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Planets Combustion in Vedic Astrology

Planets Combustion in Vedic Astrology

Combustion of Planets in Astrology

When a planet loses its light and rays due to being near to the sun, then such planet is known as combust. So whenever a planet comes under a certain range of degree, which is different for every planet, then it gets combust. In Hindi it is said "asst graha" or ‘setting planet” which does not have enough power to produce impactful results.

Now the question arises why a planet can’t produce impactful results? So let’s understand this by an example. If in your house a bulb of 15 watts is on, there will be light and you can observe the result of that particular bulb but as soon as switch on a bulb of 1000 watt then all of a sudden the impact and effect of the 15-watt bulb gets vanished. It is because that light of 1000 watt bulb is much higher than the light of 15-watt bulb and therefore we can’t feel the effect of 15-watt bulb.

Likewise, in the universe all the planet shine because the light of the sun. They don’t have their own light. So whenever they come near the sun, the burning light of the planets loses its brightness. This entire process is known as combustion of a planet.

  • The moon is said to be combusted when it is at a distance of 12 degrees or more on either side of the Sun.

  • The Jupiter is considered to be combusted when approaching 11 degrees or more on either side of the Sun.

  • The Venus is considered to be disturbed when approaching 10 degrees or more on either side of the Sun. But if Venus is moving at a normal speed than its normal speed, then it is considered to be combusted when it is approaching 8 degrees or more on both sides of the Sun.

  • The Mercury is considered to be disturbed when approaching 14 degrees or more on either side of the Sun. However, if Mercury is moving at a normal speed than its normal speed, then it is considered to be combusted when approaching 12 degrees or more on both sides of the Sun.

  • The Saturn is considered to be disturbed when approaching 15 degrees or more on either side of the Sun.

  • The Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and they are never combusted in the kundali birth chart.

If in your birth chart ascendant lord is sun and if ascendant lord combust any planet then it will always have a negative effects. Suppose it combusts wealth lord then due to your decision you will lose your bank balance and wealth, it this 5th lord will also gets combust as 2nd and 5th lord both are mercury. By your own decision you will lose invest your money in speculation and gain loss. So yes combustion of planets in Vedic Astrology can have very serious repercussions.

While studying the horoscope of any person for a good astrologer, a deep study of the planets is very important. Setting Combust Planets found in any horoscope have their own special significance and it is very important to understand them properly. Many predictions made regarding horoscope holder without studying astral planets can be wrong, so special attention should be paid to them. Let us see when a planet is called an astral planet and what is the difference in the functioning of a particular planet due to its existence.

When any planet in the sky falls within a certain distance from the Sun, then the planet starts losing its aura and power due to the sharpness of the Sun, due to which it stops appearing in the sky and this planet, is lost from the astral realm. This proximity of each planet to the Sun is measured in degrees and according to this criterion, each planet settles when it comes within the following distance from the Sun.

In the event of any planet being lost, its strength decreases and it is no longer able to function smoothly in any horoscope. In order to correctly estimate the strength of any astral planet, it is necessary to see the force due to the position of that planet in a horoscope, the force of the Sun in that particular horoscope and the distance of the astral planet from the Sun. Thereafter one can get the correct information about the working capacity of that planet. For example, in a horoscope, the moon will be called astral even when it is 11 degrees away from the Sun and will be called setting even when it is 1 degree away, but in the first position’s force of the moon in the horoscope will be higher than the second position because the closer it gets, the more it loses its strength. Therefore, the study of astral planets should be done very carefully so that the correct force in any particular horoscope of them can be found.

Astral planets require additional force to run smoothly and it is only after observing the nature of an astral planet in the horoscope that a decision is made on how to provide remedies to strengthen the combust planet in the horoscope. If a planet in a horoscope is auspicious as well as strong by nature, then the easiest and most effective way to provide additional strength to it is to get the horoscope holder to bear the gemstone of that particular planet. The weight of the gemstone should be determined only after correctly estimating the asthenia of the astral planet. In this way, the astral planet gets additional force, which enables him to do his work smoothly.

But if a planet in a horoscope is inauspicious or weak, then such a planet is not given additional strength by its gemstone, because the use of its gemstone in the event of a planet being inauspicious is strictly prohibited, no matter how much that planet is. In such a situation, the best and most effective way to strengthen any astral planet is the mantra of that planet. In such a situation, by continuously chanting the mantra of that planet or by worshiping it with the mantra of that planet, the planet gets additional strength, as well as its nature starts changing from inauspicious to auspicious. In my horoscope, for any awful and inauspicious fruitful planet, one should first worship with the chanting of his Bija Mantra or 125,000 mantras of Veda Mantra and then regularly chant the same mantra by which the planet is worshiped.

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