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Palmistry | An Introduction

Palmistry | An Introduction

Basics of Palmistry

It is a human tendency to worry about the future and to often look for a solace that everything is going to be alright in the future. To gain perspective and to satisfy their curiosity, humans constructed the concepts to get insights into the future such as astrology, numerology, palmistry, etc.

The palmistry is one of the ancient concepts developed by the sages in the Far East. The palmistry has been deeply ingrained in the culture of India, Tibet, China, Persia/Iran and some of the countries of Europe. Various researches have shed light on the presence of palmistry in various communities such as Hindus, Sumerians, Tibetans, Hebrews, Babylonians and Persians. The palmistry was so much prominent in the Hindu Civilization that the great sage Valmiki (author of Ramayan) wrote about a book comprising 567 stanzas on the palmistry. The knowledge of palmistry spread through various countries and captivated the interest of many great personalities such as Alexander the Great, Hippocrates. Cheiro. Later Cheiro went on to write various books on palmistry and is now known as the Father of Palmistry.

What is Palmistry?

The Palmistry is the study of the lines of the palms to get insight in the personality of the person as well as past, present and the future. This particular aspect of the palmistry is very famous in India. The lines on the palms has both the permanent and temporary characteristics associated to them i.e. some are temporary and some are permanent. These lines often change with time and age. It is said in the literature of palmistry that some of the lines according to the thoughts, karmas or deeds, are either created or destroyed.

Basics of Palmistry:

There are many kinds of lines in the hands such as heart line, head line, life line, fate line, fame line, love line, children lines, intuition line, health line, bracelets, travel lines and the Girdle of Venus. Let?s discuss in depth the meaning of the major lines:

Meaning of Palm Lines:

  • Heart Line: In palmistry, the heart line is horizontal and starts from underneath the little finger and ends at the forefinger. This line is underneath the fingers. This line gives insight into the biological and the psychological aspects of the heart. This line gives insight about the romantic feelings, psychological tolerance of an individual, emotional stability and the individual?s susceptibility to depression.

  • Head Line: In palmistry, the head line starts from the underneath the forefinger and continues till the end of the palm. This line depicts the intellect and the reasoning of individual. It also depicts the mentality of the individual, the intelligence, the ability to grasp information, the communication skills as well as depicts the fields of interest.

  • Life Line: In palmistry, the life line is a curved line and it originates from the base of the thumb, crosses the palm and ends near the wrist in the shape of a circle. This is the most controversial line in the palmistry and gives insight about the physical tolerance and about the important organs of the body. The life line gives insight about the physical strength of an individual, coordination with vital organs, immunity and health.

  • Fate Line: In palmistry, the Fate Line is the straight line that generally divides the palm into two sections. It starts from the wrist and ends at the lifeline or head or the heart line. This line also gives insight into those aspects of life which are beyond the control of an individual such as study related decisions, career, life partner related decisions and the success or failure in life. In some individuals, the fate line is absent which denotes that the life is preplanned.

  • Fame Line: In palmistry, the fame line denotes the artistic capabilities of the persons. This line gives insight about the success and the fame that the individual will get in life. It?s not necessary for this line to be always present.

  • Health Line: In palmistry, the health line depicts that illness that the person will get in his life. This is usually a life threatening and a major illness. This line also gives insight about how many times the health of the person will change throughout the life. This line is about the ups and downs in health.

  • Travel Line: In palmistry, the travel line extends between the heart line and the wrist. This line gives insight about the travels that the individual will undertake, the duration of the travels, success or obstacles during the travels as well as it is insightful about the health condition of the individual during the travel.

  • Marriage Line: In palmistry, the horizontal line starting from underneath the little finger and is situated above the heart line is the marriage line. This line gives insight about how the relations of the individual would be, whether they'd be good or not. This line talks of the love and harmony in the married life of an individual.

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