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Role of Mercury in Vedic Astrology - Astropride

Role of Mercury in Vedic Astrology - Astropride

Role of Mercury in Astrology

Scientific Facts About Mercury

Mercury is the first planet of the solar system. It is also the closest planet to the sun. However, it is not considered the hottest planet because of lack of dense atmosphere. The structure of Mercury is very similar to Earth's structure. Mercury was names after the Roman God of Messenger because it is the fastest planet to orbit the sun. It revolves around the sun is just 88 days. Mercury's atmosphere is not dense because of its proximity to sun, This proximity to sun adversely affects the gravity and hence it cannot retain the atmosphere for long period of time. Hence, mercury doesn't have any atmosphere. And it is also because of this fact that day and night temperature are on extreme spectrums.

Astrological Facts about Mercury

  • Ruling Planet of: Gemini, Virgo
  • Friendly with: Sun, Venus
  • Enemy with: Moon
  • Exalted in: Virgo
  • Debilitated in: Pisces
  • Mahadasha Period: 17 years
  • Gender: Neutral
  • Color: Green
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Transit Period: 25 days

Significance of Mercury in Astrology

In Indian Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury is influences speech and intelligence. Hence, the people with strong influence of Mercury are generally very intelligent and exhibit exceptional communication skills. The way of communicating and behavior of such natives is generally favorable to the occasion, due to which they get great benefits in their life. It is the specialty of such people to get their work done on the strength of their intellect and speech. And it is also very difficult to win over them in any type of conversation, debate or speech competition. Usually strong influence of Mercury gives people high perception capacity and they can make quick assessment of the body posture & state of mind. Such people make a reasonable assessment of the body's posture and state of mind in advance. Therefore, it is very difficult to deceive and fool them.

Professions related to mercury

The characteristics that the planet Mercury generally represents i.e. clever speech, sharp calculation and intelligence skills makes the native suitable for the professions such as the lawyers, journalists, financial advisors as well as other types of consultants, persons from research and analytical fields especially associated with marketing field. People with strong influence of Mercury also make good accountants, software engineers, politicians, diplomats, teachers, writers, astrologers, and other professions that require great oratorical skills.

Mercury influence/ Budha graha effects

The influence of mercury can help in determining the personality of the person. This is the reason that the mercury sign is given importance in kundali birth chart. The mercury sign helps in unveiling the manner of expression of that is best suitable to the native. The position of the mercury also helps in understanding whether the person would be introverted i.e. shy, reticent, cerebral or extroverted i.e. chatty, exuberant, and loquacious.

Mercury also helps in understanding the interests that the individual has, what fascinates them, the rationale as well as the strength of the intellect. Mercury sign is very important to understand the rationale of the native. When mercury is in the air sign (i.e. Aquarius, Libra, Gemini) it gives positive effects because air signs are pragmatic and intellect oriented. When Mercury is in the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) than the native tend to be impulsive. When mercury is in the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) then the native tend to base the decisions on emotions. When mercury is in the earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) then the native tends to be cautious yet a good decision maker.

Traits Endowed by Mercury in Vedic Astrology

  • Intellectual:

    The placement of Mercury in the natal chart represents the intellectual capacity of the native. Mercury rules theintellect and thinking, hence wll positioned mercury makes the native intelligent as well as thoughtful. Such a native usually have very diverse interest and loves to gather knowledge from all the sources available.

  • Eloquent & witty:

    Mercury also rules the means of communication. When Mercury is well placed in the kundali, then the native is eloquent and expresses themselves very vividly. These people can be very gifted writers and speakers. When the Mercury is negatively placed in the kundali then the native finds it difficult to express themselves properly and may struggle with proper expression of their thoughts.

  • Mental flexibility:

    Mercury rules the intellect. When the native has a strong influence of Mercury in the kundali birth chart, then the native also tend to be very mentally flexible. They also tend to be empathetic when it comes to understanding the point of views of others.

  • Knowledgeable:

    With well placed mercury in the chart, the native tend to be have diverse interests. Whether it is science, art or even philosophy, these peole can devour anything and everything. Hence, due to their inclination for gathering knowledge from all the sources available, they also tedn to gather very diverse perspective and knowledge that never fails to stumble others.

  • Diplomatic:

    Mercury affects the communication skills and ways of expression very strongly. With admirable oratorical skills comes the capacity to diplomatically convey the thoughts. The natives also tend to very persuasive and diplomatic; and can easily manipulate others and make them believe in their thoughts. An exceptional example of such a trait is Adolf Hitler.

  • Fragmentation:

    Fragmentation refers to breaking of thoughts into indecipherable words. When mercury is ill placed in the kundali birth chart, then the native also tend to have fragmentary thoughts or rather leave them incomplete. Such a native will usually have trouble forming complete thoughts and then expressing them.

  • Outspoken/Shyness:

    This aspect of mercury placement depends on the sign that mercury is located in the natal chart. If mercury is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, then the native tend to serious minded and inclined towards introversion. If it is placed in zodiac sign of Leo, then the native tend to be talkative and inclined towards extroversion with quite outspoken way of expression.

  • Cogent & analytical:

    Mercury rules the rationale and intellect of the native. When well placed it makes the individual analytical and cogent. Such natives also tend to be cautious and logical decision maker, giving more importance to the facts about the situation.


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