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Things to Remember During Lunar Eclipse | Astropride

Things to Remember During Lunar Eclipse | Astropride

Lunar Eclipse - Julu 2019

What is Lunar Eclipse?

A lunar eclipse happensonly during full moon. A lunar eclipse happen when a part of moon passes through the Earth's shadow. In order for such a phenomenon to occur, sun, moon and earth should be in a linear line. There are three types of Lunar Eclipse, the rarest of them is the total lunar eclipse. This happens when a moon is fully covered with the Earth's shadow. The most common phenomenon in lunar eclipse isthat of partial lunar eclipse, when the moon is partially covered in the Earth's shadow.

The next lunar eclipse will be on July 16-17, 2019 and will start from 1:31 a.m (IST). This lunar eclipse will last for 5 hours 56 minutes. This is also the last lunar eclipse of the year 2019.

The Hours of Sutak

According to astrologists, Sutak (state of impurity) begins 9 hours prior to the eclipse.

This eclipse will occur in whole India on July 17 (IST)from 1:31 am. onwards . Except for children and old age people nobody should eat in eclipse hours. As this eclipse will occur in the 21st lunar mansion and inSagittarius sign hence, the eclipse will be unlucky for those who were born under the said sign. They should pray to God for their well-being.

Formation of Eclipse

When Sun, Earth and moonall three comes in a same line, eclipse occurs. According to astrologists,Sutak (state of impurity) begins 9 hours prior to the eclipse.

Belief of an Eclipse

Eclipse occurs when Rahu planet is near Sun or Moon. Once during the Amritpaan of Lords, Rahu demon also came there by changing his disguise. He was then identified by the Sun and the Moon. Then, they had told this to Lord Vishnu. Then, Lord Vishnu killed the demon by his Sudarshan Chakra. Hence, from time to time Rahu planet takes revenge from the Sun and the Moon by capturing them. Hence, Solar and Lunar Eclipse occurs.

What to do during Lunar Eclipse?

Chanting During Lunar Eclipse:

Do chantingin the name of your favored God. Both full moon and lunar eclipse occur at thesame time, so chant the name of Lord Vishnu. Those who are suffering from nine planets should chant nine planet's incantations. Chant for your Zodiac's lord planet seed mantra (A bija mantra,also known as a planet seed mantra, is a one-syllable sound used in meditation or yoga practice).Those who are suffering due to bad health should chant "Mahanmrityunjya incantation". Those who are in deep trouble should chant "Hanuman Chalisa" and "Sundar Kaand Katha".

After Lunar Eclipse is over, people can do good deeds by donating rice, flour and warm clothes. People whose moon is weak should donate milk, curd, rice, sugar etc.and should chant moon's incantations. This donation should be done to poor people.

Things to Remember during Lunar Eclipse:

  • According to Hindu Mythology, puja of God shouldbe avoided during eclipse and sutak (state of impurity).

  • Having food and sleeping should be avoided during Lunar Eclipse.

  • Children, old people and people suffering from diseases can take rest.

  • Pregnant women should not go outside during the eclipse.

  • There shouldn't be any physical relations between husband and wife during theeclipse. If pregnancy happens during the eclipse then the child can be handicapped or can be a patient of mental problem.

  • Before the beginning of eclipse, spread Daab, Duub and Tulsi leaves in food such that they do not become impure.

  • After the eclipse, spread Gangajal in the whole house. Also, bathe your deity's statue with Gangajal.

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