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Mercury Transit to Leo - August 17, 2020

Mercury Transit to Leo - August 17, 2020

Mercury Transit to Leo, August 17, 2020

Mercury is a neutral planet and denotes intellect and rationale in astrology. According to the teachings of Astrology, Mercury is a planet that takes up the characteristics of any zodiac sign or house in which it is placed.

Mercury is also the closest planet to the Sun. The conjunction of Sun and Mercury forms Budhaditya Yoga which is auspicious for thinking and intellect if it is strong in the kundali. If the planet mercury is strongly placed in the kundali, it makes the native mentally strong and logical which can maneuver through any obstacles.

On the other hand, if Mercury is inauspicious it can lead to mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar. The person may also have issues with speech and intellectual matters.

Mercury will transit to the Leo zodiac sign from Cancer on August 17, 2020. Following would be the effects of this transit on various zodiac signs.

Effects on Aries Zodiac Sign

The mercury will transit in the 5th house for your zodiac sign. 5th house is related to sense, intelligence and offsprings. Hence, this mercury transit for the Aries born will impact the following aspects.

Talking of the transit, this time is going to be auspicious for the natives. It is going to be a boon for the creative people and for those who would like to turn their passion into a business. On the other hand, this mercury transit can cause some trouble when it comes to family and offsprings. This time can also spell trouble for love relationships thereby creating a sense of miscommunication.

Those who are single should avoid entering into relationships. For those who play sports, this time is going to bring about success for you. Your energy and physical ability will be very good during this time. This is also the best time to think of the future and plan in the right direction for it. But the things to be kept in mind is don’t switch jobs right now and don’t borrow anything from anyone.

Remedy - Donate green items to your sister or aunt.

Effects on Taurus Zodiac Sign

Mercury will transit in the 4th house for your zodiac sign. This transit will be very auspicious for the Taurus born natives. The 4th house is related to the family, especially mother and basic amenities. This transit will bring positive and auspicious results for the native’s family and relationships.

This transit will prove to be auspicious for your mother as well, if she is a profession then she may get good results. At the same time, students of this amount who are studying management related fields will get the desired results. Students earning elementary education are advised to study diligently. At the same time, people who are employed will get good results in the field, at this time your good work can be appreciated.

Due to the good state of the family and work area, you will have peace of mind. If you are married, your spouse can ask you to buy new jewelry during this time. At the same time some people can also make an idea to buy a new vehicle during this period. However during this transit you have to take special care of your health. Minor illnesses such as cold and cold can bother you.

Remedy- recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama on Wednesday.

Effects on Gemini Zodiac Sign

Mercury will transit through your zodiac sign in the third house. In this sense, your courage, valor, your relationship with younger siblings, short journeys etc. are considered. Since Mercury is considered to be the communicative planet, during this transit you will be able to impress people with your speech. It will also be auspicious for the people of this zodiac to travel during this period. It can be beneficial if you travel in relation to work.

Time will also be good for the people who are employed with this amount, but you need to control your important sense. If you keep trying to show yourself better then differences may arise with colleagues. Learn to see everyone equally, by doing so many differences will be overcome. People of this zodiac who do creative work can get advancement in life at this time.

Talking about family life, you have to take the initiative to improve relations with brothers and sisters. For some reason, there is a possibility of tension with siblings. Talking about the traders of this amount, any new deal should be done carefully. Take any kind of risk very thoughtfully. It will be right for you to proceed with the advice of experienced people.

Remedy- Light a lamp of ghee on Wednesday and worship Lord Vishnu.

Effects on Cancer Zodiac Sign

Mercury will transit in the 2nd house of Cancerians. This quote gives information about your property, family, speech, purpose etc. During this transit you may face some troubles in family life. Poor health of a member of the household can cause your mental stress. At such a time, you should take care of the health of that member more than taking much stress.

Your economic side may also be weak during this transit. The one whom you had hoped for an increase in income, you might not get this month. However, despite this you should not panic and focus on saving more and more. Make a good budget plan to prevent unnecessary expenses. During this time, if you have any differences with people, then let them calm down and bring necessary changes in the conversation.

If you have siblings, they may benefit from overseas during this period. Possible those abroad Have a good job. The natives of this zodiac may face some difficulties in the course of achieving their goals, but if you keep patience and face the situation firmly, many troubles can be overcome.

Remedy- Donate the things needed to the needy on Wednesday.

Effects on Leo Zodiac Sign

The transit of Mercury planet will be in your Ascendant house. With the Ascendant, we think about your personality, soul, body, health, character, intelligence, etc. In this house, you will get auspicious results from the transit of Mercury planet. Your ambitions will increase and you will also try your best to achieve them.

This time will be very favorable for the students of this zodiac, you will want to learn new things. This time will also be good for those who want to pursue their studies. Your ability to understand the situation and topics will increase in the meantime. If you do some creative work such as singing, playing, dancing, then your art can be seen in this time.

This transit will also be good for business people and business people of this amount, but you should avoid satirizing on anyone, someone can hurt you. Talking about your financial aspect, this time will be fine. If you want to invest, be sure to consult an experienced person. In the social life also, this transit of Mercury will give you favorable results, your respect will increase in society.

Remedy- Give gifts to girls younger than ten years on Wednesday.

