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Celebration of Panch Ganpati - Astropride

Celebration of Panch Ganpati - Astropride

Celebration of Panch Ganpati

Panch Ganapati festival celebrated in Hinduism is a five-day Hindu festival, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, patron of art and culture. Each Sadhana of the five-day Panch Ganapati, a special practice, spiritual discipline, focuses on the entire family. This special day is celebrated in the month of December. It is celebrated from 21st December to 25th December. To celebrate the use, the idol of Lord Panchmukhi Ganapati is initiated and worshiped in the house. This time is also a holiday time in India and during this time all the family members celebrate this festival. Lord Ganpati is offered laddus and fruits. Lord Ganpati is specially worshiped every day for 5 days with great pomp, during this festival all family members and friends take the pledge to do everything with great love and focus on the welfare of society as a whole. On this day, people display great enthusiasm as well as perform dance and religious rites. and all according to their own religion Behave well.

  • People will start celebrating Panch Ganpati from December 21. An offering of yellow clothes and decorations of flowers to Lord Ganpat will be done. In Hindu Mythology, laddus are considered Lord Ganesha’s favorite food and hence are often offered to him. Along with this, the houses are decorated with traditional designs of Rangoli. Decoration work is done as well as special worship of Lord Ganpati is done on this day. It is believed that Lord Ganesha will solve all the problems within the family & the family life will be happy and prosperous. On this day people also apologize to each other for their mistakes. They also present some gifts to each other and also celebrate this festival with great goodwill on this day.

  • The second day,December 22, is considered to be a very good day for everyone. On this day, family and relatives strive to erase whatever misconceptions are there, as well as distribute gifts to each other. People also offer gifts to Lord Ganpati and celebrate this day with great joy.

  • The third day, 23 December, is celebrated by worshiping and making offerings to Lord Ganpati, all the elders of the house meet the members of their respective offices and colleagues and offer them gifts according to their reverence, which creates goodwill in their minds and their businesses also flourish.

  • On the 24th of December, the festival of Lord Ganpati is celebrated with great pomp, religious events are held which create a sense of religion and benevolence in everyone's mind. This also gives freedom from bad thoughts. By doing satsang, the entire people gather at one place in the garden, as well as the feeling of disharmony in all of them vanish.

  • On this day, 25th December, all the people of the neighborhood gather together to celebrate this Panch Ganpati Day at one place, as well as elderly people give good advice and guidance to all. Good gifts and food items are distributed, as well as young members of the household get blessings from the elders of the house. People also pledge to remove all the evils that occur inside you, so that the time and the coming year start with great blessings of Lord Ganpati. The atmosphere is full of happiness and peace and blessings of elders.

  • In this way, the five-day Panch Ganpati worship is performed, which keeps the goodwill in everyone's mind, as well as instills faith and reverence for their religion, which deepens the roots of religion as faith and reverence for religion is paramount in Hinduism.

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