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Gemini Ascendant: What Makes Them So Strong?

Gemini Ascendant: What Makes Them So Strong?

The Personality Traits of Gemini Ascendant

Ascendant - A Brief

Sometimes people cannot identify with the traits of their sun sign. It is possible that they display absolutely opposite characteristics than their sun signs. This usually means that they are displaying traits of their ascendant or rising sign. It is also called lagna in Vedic astrology.

What is an Ascendant?

Ascendant is the zodiac sign is rising from the Eastern horizon at the time of an individual's birth. Ascendant changes every 2 hours, so almost everyone has different ascendant. Often people identify more with their rising sign then the sun sign.

The ascendant rules the first house of the kundali birth chart. It represents the outer persona of the native, hence, their personality identifies more with the lagna whereas their deep inner feelings identify more with the traits associated with their sun sign.

As the followers of Vedic Astrology knows, that when a zodiac sign is on the eastern horizon, then it is called an Ascendant or a Rising Sign.

Lagna or Rising Sign is a very significant astrological concept. This sign defines the individual's personality, ego as well as self-perception.

When your Ascendant is Gemini?

Having Gemini as the ascendant means that the zodiac sign of Gemini was on the Eastern horizon at the time of the native’s birth. It also means that the zodiac sign of Gemini rules the 1st house of the kundali birth chart and the planet mercury is the ruler of the entire kundali.

  • Strengths: meticulous, sophisticated and observant
  • Weaknesses: dominating, talkative, clingy
  • Compatibility: The people with Gemini as their lagna or ascendant are most compatible with their fellow air signs i.e. Aquarius and Libra. They are most compatible with Aries zodiac sign. They are least compatible with Pisces, Virgo and Scorpio.

Gemini Ascendant:

If the native have a Gemini ascendant, then their natal chart ruler is Mercury. Having lagna in Gemini is same as having planet Mercury in the first house. The native born with Gemini Ascendant are amiable, curious, all-rounder, flexible, energetic and funny. On the other side, they can be a bit impatient and restless as well. Gemini ascendants are extremely quick and have great mental capacities. They often act on their toes and quick thinker. They are imaginative and intelligent.

Physical Appearance of Gemini Ascendant:

The native with Gemini Ascendant are tall and lean. Their movements are fast and energetic. They can be identified with a long, narrow face and prominent cheek bones. They tend to have delicate features. Their complexion can be dark. An easy way to recognize a native with Gemini Ascendant is through the youthful energy and sparkling look in their eyes.

The Personality Traits of the Gemini Ascendant:

People with Gemini as their ascendant are expressive and display strong personality. Hence, they are easily noticeable in the crowd. These natives run away from the monotonous life and seek colorful experiences. They are friendly and communication, and enjoy making new friends.

  • Inquisitive:

    The ruling planet of Aries is Mercury. Mercury rules the forms of communication and intellect. The native with Gemini Ascendant are extremely core and often go after meticulous details to satisfy their curiosity.

  • Detached:

    Gemini is one of the air signs. As an air sign, the Gemini is marked by higher degree of detachment. The native with Gemini Ascendant often lack emotional involvement and also does not easily express their emotions. They are more intellect oriented.

  • Communicative:

    Their communication is strong due to heavy influence of Mercury. As we all know, that the planet Mercury rules all forms of communication and the native with beneficial placement of mercury have great communication. Same is the case with Gemini Ascendants; being the ruler of the Gemini zodiac sign, the planet endows the native with good communication skills.

  • Observant:

    People born with Gemini Ascendant are observant and prone to constant analysis of their surroundings. They tend to be mentally sharp and proactive.

  • Socially Awkward:

    Due to their inherent lack of emotional expression, they tend to socially awkward & often find it difficult to get on the friendly terms with others. But once they do get close with people, they tend to keep these friendships for life.

  • Independent:

    The native with Gemini in the 1st house needs more personal space. They carry an independent streak that isn't easy to pin down. This independence allow them to have extensive room for personal growth.

  • Open Minded:

    These natives are highly open minded because of their inherent curiosity and the knowledge that they have acquired because of this. They know about lot of things and can be considered jack of all trades.

  • Misunderstood:

    As it is a tell tale in the Vedic Astrology, that almost every air sign is often misunderstood by the collective lot. This because of the air of detachment that these people have around them. Due to this their personality is often misunderstood & misinterpreted.

Celebrities with Gemini Ascendant

  • Neil Armstrong
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Great Garbo
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Tony Blair

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