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Mercury Transit into Gemini- June 2, 2019 | AstroPride

Mercury Transit into Gemini- June 2, 2019 | AstroPride

Mercury Transit from Taurus to Gemini - June 2, 2019

Mercury is the first planet in the solar system. Mercury was named after the Roman Deity - Mercury. Mercury was considered the Messenger of God because of speed and swiftness with which it travels or revolves. Roman Deity Mercury was considered the God of financial gains, commerce, eloquence, communication skills and luck. Planet Mercury, in astrology, also influences the same aspects.

Importance of Mercury in Vedic Astrology:

Vedic Astrology which is also known as Hindu Astrology was originated in India many thousands of years ago. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is believed to be an offspring of Moon and Jupiter, and therefore, it carries the traits which are idiosyncratic to both Moon and Jupiter. As per the teachings of Vedic Astrology, planet Mercury influence communication and analytical skills as well as intellect of an individual. It is also considered as a key planet in astrology for various professions such as lawyer, scientists, artists and sales professionals. Hence, Mercury apparently carries a strong influence on the intellect of the individuals. According to the traditions of Vedic Astrology, Mercury have the strongest influence or impact when positioned in the Zodiac Sign of Virgo and have the lowest impact when positioned in the Zodiac Sign of Pisces. The planet Mercury is friendliest with the Sun, Rahu and the Planet Venus. Although, it carries the strong hatred for the Moon. It is, nonetheless, neutral with all other planets and is responsible for disease related to skin, head and throat.

Transit of Planet Mercury:

Mercury is the first and the closest planet to the Sun. Due to this; it completes the revolution quicker than any other planet. Vedic Astrology tells us that the Planet Mercury takes around 12 months to complete one circle of the entire Zodiac System, although, it takes longer when in retrograde. It stays for approximately 30 days in each zodiac sign. The Mercury Transit of 2019 will have a positive impact when it is placed in 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th or 11th houses whereas it gives negative results when placed in 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th houses. Mercury in astrology is either placed in the same house as sun or the house adjacent to that of the Sun. This year planet mercury makes transit into Gemini on June 2, 2019 and will stay in this zodiac sign till June 21, 2019.

Effects of Mercury Transit (2019) on Zodiac Signs:

  • ARIES:

    Mercury is going to enter Aries in the 3rd house. The effects of the Mercury Transit does not look good for jobs and business related activities. People born under the Aries zodiac sign may have to experience excessive hardships. Mercury's presence in the third house will cause troubles and fights with loved ones will create overall stress in life. It is advisable to stay away from enemies and stranger as it may lead to unwanted tensions. It is also advisable for people born under Aries to pay specific attention on their expenses as financial problem may arise during the mercury transit in 2019.


    Mercury is going to be entering in Taurus in the 2nd house. This Mercury transit will have a positive impact on the overall growth and well being of the person when it transits into second house. People born under Taurus will be on the receiving end of money and happiness. Business is bound to grow and will lead to higher profit generation. Mercury has a good influence on businessmen. The relations with family and friends will prosper which will eventually lead to overall happiness in life. Students will see a positive influence on their intellectual abilities and concentration level, studies will be good. The time is especially best for learning something new, so invest in learning good skills. It is also the best time for financial well being, and you are going to prosper financially. People born under Taurus Zodiac Sign will see increase in income. Despite all this, it may beget harm for some people; besmirch their reputation and may see increase in hardships.


    Mercury is entering in 1st house of the zodiac sign Gemini. This mercury transit is bound to affect the economic and financial condition of people born under Gemini Zodiac Sign. Due to the position of Mercury in the first house people born under Gemini might have to spend time doing useless work that may not garner any profitable result. They would have to go against their will, and may not be able to positively influence someone in to doing a task. They might have to experience harm because of their family and friends. The transit of Mercury in the 1st house increases the probability of arguments and fights with loved ones, thereby creating overall tension. This would have negative effect on self respect & dignity. Person falling under Gemini might have to take unnecessary travel trips that are not lucrative and may not lead to overall positive outcome.


