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Mars Transit to Aries - August 16, 2020

Mars Transit to Aries - August 16, 2020

Mars Transit to Aries - August 16, 2020

Famously known as 'The Red Planet', mars is deemed as fiery planet in Astrology. It is described as the most aggressive planet too. As per the dictums of Vedic Astrology, Mars afflicts the native with insurmountable aggression. Aside from this, Mars is also deemed as a warrior. It displays the traits that are warlike and endows the native with exemplary leadership quality.

Aside from making a native a leader, mars is also responsible for one of the most infamous 'doshas' in kundali - 'The Mangalik Dosha'. When it comes to kundali milan for the prospective bride and groom, this dosha is most feared because it negates the relationship. It creates friction and incompatibility, leading to ultimate separation.

Mars is transiting to the Aries Zodiac Sign on August 16, 2020 from the Pisces Zodiac Sign. The effects of this transit will be different for every zodiac sign. Mars will also retrograde in Aries from September 10, 2020 and will transit to Pisces once again.

Effects of Mars Transit to Aries

Effects on Aries Zodiac Sign

As per astrology, Mars is a ruling planet of the Aries. During the transit, Mars willt transit in the 1st house for the Aries Zodiac Sign natives. This transit will be especially auspicious for the natives. natives born under Aries will experience marked positivity and exceptinal enthusiasm. The energy of mars will help you in accomplishing all the pending tasks.

People who are looking to switch jobs or start a new business will be successful in their ventures. You will be seen as reliable by your peers. You will be determined to fulfill your promises which will positively impact on the way you are pereived by your peers.

Aries born business person will experience tremendous success and profitability in their chosen venture. If you want to expand your business, this would be a right time. Aries born will get succes in any kind of career they may choose during this transit. When it comes to family life, this Mars transit will be exceptionally auspicious. Your relationships with family and friends grow. However, it is also advisable to control your wrath no matter what and keep yourself fit.

Remedy - Color red is very auspicious for you.

Effects on Taurus Zodiac Sign

Mars will transit in the 12th house for the Taurus zodiac sign natives. This transit will be particularly inauspicious for the taurus born natives. This transit can bring about lots of unnecessary expenditures and loss. Aside from this, this Mars transit may also bring with itself an opportunity to travel and work abroad. This is also a good time for students who want to study abroad.

For many people taurus born natives, this mars transit can be especially challenging in the beginning but later may bring fruitful and required results. To better equip yourself for this transit, taurus native would have to change certain aspects of their behavior such as learning to apologize and accept your mistakes.

This particular behaviour of yours often lead to conflict with friends and family. This Mars transit isn't exactly auspicious for the relationships that you share. Hence, it is advisable that you learn to control and improve certain asepcts of your personality.

Taurus born business people should be careful during this Mars transit as there are possibility of losses and connivances.

Remedy - Keeping a copper coin in your pocket will bring good luck to you.

Effects on Gemini Zodiac Sign

Mars will transit in the 11th sign for the Gemini born individuals. This Mars transit will exceptionally auspicious for you. Every business transaction will be lucrative for these natives. People who are employed will also get a favorable and positive environment during this time. There is a scope of increments during this time.

If you are business person, this Mars transit will bring about opportunities that would be especially beneficial for you in the coming future. Those who have started a new business will see growth and improvement. However, people of this Gemini zodiac should avoid taking any kind of loan during this period. Many people of this zodiac will be filled with ambitions during the transit of Mars. Hence, it is advisable that you work hard to fulfill these expectations.

You are advised to focus on your hard work rather than worrying about the result. There would be no going back if you will work hard. Since, Mars' main attribute anger and aggression, you would have to work hard not to let in on to the surface.

Remedy - Take some honey before leaving home.

Effects on Cancer Zodiac Sign

Mars will transit in the 10th house for Cancer Zodiac Sign. In astrology, 10th house is the house of karma. As you sow shall you reap! Therefore, this Mars transit is going to be extremely beneficial for the Cancer born people. You will get the positive result of your hardwork. You will come out of the world of fantasies and come into the present.

You will aslso try to fulfill your every desire. You will try your best to fulfill whatever thought flashes in your mind during this time. However, during this time in the field, you may have extra weight on your shoulders. You will be committed to fulfill your responsibilities. Your seniors will like your activity and your image will be better in their eyes.

Cancer born people who are working in army or police will get a promotion. When it comes to relationship, this transit is on your side. You will see a marked improvement in all your relationships. You relationships will further prosper with your spouse. This is also a good time to plan an offspring.

Remedy - Recite Hanuman Ashtak.

Effects on Leo Zodiac Sign

The transit of Mars is going to happen in your 9th house. This Mars transit will be very good for travel and higher education. This transit is going to be beneficial for the leo born people. Your amily life is going to thrive. This is also a good time for travel and any business related short trips wil prove to be very beneficial for the native. Any real estate related matter are going to be very profitable during this Mars Transit.

This time is also good for business and mutitasking should be a prefered way of conducting business to avoid any problems. Only after finishing a job well, take the next task in hand. The 9th house of the kundali also shows your spiritual instincts, so people of Leo zodiac sign can also participate in spiritual activities during this period.

With this, you can also move towards improving your personality by taking help of yoga. Your might also find yourself inclined towards reading spirituality related books.

Remedy- Worship Lord Kartikeya.

Effects on Virgo Zodiac Sign

The transit of Mars will be in the 8th house for the natives of Virgo. In vedic astrology, 8th house is also considered 'Ayu Bhava' or the 'House of Age'. This house relays more about age, obstacles in life, accident and any kind of research that the native might undertake.

