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The Personality Traits of Virgo Ascendant

The Personality Traits of Virgo Ascendant

The Personality Traits of Virgo Ascendant

More often than not you must have heard the astrologer put emphasis on the lagna of kundali. This lagna which is also called ascendant or the rising sign is a very significant part or aspect in astrology. Lagna or the Ascendant determines the entire kundali of the individual.

Ascendant in Vedic Astrology:

Ascendant sign is the lens through which people see us. It is the outer projection of the personality. The influence of the ascendant can be strong or weak depending on where it is placed in the house.

The rising sign or the lagna is seen in the first house of the kundali. The exact date, time and location of the native are required for the exact determination of the rising sign.

Vedic Astrologers takes special note of an individual's ascendant. They use it to approximate the physical appearance, mindset, as well as the core inclination.

But what exactly is the rising sign? The rising sign is any sign that is rising at the eastern horizon at the time of the birth of the native. The ascendant rules the first house of the kundali, which deals with the first impression that the native makes. The ruler of the lagna is also considered a ruler of the entire kundali.

Overall Personality Traits of Virgo Ascendant:

The ruling planet of the Virgo zodiac sign is the Mercury, the planet that rules forms of communication. The people with Virgo Ascendant have an introverted and witty energy about them. Unlike their Gemini Counterparts, the Virgo ascendants appear very shy. One of the most highlighted things about the Virgo Ascendant is their openness to discomfort in the surroundings. They are highly sensitive and perceiving to any kind of health related discomfort.

Having an earth sign rising marks them with the tendency to worry a lot. This can also be attributed to their extremely sensitive nature. People with Virgo Ascendant display a glint of perfection in their work. They acutely concerned with detail and prefer to be meticulous and pay special attention to the details of any project they undertake. Although shy, the Virgo ascendant natives are very helpful and amiable by nature.

Strengths: distinguished, balanced, thoughtful, meticulous, perfectionist

Weaknesses: detestable, obstinate, bragging

Physical Appearance of Virgo Ascendant:

As per the Vedic Astrology, people with Virgo Ascendant are ruled by Mercury and due to this they have a very curious mind. Their love for knowledge is exceptional. They are also very detail oriented. People with Virgo ascendant usually lead a very healthy lifestyle and as a result have a toned and healthy physique. As their detail oriented nature may permit, the Virgo ascendants are generally well groomed and tidy. People with Virgo Ascendant are of average height. They tend to be plump even though they prefer a healthy diet. They have a small, oval face with strikingly dark hair. Their nose is straight and quiet prominent.

Typical Personality Traits of Virgo Ascendant

  • Conservative:

    Virgo lagna people do not prefer public displays of affection.They are generally very organized in their life, but sometimes can be messy too depending on the planets in the kundali. They are capable of absorbing huge amounts of information that they are only too happy to share with anyone who will listen.

  • Highly dependable:

    Virgo lagna people are generally highly dependable in the face of crisis. They generally tend to be emergency personnel or serving in military or police. They are precise and succinct and also tend to dislike anything that is highly graphic in nature.

  • Workaholic:

    They tend get irritable and fidgety when they don't have anything to do. They like to have something to do all the time. This inclination makes them prone to overworking.

  • Artistic:

    These people are also artistically inclined and also tend to have special fondness for artworks and literature. They can also have hobbies such as gardening or can be a thespian which gives them a single minded focus.

  • Open to criticism:

    They take in criticism only if they find it worthy or authentic. Due to their excessive orientation towards learning they can be very dismissive and un-accepting of criticism.

  • Detail-oriented:

    People with Virgo Ascendant are especially detail-oriented. They are perfectionist and prefer to solve the nitty-gritty’s of any task that they undertake.

  • Highly Rational:

    They are quirky combination of creativity and rationality. They tend to over-analyze anything or anyone they are acquainted with and hence, acquire knowledge that seem supernatural to other around them.

  • Knowledge Seeking:

    They love to learn and are absolutely knowledge oriented. Due to this tendency they can also be avid readers with very diverse interest. Hence, it is difficult to pin down their interest as they seem to be both artistically and scientifically inclined.

  • Reserved:

    When you first meet these people, they can appear to be shy & reserved. This is because of they are highly sensitive to their surrounding and can become extremely overwhelmed when faced excessive sensory input. Such an environment dulls them.

Celebrities with Virgo Ascendant

  • Sharon Stone
  • Madonna
  • Nicholas Sarkozy
  • Sir Paul McCartney
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Steve Jobs
  • Uma Thurman
  • Mozart

Indian Celebrities with Virgo Ascendant

  • Akshay Kumar
  • Rishi Kapoor
  • Vivek Oberoi
  • Kumar Sanu

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