Effects on Virgo Zodiac Sign

For the natives of the zodiac sign of the earth element, the transit of the planet Mercury will be in your tenth house. This price is for loss, unnecessary expenses etc. During this transit of Mercury, the natives of Virgo need to be very careful. You should avoid speaking wrong and stay away from wrong association.

If you live with the wrong people then you can get into a big problem. The confidence of the people of this zodiac will also decrease during this period, due to which many of your important work may get stuck. During this time, you should resort to yoga-meditation to increase your self-confidence.

This transit of Mercury will be a challenge for the job and business people too, but those who do business related to foreign countries or work in foreign companies are likely to get good news in this period. Keep trying to strengthen the economic side. Health of some of the people of this zodiac may also deteriorate at this time, problems related to stomach and skin can be caused to the people of this zodiac.

To keep yourself fit, you have to take special care of food and drink during this time. Do not take more than one work in your hand at this time, it will be good for you. Complete the work that is necessary.

Remedy- To get auspicious effects of Mercury planet, chant Mercury Beej Mantra.

Effects on Libra Zodiac Sign

Mercury will transit in the eleventh house of the Librarians. This sentiment is also called benefic sentiment and through this your thoughts, friends etc. are considered. This transit of Mercury will bring many gifts for the people of Libra. If you do work or business related to import-export, then during this transit your five fingers can be in ghee.

Your wishes will be fulfilled in the meantime. Many people of this amount can get benefits from their father and government at this time. Your father's support can save you from many troubles in the meantime. However, in the matter of your personal life, you can be seen at this time while doing measurements for your benefit, doing so may be harmful for you in the coming time, so if you do not do this then it will be good for you.

If you reduce your ego by your behavior, then in this social life you will get respect. Libraians can get benefits from any of their close friends during this time.

Remedy- Worship Lord Vishnu on Wednesday, you will get auspicious results.

Effects on Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Mercury will transit in the 10th house for Scorpio zodiac sign. In this sense, your actions are considered and at the same time your work area, leadership qualities, respect, success etc. are also considered.

This transit of Mercury will be very good for those people of Scorpio zodiac, who are in some business which involves public dealing.

Along with this, this time is also good for the people associated with the field of politics, you can attract people on the basis of your speech. On the other hand, if you talk about the economic side of the natives of this amount, then it will also improve if you invest money in the stock market then you can earn profits during this period.

Job and business people will also get favorable results, although job people should avoid getting entangled with high officials at this time. The work of those who work in media institutions can be appreciated in this time period.

Family life will be good, but there may be some decrease in mother's health, during this time, you should spend time with your mother and get her treated by a good doctor. Those who are unemployed can get the desired job during this period.

Remedy - feed green fodder to Cow on Wednesday, will bring positivity.

Effects on Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Mercury will transit in the 9th house for these natives. This transit will bring about the feeling of spirituality and religiosity. THis mercury transit will prove to be very auspicious for the Sagittarius born natives.

Your professional life will flow smoothly without much hassle. You will be able to complete all the pending tasks. Your family life will also prosper.

However, during this transit, some sagittarius born native may see an easy way out of every problem in every aspect of life. You may also be somewhat mentally distressed which would also further put you out of your comfort zone.

On the other hand, your relationships with your family will be good and there is a prospect of them being fortified.

Remedy - Donating jaggery on Wednesday will be auspicious.

Effects on Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Mercury will transit in the 8th house for the Capricorn zodiac sign. The 8th house represents age. It also highlights the various obstacles, research and accidents that the individual might face. In this sense, the transit of Mercury will be good for those who are doing research.

The native might also find itself being attracted to occult studies. At the same time, it is imperative for working professions to be on a safe track for there can be issues and hurdles. Also, during this mercury transit, take special care of your health as there can be issues that must be addressed.

You should avoid taking loans and giving loans during this transit of Mercury or else there may be loss of money. If you are going to travel during this time, then you have to take special care of your luggage, there is a possibility of theft. Do not carry valuables in the journey.

Remedy - Take blessings from eunuchs on Wednesday.

Effects on Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Mercury will transit in the 7th house for the Aquarius born natives. 7th house rules the marriage and relationships. This mercury transit brings with itself some new connections that would be worthwhile. They might teach you something new that would be beneficial in the long term.

There is also scope of traveling during this time period. Any kind of business travel will bring auspicious results.

This Mercury transit will bring mixed results when it comes to business and profession. There can also be trouble with the partner. If there seems to be miscommunication, talk it out with your partner. However, the financial aspect of life seems to be fine. But still avoid starting any new work during this time.

Remedy- Worship Lord Vishnu on Wednesday and apply sandalwood tilak on his image or picture.

Effects on Pisces Zodiac Sign

Mercury will transit to the zodiac sign of Pisces in the 6th house of the kundali. 6th house in the kundali rules the Ripu Bhava and is concerned with debt, dispute, absence, injury and slander. During this transit, people born under pisces zodiac sign should take special care of their parents as there can be health issues. If there seems to be an issue you should consult doctors immediately.

On the other hand this is a good time to buy and sell properties. There are high chances of gain. As well as, people who are employed will see good results during the transit. However, business people should take special care as there are chances of losses. You should also avoid investing during this period without consulting an expert.

Pisces students who are preparing for competitive exams can get success during this Mercury Transit. Pisces native should also take special care of the relationships as there are possibilities of discord.

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