Therefore, Mars transit in the 8th house is going to be especially positive for the people doing research work and are interested in pure science. People of this zodiac can also move towards earning money through occult practices. You can also get mental peace and bring positive changes in your personality by resorting to meditation. Many people of Virgo may feel that their efforts are not going in the right direction. So, you are advised that it is better to concentrate on your work and stay on pace than worrying about it.

If you work hard, you will definitely get success one day. During the transit of Mars, your brothers and sisters may face problems, so you should go ahead to support them.

Remedy- Donate to Hanuman temple on Tuesday.

Effects on Libra Zodiac Sign

Mars will transit in the 7th house for the Libra born individuals. The 7th house of the kundali is about marriage and other relationships. During this transit of Mars, the people of Libra will get auspicious results in family life. Earlier, even if there wer If there was a quarrel going on in the family, it will go away during this time, while in marital life also you will get auspicious results.

If you wanted to start a new job with your spouse then this time is also good for him. You have to take care of the life of the spouse. During this period, the excess of anger can be seen in some of the natives of this zodiac.

However, anger is not your natural quality, so being angry again and again can also get you upset. Instead of controlling the circumstances, you have to be according to them. Problems can arise if you try to forcefully overcome any situation. Students of this zodiac can get good results in the field of education during this transit. If you take part in sports, then this transit can give you some great achievement.

Remedy - Recite Hanuman Ashtak on every Tuesday.

Effects on Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Mars is the lord of Scorpio zodiac and the transit of this planet Mars is going to happen in your sixth house. The sixth house is also called Ripu Bhava and due to this disease, debt, enemies etc. are considered. During this transit of Mars, your mental and physical abilities will be strengthened. You have the ability to do adventure and this transit of Mars will improve in this ability.

Whatever project you are given in the field, you will complete it with creativity. Businessmen will not back down from taking risk, they can also try to spread the business. However, you should avoid taking part in any kind of debate during this period. Needless conversation will waste your time and nothing else. If you were going around the court-court in the case of a case, during this time one can get victory in that case. You will easily win over your opponents during this transit of Mars.

Students of this amount who are preparing for competitive examinations are also likely to get success. If you drive, follow the traffic rules and drive carefully. Talking about health life, during this time your immunity will be good. If you are troubled by a chronic disease, then you may find respite.

Remedy- Donate copper on Tuesday.

Effects on Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

The transit of Mars will be in the fifth house for Sagittarius. In Bhavishya horoscope, this feeling is of Leo zodiac sign and through this, your love relations, children and education are considered. The native of this zodiac, who is in love relationship, can come closer to his lovemate during this transit. You will also get many opportunities to travel with Lovemate during this time. On the other hand, people who are single so far can also get something special.

And before moving forward in any relationship, you must know whether your alignment is ideologically correct or not. Due to the transit of Mars, there may be excess of anger in your nature, hardness can also be seen in your nature. However, our advice to you is to maintain flexibility in your behavior.

If you look at the child side, your children may get entangled with you about something. During this period, the people associated with the job profession are likely to get benefits, especially those who work in a foreign company. Businessmen of this amount can also benefit from foreign contacts during this period.

Remedy - Drink water in a copper vessel.

Effects on Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Mars will transit in the 4th house for the Capricorn zodiac sign. This mars transit will be auspicious for the capricorn born natives and will lead to happiness. You will also get a lucrative offer for any real estate transactions.

At the same time, the dream of those who wanted to buy property for a long time can also be fulfilled. You have to be careful about the health of the mother, get her medical check up periodically. Family atmosphere will be good so that you will experience peace. Natives will also see improvement in relationships and you will get auspicious results during this time, you will get full support from colleagues, senior officers will also be happy to see the pace of your work.

Businessmen need to be careful during this time regarding matters related to finance. When it comes to income and financial situations, there are also high chances that this transit will be especially beneficial for you. You may get good opportunities through other sources. On the other hand, there can be issues in relationships which can easily be rectified or rather avoided. Take care of your health.

Remedy- keep fast on Tuesday.

Effects on Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Mars will transit in the 3rd house for the Aquarius zodiac sign. The 3rd house shows your courage and valor and it also shows about your relationship with younger siblings. Mars transit will be beneficial for the Aquarius born native. You will see a marked improvement in your courage and you will be able to conquer your enemies. However, you should avoid being arrogant and proud. Pay special attention to the health of your siblings during this transitional period.

If you are involved in the field of marketing or management, then this transit will prove beneficial for you. Those working in the government sector will also get benefits. The concentration of students will be amazing and they will get success in competitive exams. Students of this amount who are getting elementary education can study interesting books related to the army or revolutionaries.

On the other hand, people who are associated with this field of sports will also get good results during this transit. The influence of Mars will also increase your ability to lead.

Remedy- Donate red colored items to the needy on Tuesday.

Effects on Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces is the last zodiac sign in astrology. Mars will transit in the 2nd house of the kundali. The last zodiac sign of the zodiac will be the transit of Mars in the second house of Pisces. The 2nd house in astrology is about communication and oratorial skills. It also divulge information about the family and purpose of life. This transit is also going to be especially beneficial for the pisces born individuals.

This time is also going to be especially positive and uplifting financially. There are chances of increase in income and you may also find other sources of monetary income. Luck will also be in your complete support during this Mars transit. You will get success in whatever work you choose.

On the other hand, mars will also influence you with its aggression. Hence, there can be harshness in speech which might insitgate your friends and family.

It is advisable to put things into perspective and be empathetic; as your obstinacy will work against you. If you have children, there may be differences with them for some reason. You also have to pay attention to your health during this time, eating too spicy and fried food can give you stomach disorders.

To keep your health healthy, you should drink more and more water and exercise daily. Only when you remain fit will you be able to take care of the health of the other members of the house. During this transit of Mars you are also likely to have problems related to eye or teeth.

Remedy-- Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.

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