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Importance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology | Astropride

Importance of Saturn in Vedic Astrology | Astropride

The Role of Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn is one of the most beautiful planet in the solar system. The rings around the planet are one of the most beautiful. Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system that comprises mostly of hydrogen and helium. Saturn has 60 known moons. Saturn is named after the Roman god of agriculture and wealth. Saturn is also one of the farthest planets that could be seen from the naked eyes. Hence, this planet is known since ancient times. A day at Saturn lasts 10.7 hours whereas 1 Saturn year is equivalent to 29 earth years.

Some Facts About Saturn

  • Rules: Capricorn & Aquarius
  • Friends: Mercury & Venus
  • Enemies: Sun, Moon & Mars
  • Neutral: Jupiter
  • Exalted in: Libra
  • Debilitated in: Aries
  • Metal: Iron
  • Transit in each sign: 2.5 years
  • Mahadasha Period: 19 years
  • Day: Saturday
  • Color: Blue
  • Temperament: Strict & Sad
  • Gender: Male
  • Direction: West

Saturn in Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Saturn is a planet of restriction and hardships. It makes us suffer the bad karmas of our past lives as well as the present lives. The placement of Saturn in the kundali birth chart is the area where the native will suffer or have to do the hardest work.

The strength of the Saturn in the kundali birth chart will either make the person or break the person. If Saturn is strong then the native would be hardworking and will pursue their goals religiously. These people also lead a greatly disciplined life as well as they also tend to be serious-minded. However, when Saturn is weak then the native tend to lose hope quickly and break in front of hardships. The Saturn can also lead to mental anguish as well as of unfriendly nature. A weak Saturn also makes the native prone to addictions and illnesses.

Role of Saturn in Vedic Astrology:

Most people who believe in Vedic astrology are most afraid of Saturn and are worried about the position of this planet in its horoscope, transits, as well as the Mahadasha.

Saturn is primarily a factor in occupations related to manual labor and the persons associated with them such as workers working in labor industries, construction of buildings, etc. Apart from this, Saturn is also associated with the business of buying and selling of land, the business of building or constructing buildings and other such businesses, the people who work as waiters in hotels, gatekeepers, beggars, blind, lepers, lame people, butchers, wood i.e. working class as well as the leaders supported by public, scientists, inventors, people working in research, engineers, judges, etc are somewhere ruled by Saturn. Saturn mainly represents the air element in the human body. Due to this, a certain segment of astrologer considers Saturn as a neutral or an impotent plant while the majority of Vedic Astrologers consider Saturn a male planet. Saturn gets the maximum strength due to being located in Libra zodiac and Saturn located in this zodiac is also called Saturn of the High. In addition to Libra, Saturn also gets additional strength by being situated in Capricorn and Aquarius, which are Saturn's own zodiac signs. Native with a strong influence of Saturn usually become an engineer, judge, lawyer, people working in the IT field, people working in real estate, people working in areas of superpowers and factors of Saturn related to other occupations. The natives with a strong influence of Saturn are generally the followers of discipline and rules, analytical, hardworking and focused on their work.

When Saturn is located in Aries, it becomes weak and that is why this placement of Saturn is also labeled as Saturn of Low. Apart from this, Saturn can become powerless due to its particular position in the horoscope or due to the influence of a bad planet. The effect of any other bad planets on Saturn can make the native suffer from joint pain, arthritis, paralysis, fracture of bones and other diseases related to bones. The strong influence of any particular planets on Saturn in the horoscope can also adversely affect the general health and age of the horoscope holder because Saturn also has factors of age.

Personality Traits that Saturn Endows:

  • Patience: Saturn is a karmic planet that will always make the native payback his deeds whether good or bad. Saturn will always represent the karma of the individual. The effects of Saturn will always try the patience of the individual and if the Saturn is strong in the kundali birth chart then the native will become more patient or vice versa.
  • Justice: Saturn is a just planet and hence, the most feared too. People, who believe in Vedic Astrology, are afraid of Saturn. Saturn will always give the result of the deeds of the person. Hence, it will always be justice-oriented.
  • Hardworking: Saturn makes the native hard working. Saturn values hard work and will always take the person towards success if the required hard work is done. Saturn takes the person towards success slowly by it surely makes them successful.
  • Karmic: Saturn is a karmic planet and gives the person the experiences (good or bad) depending on their present or the past lives karmas. If they are good, the Saturn rewards them or if they are bad, Saturn awards them with utmost hardships.
  • Responsible: Strong Saturn influence makes the native very responsible. Saturn often provides hardships at a younger age so that the native learns the lessons early on and become a responsible human being. Managerial skills: Saturn is an overall positive planet and endows native with good managerial skills. It also endows them with good communication skills.
  • Mature: The native, under the strong influence of Saturn, becomes strong & mature with a very serious nature. They also tend to extremely self-reliant and independent. Saturn basically instills discipline in the native’s lifestyle.
  • Humanitarian: Saturn also endows humanitarianism in the native & they are also always willing to help people no matter what. Whatever Saturn endows in life is basically the product of native’s own making.

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