    Mercury is entering the 12th house in the Zodiac Sign of Cancer. There might be increase in stressful situation. The person born under the zodiac sign of cancer might have to bear the financial loss, and can have bad & difficult experience at work. There is going to be overall increase in stress, tension and anxiety. There might be marked increase in tension in martial life. Students may not be able to concentrate on studies and might have to face failure.

  • LEO:

    Mercury is entering into the 11th house in the Zodiac sign of Leo. This is a high time for monetary success and growth and significant profit in business. This mercury transit will bring about a growth at work. This is a period of marked increase in profit and overall growth in business. There is also going to be profit in any kind of real-estate transactions. People born under the Zodiac sign of Leo will be able to influence people. This is the time when your relationship with your spouse is going to be at utmost high.

  • VIRGO:

    Mercury is entering into the 10th house in the zodiac sign of Virgo. Presence of Mercury in the 10th house is a marked indicator of overall happiness, peace in life and profit in business. This is a strong indicator of success in every area. Person born under the zodiac sign of Virgo may get promotion at Job. Important tasks that were incomplete till now may be accomplished. There is also scope of good and strong bonding with family and friends. All your work related ventures will reap benefits. There will be a peaceful and stress free environment within home. The person may garner success and accolades at work.

  • LIBRA:

    Mercury is entering into the 9th house in the Zodiac sign of Libra. There might be increase in work-related problems, financial and money related problems as well as family problems. Presence of Mercury in the 9th house is an indicator of fights with family members. There might be issues and problems with enemies. Any kind of business travels will incur loss.


    Mercury is entering into the 8th house in the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. This is a good indicator of monetary well being, and may lead to success in everything that you will choose to do. There is a scope of success in job and business. The bonds with family and friends will grow strong. Enemies will subside. You will be getting required help from everywhere. Although, there might be indication of minor health issues for the people born under Scorpio.


    Mercury is entering into the seventh house in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. The transit of Mercury in the 7th House is a premonition of upcoming health issues, downfall, increased mental pressure and overall stress. The major trouble for people born under Sagittarius is that the presence of Mercury in the 7th house will lead to weakness, laziness and stress-inducing problems. There might be some skin-related health problems as well. Increase in problems and tensions among family and friends. Marked increase in problems and tensions between husband and wife. It is highly advisable that one should pay attention to words they are speaking because inappropriate can lead to slanderous situations. There may not be any profit from business related travels and they might prove unsuccessful. Tension will increase.


    Mercury is entering into the 6th house of the Zodiac Sign of Capricorn. The transit of Mercury in the sixth house is symbolic of fruitful and positive time. Mercury in the 6th house denotes stability in personal life & success and profit in work life. This is a good indicator that job and business will flourish, you will experience financial growth. The position of the planet Mercury will bring about mental peace. There is going to be marked improvement in health and overall goodwill and happiness. This position of Mercury is a premonition of absolute prosperity in life.


    Mercury is entering into the 5th house in the Aquarius Zodiac Sign. The presence of Mercury in the 5th house can be harmful. There is a possibility of increase in tension within the family. Married couples with children may have to face undue tension regarding their offspring. There might be tension amongst family members which will create stress in life. Aquarius might have to face undue physical and mental stress, health issues regarding stomach or abdomen area. There is going to be increase in risk of tension regarding health. Presence of Mercury in the 5th house denotes stress in life and tension regarding work, health and money. It is advisable for students to stay focused on studies.


    Mercury is going to enter Pisces in the 4th House. Such a position of Venus will lead to success in every sphere of life. You will be able to accomplish all the tasks that were left incomplete. Economic conditions will improve. There is also scope of increase in influence among the society. For people born under Pisces, this is the best time for taking the business further. During this Mercury transit, students will get the best result in studies. This is the best time for success in higher education. People born under Pisces will see financial growth and prosperity during this period. There is also going to be overall increase in income and profit. This is a good time to make do with family and friend. Transit of Mercury in the 4th house is symbolic of bonding with family and with co-workers.

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