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Do Moon Really Influence Emotions?

Do Moon Really Influence Emotions?

Effects of Moon on Emotions

It is a widely accepted fact that the Moon influences the tides in the water bodies. Human beings have deep and serious connection with moon since ancient times. Moon can make you go emotionally unstable. It possibly wouldn’t turn you into a werewolf but it definitely possesses a strong connection with your inner being. Moon has a striking effect on the water bodies and since our bodies are more of a portion of water, it is pretty obvious how moon influences us too.

In Vedic Astrology, Moon is considered a regulator of the emotional life of a human. It is believed that the placement of moon affects the person’s emotional tendencies.

Sometimes you have trouble sleeping or you feel anxious or you have trouble concentrating, this all can boil down to the influence of moon & the way it plays with you. It is very common to feel this way during full moon.

Let’s read on to find out the Major Effects of Moon on Humans:

  • A full moon can spark a violent behavior in you:
    It is noticed that during the full moon people act violently and aggressively. More criminal cases are noticed during this time. The person with violent tendencies finds it difficult to control their behavior and as a result they are more susceptible to their feelings. The full moon exerts considerable influence on emotions & inclinations; making you more susceptible to certain tendencies & behavior.

  • The full moon can make you insomniac
    It has been researched exhaustively by psychologists that any kind of sleep disorder, particularly insomnia, influences the behavior negatively & to varying degrees. We all have, at some point of time; have experienced the negative effects of sleep. This phenomenon has also been observed by astrologers. They have observed remarkable increase in cases of insomnia during full moon.

  • A full moon can make you judgmental:
    Moon plays with the emotions. Given it closeness to the Earth and its subsequent effect on the gravitational field of the Earth & tidal waves of the ocean, Moon, both astrologically and scientifically exerts heavy influence on our planet. Vedic Astrologers also believe that during this time you start judging people by their characteristic or by their activities more than you normally do. During No Moon, the skies are gripped with exponential darkness, and hence make us more inclined towards certain negative proclivities.

  • A full moon can make you feel anxious
    A full moon brings with it a lot of energy which can make you feel emotional & perchance highly sensitive too. This also intensifies your dreams & can lead to a spurt in anxiety related tendencies.

  • A full moon can ruin your relationship
    A full moon brings a lot of energy, romantic mood and makes you feel loved but along with it, it also brings sudden mood changes and a combative nature in you which can in turn ruin your relationship.

How Full moon Affects you according to your Zodiac Signs?

  • Aries: Full moon carries certain degree of transparency for the People born under the Aries zodiac sign and also provides answers to questions that have been in your thoughts. Full moon heightens your intuition & makes it easier for you to understand what it has to say.

  • Taurus: During full moon you will be in a battle between fulfilling your heart’s passion or to spend quality time with your friends. So people who are born under the Zodiac Sign Taurus should listen to their heart because a minor choice can affect your life drastically.

  • Gemini: Full Moon leads Gemini into throes of introspection & makes you face the questions that you have been hiding away from quite some time such are you happy with your job. Is it the hard time managing your work? Let these questions arise, but think thoroughly before acting on them.

  • Cancer: You enjoy the calmness of silence but during full moon you will be put in a circle of questions like should you go on a trip or should you be more extroverted? Or should you take your class? So Cancer zodiac sign people stay away from these random thoughts & work on being aligned with your goals.

  • Leo:Your mind automatically gravitates around money & savings during full moon. Have you been spending too much? Will you get a raise in your salary? Will this loan be approved? are the common questions that you might face & can actually wreck on these overly emotional Leo Zodiac Sign born.

  • Virgo: Moon works up your emotions so this is the time when you have to take a break from your work and focus on your relationship. The virgo people have to give time to those who plays a major role in their life and add some value to their life.

  • Libra: Include some yoga and exercise in your daily schedule during this full moon. It will really pamper your soul and body. The mindfulness meditation can also help you to be active and alert and perhaps will help you bring about the balance that Libra people are typically known for in their social circle.

  • Scorpio: With the fool moon comes the confusions for Scorpios. This will make you think twice on a single statement & will make you doubt yourself. So the people born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio should stay calm and make your decisions very precisely and after thinking in it thoroughly.

  • Sagittarius: Keeping your professional and personal life together will be tough task for you during this time for the people born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Careful planning can help you keep balance between both these parts of your life. Give time to both personal and professional life equally.

  • Capricorn: Don’t trust those fake gossips about you which you hear from people surrounding you. Don’t feel stressed in your relationship and understand what you are hearing and react accordingly, don’t just react on anything you listen. This is the impact that moon have on the people born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

  • Aquarius: No matter what the Astrology literature says, Aquarius does carry a soft side which they, nonetheless, hides from the outer world. During the full moon, they will be the most emotional person. You will be emotionally touched and unbalanced. Use your intelligence to deal with these emotional problems and handle them equally.

  • Pisces: During this period people born under Pisces question their own beliefs; their own thoughts but you must follow your intuition and should be able to differentiate what is right and what is wrong. Staying alert and active can help you get what is best for you.
The full moon is the ideal time to scrub out patterns, connections and feelings that no longer serve us; making us to feel, refreshed and start over again.

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