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How to Do Shraddh in Pitru Paksha?

How to Do Shraddh in Pitru Paksha?

The Pitru Paksha

The following of pitru and offering Sharddha to the deceased ancestors is deemed very important in the hindu religion . The shradha is way to pay homage to our forefathers and a means of gratifying their souls.

As per the Hindu Mythology, the origin of the tradition of offering Shradha is attributed to Karna.

Karna was a humanitarian who often donated gold and other precious things to the needy and continued this practice throughout his life. Apparently, when he died, his soul went to heaven where he was only offered gold to eat. The reason behind this was the he never offered food to his forefathers. Karna admitted that he was never aware of his ancestors and hence never donated food. So, the god Indra sent Karna once again to Earth to redeem himself.

The general belief is that the ancestors visit Earth and bless their kin during pitru paksha.

According to the Hindu calendar, Pitru Paksha falls in the Krishna Paksha during the month of Ashwin. The beginning of Pitru Paksha starts every year on full moon date and ends on amavasya.

This year Pitru Paksha is starting from 13th September and will end on 28th September. This time pitru paksha will be of 15 days.

The Indian scriptures forbid any type of auspicious event or purchase during pitru paksha.

Pleasing the ancestors before the deities is considered beneficial. Pitru karya also has special significance than the deity. Various scriptures such as Vayu Purana, Matsya Purana, Garuna Purana, Vishnu Purana Manusmriti etc. also focus on the importance of Shradh. Karma of 15 days of pitru paksha are very important. There is a belief in Hinduism that it is very important to perform Shradh of a dead person after death. Pooja and pindadan are performed on these days for the peace of ancestors' souls. It is believed that as soon as the Shraddh is started, the ancestors come to Earth to take their share of the grass, so on the day before their date, water is burnt on both sides of the door in the evening time, which means that You are inviting your ancestors and the next day when the Brahmin is served food in his name, his subtle form reaches the fathers as well. In return, the ancestors bless and in the end the ancestors return to the world.

Why Shraadh is necessary?

  • It is said that if the Shradh is not performed in this month, then the dying ancestors do not get liberation from the continuous cycle of birth and rebirth.

  • It's a popular belief among Hindus that improper shradh or not doing shradh at all angers the pitra and the individual or the family would have to face some serious consequences.

Shraadh and Tapan

According to Garuda Purna, if you donate the body, then it is best to perform the rituals of a worthy priest and perform the rituals in the care of the appropriate mantra and the worthy Brahmin. You can fast this day on the date of death of your ancestors.

On this day, Kheer and other dish are cooked. Start the worship in the afternoon, burn the lamp, chant the mantras, and then chant it with water. And the food is then given to the cow, crow, dog. While giving food, Pitru should be remembered and the food should also be served to the Brahmins in Pitra Shradh Paksha.

Pitra Paksha 2019 dates - Shradh

Date of Shraddh     



Shradh Tithi

13 September


Poornima Shradh

14 September


Pratipadha Tithi Shradh

15 September


Dwitya Tithi Shradh

17 September


Tritya Tithi Shradh

18 September


Chaturth Tithi Shradh

19 September


Panchami Tithi Shradh

20 September


Shashthi Tithi Shradh

21 September


Saptami Tithi Shradh

22 September


Ashtami Tithi Shradh

23 September


Navmi Tithi Shradh

24 September


Dashmi Tithi Shradh

25 September


Ekadashi/Dwadashi Shradh

26 September


Triodash Tithi Shradh

27 September


Chaturdasa Tithi Shradh

28 September


Amavasya Shradh

29 October


Nana/Nani Shradh

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