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Mercury Transit to Pisces - April 7, 2020

Mercury Transit to Pisces - April 7, 2020

Mercury Transit 7th April 2020

Mercury will transit to the zodiac sign of Pisces on April 7, 2020. This transit will bring about both the good and bad times as per your zodiac signs. Following are the effects of this Mercury Transit to Aquarius.

Effects of Mercury Transit on the Zodiac Signs

  • Aries: Mercury will transit in the 12th house for your zodiac sign. In this sense, the transit of Mercury will increase your expenses. However, you will dominate your enemies and will succeed in defeating them. But keep in mind that during this period you can also get caught in a legal dispute, so do not do anything that you have to face any legal case. As far as the economic aspect is concerned, during this time you should not invest financially. Because time is not favourable for it at all. You can travel abroad during transit, or plan to settle abroad. Along with this, long distance travel with friends or family is also possible. Students are likely to get success in the exam. Therefore, be prepared.

  • Taurus: Mercury will transit in the 11th house for your zodiac sign. Will increase your income. Start a new business or invest. There is a possibility of sudden gains in jobs and business. Seniors will be supported at the work site. Income will increase and your social circle will increase. If someone is having a love affair then the relationship with Prietam will be more sweet but there can be minor disputes in the marital life. Will spend a good time with friends. Problems with students in writing and writing will be removed. Apart from this, many good opportunities will be available in the field of jobs and business.

  • Gemini: Mercury will transit in the 10th house for your zodiac sign. With the transit of Mercury planet in the tenth house, you have every hope of getting good results. During this time your concentration will increase and whatever work you take in your hand, you will complete it by meditating. Your situation will improve between the family as well as your relationship with the people of the house will also improve. There will be peace in the house. If your mother's health was bad for a long time, then during this time there will be good changes in her health. You can also take a decision regarding renovation of the house at this time. Your spouse will remain humble towards you and there will be a state of harmony. During this time you also need to control your speech, especially in social life, take special care of this matter. During this time, your intellectual capacity is increased and there is a reason for the effect of Mercury. During this time you will be filled with positive thoughts. In this time period, stop yourself from moving towards immoral actions.

  • Cancer: Mercury will transit in the 9th house for your zodiac sign. This time will prove beneficial for you. During this time, your inclination can move towards art, writing and acting. Businessmen and students can get good news from abroad during this time. You can also go on a long distance journey. The influence of Mercury will increase the inclination towards writing, art and acting. Those who are associated with the world of media and glamor will get tremendous success in this period. The luck of your siblings may shine in this period. Apart from this, you can get financial help from siblings. If you have any eagerness for higher education, then this desire will increase further during this period.

  • Leo: Mercury will travel in the 8th house for your zodiac sign. You will get mixed results in this period. In many areas you will have good experiences but in some areas you may have to go through bad times. During this time there is also a possibility of loss of money, but at the same time the sum of secret money can also be formed. Money will continue to flow, but the good thing is that during this time your financial side will be strong. You need to be careful in the field. During this time, you should not argue with your seniors, by doing so you can put yourself in great difficulty. You should take a candid approach in your personal and professional life during this time, because if you do not remain clear then you may suffer loss. Your relationships with women will be good during this period. Even though you are dedicated to your work, you may have to go through stress during this time. This stress situation can also affect your health, so try to keep yourself active and do yoga and exercise.

  • Virgo: Mercury will transit in the 7th house for your zodiac sign. This time is going to be very good for your marital and love affair. During this time, the feeling of love and dedication towards your life partner will increase further. At the same time, your life partner will also be ready to help you at all times. During this period you will be able to share your mind with your partner. When you share your heart with your partner, your relationship will get better. Loving couples and married people will spend very good moments with each other. Those people who are associated with the field of art will get success from the influence of Mercury. This is the best time to start a new business or partnership. Your business reputation will increase. During this period, there may be good changes in the social status of some traders. Your luck will be good at this time, your life partner will also get due to you.

  • Libra: Mercury will transit in the 6th house for your zodiac sign. The transit of Mercury in the sixth house can be harmful for you. You may have to struggle at the work place during this period, however with hard work you will achieve the goals. From the economic point of view, this transit of Mercury can be worrisome because during this time there is a possibility of economic loss. You may have to go on a trip suddenly without planning. During this period, you and your spouse's health may go wrong, so pay special attention to your health. There are chances of getting success in the field of work. There can be differences with women, so try to avoid unnecessary disputes. Nanihal can plan to meet the people of the party.

  • Scorpio: Mercury will transit in the 5th house for your zodiac sign. In this time period, you will feel happy about your love affairs. To make your partner happy, you can create many farce during this time. You can also make a special promise to them to win their trust during this time. Some loving couples may also get married at this time. This time is favorable for students, so they need to study diligently during this time. If concentration is repeatedly disturbed, they should resort to yoga and meditation. During the transit of Mercury you should not fall into unnecessary disputes or else some of your close ones may be away from you. Suddenly the wealth of wealth can also be formed during this period. If you invest money in lottery or betting then you can get tremendous benefit at this time.

  • Sagittarius: Mercury will travel in the 4th house for your zodiac sign Transit of Mercury in the fourth house is indicating auspicious sign. During this time you can think about buying a new house or a new vehicle. Spouse's support will be available at this time and because of you they can benefit in the field or business. There is no need to be worried about the health of the mother during this time, because good changes can be seen in her health during this period. Your thoughts will be intense during this time due to which you can get a new identity in the field. Due to this transit of Mercury, your instability will decrease and there will be a sense of satisfaction in you. This is a good time because you will get good results in the field in which you work hard during this time. Your relations with your relatives will also be good at this time.

  • Capricorn: Mercury will travel in the 3rd house for your zodiac sign. This period is going to be a turning point in your career. During this time you can work with a large organization. The concentration on work will increase more than before. You will work hard to set goals and achieve them. If you have a quality or hobby that can be made a means of livelihood, then try to refine this art. Because you can benefit greatly from it. You will have to meet a lot of people during this period, due to which your social circle will increase. Yoga of pleasant and happy journey is also being made. You will be involved in sacred and religious works. There will also be happiness in the lives of your siblings.

  • Aquarius: Mercury will travel in the 2nd house for your zodiac sign. Due to this transit, there will be sweetness in your speech and you will be able to say your words clearly. Your clarity will attract people to you. However, our advice is to avoid wasting your time in needless talk, you do not need to waste your reasoning power in front of people who are not able to understand your words. There is no use in teaching fools. The natives of this zodiac who sing or write will improve their singing and writing during this period. The income of people associated with the job profession can increase during this period. Time is good but at this time you will have to spend on some such things on which you do not want to spend money. Time is favorable for students, you will be able to do well in the field of education during this period. There is a need to be a little sensitive about the family, otherwise a situation can arise.

  • Pisces: Mercury will transit in the 1st house for your zodiac sign. There will be a situation of harmony between the family. Every member of the household will be able to explain you and you will be able to keep your point well. At this time, the cooperation of your spouse will bring joy and happiness in you. On the other hand, the lovers of this zodiac will spend beautiful moments with their partner and will keep their mind in front of their partner. Those who do business in the partnership can get a lot of profit during this time and the time will also be favorable for those who want to do a new business. During this time, your spouse is also expected to get promotion in the field. Their promotion will be pleasant for you. In this time period you can start the construction work of the new house. Mangal work may be present in the family of some of the people at this time.

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