They are known to a compulsive worker and they need things to be the place they should be. Else these people become aggravated. They are extremely refined in nature. Specialists, pundits and educators are typically brought into the world with Virgo ascending in their natal chart.

Libra Ascendant:

People with Libra Ascendant are social, unbiased, and political and loaded with intelligence. People with Libra Ascendant are judging and assessing everything. The world's most prominent pioneers in the politics are born with the Libra Ascendant. These people are great in discussions and usually able to pull out a balanced side of an argument. This Libra ascendant comes across as nice, sophisticated and pleasant in nature. Other people find these natives especially attractive. Libra ascendant appears to be very charming and have a gentle approach to others. These people can be very persuasive. Libra ascendant is generally attracted to competent people and their relationships are often illustrated with bickering or competitiveness until these people learn to take blame for their wrong doings.

Scorpio Ascendant:

Scorpio ascendant locals are typically shrouded, appealing and attractive in nature. They have a hard external self that protects them in troublesome occasions. These people are somebody who can't be hindered by dubious conditions throughout everyday life. Scorpio ascendants stand tall in the midst of antagonistic vibe and utilize the sting when things go amiss. These people are quiet and calm. They seek objectives with constant works and can't be occupied. People with Scorpio ascendant have the personality that can't be pushed around. Their manner calls for respect and integrity. These people also have a strong need to control their environment. This can be quite intimidating and can border on paranoia.

Sagittarius Ascendant:

The people with Sagittarius ascendant are enthusiastic and have unmistakable amount of faith. These people are also a bit restless and active. Sagittarius ascendants are usually very opinionated. The most appealing traits of Sagittarius ascendant are their ability to keep a sense of humor in every situation. Some people might even go to the extent of calling them naive and excessively optimistic. These people also have a penchant for philosophy. Even though they are idealistic, the difficulties do not affect them in the least. These people absolutely abhor cynicism and individuals with this mindset. The Sagittarius ascendants have the penchant for exceptional thinking and intellectually motivated.

Capricorn Ascendant:

People who have the Capricorn ascendant have certain seriousness to their personality. These people are absolutely image conscious and often worry about what others think of them. People with Capricorn ascendants are the responsible ones and when as kids they were considered as absolutely responsible one. These people have a strong sense of tradition and feel responsible towards their family. People with Capricorn ascendant age hard working, patient with a tinge of self-denial. These people also reflect a quality of being cool and dependable with Saturn as the ruling planet. Capricorn ascendant is meek and timid in nature.

Aquarius Ascendant:

People with Aquarius ascendant are unique and original. These people are in charge of intellectual superiority. These people are curious and learned especially scientifically. These people aren't shocked easily. Some of them can be a bit provocative and also enjoy provoking others. People with Aquarius ascendant are friendly and likable. Their quirks generally go well with others. These risings are often labeled as independent and original thinkers. They are also bound to feel different throughout their life. The Aquarius ascendant has an ability to observe that often appear uncanny to others. They have quirkiness to their manner and a bit stubborn streak. They are also a bit inflexible.

Pisces Ascendant:

People with Pisces Ascendant go with the flow. They are a bit directionless but also gentle. They have an artistic streak but can project an image of split personality. These people fall on various aspect of loquaciousness as they can be quiet and shy or talkative. They are impressionable and kind hearted. They are neither objective nor appropriately decisive. There is a marked restlessness in their nature. Pisces ascendants can also be seen as running away from reality. People with Pisces ascendant often are highly idealistic and their dream like tendencies is highly apparent. These people are very sensitive and can easily fall into the addiction of drugs.

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