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What is Kundali Match Making? | Astropride

What is Kundali Match Making? | Astropride

Astrology can be used for various things. The most commonly used aspect of vedic astrology is kundali match making. The marriages are formed based on astrology taking into aspect various key points, which then leads to the decision whether the two individual are compatible with each other or not.

Marriage is the most important sacrament of human life. Before tying in this rite, there is a practice of matching the properties according to the birth name of the bride and the girl. Matching the qualities of both boy and girl according to the names of the constellations, it helps to know the names of both of them.

What is kundali match-making?

Kundali matching is the comparison and matching of the horoscopes of two individuals. It is believed that if the horoscopes are matched, then couple is believed to have a good and prosperous married life.

How is kundali matching done?

To understand what kundali match is, first we need to understand what kundali itself is.

Kundali is nothing but a depiction of the planetary positions at the time of an individual's birth. These kundali or horoscopes can predict the past, present and future of an individual. It is through these kundali all these details can be found out & which also point towards the direction of the stability of the marriage with more details in this article.

There are eight gunas and each guna has a specific value. It is believed that at least 18 gunas should be matched. Based on the birth details of the bride and groom, eight gunas or ashtakutas are calculated. The compatibility between these eight qualities determines the fate of marriage. These qualities are as follows:

1.    Varna - The first guna that is compared is Varna. Varna is related to the caste of both the bride and grooms. The groom's character or caste should be equal to or greater to the bride's caste. The 4 castes that are considered in astrology are: Bhramin, Khshatriyas, Vaishyas & Shudras. The maximum possible score that can be obtained in this varna is 1.

2.    Vasya - The second gunas that is compared is Vasya. This helps in determining who is going to behave more influence among the two. This also denotes compatibility and dedication in the marriage. In this zodiacs are divided into 5 groups i.e. Manava, Vanachara, Chatushpada, Jalachara and Keeta. And there are 4 rules of determination:

o   Chatushpada, Manava, Jalachara are vasya to the vanachara group

o   Chatushpada, Jalachara & Keeta groups are vasya to the Manava groups

o   Jalachara signs are the food to manava signs

o   Chatushpada signs are the food of the vanchara signs

On the basis of these rules points are given. if the group is same then the 2 points are given. if one group is vasya to the other then 1 point is given. If one group is food to the other then 0.5 points are given. If neither the bride nor the groom is vasya to the other then no points are given. The maximum points that can be obtained are 2.

3.    Tara - The birth constellations or stars of the bride and groom are compared which indicate the healthy quotient of a relationship. This is related to the health and well-being of the bride & the groom. There are 27 nakshatras and they are divided into 9 tara groups. These tara groups are: janam tara, sampat tara, vipat tara, kshem tara, pratyari tara, sadhak tara, vadh tara, mirta tara, ati-mitra tara the process is that counting from the bride's birth star to the grooms and dividing that number by 9. The maximum possible score that can be obtained in this comparison is 2.

4.    Yoni - Sexual compatibility between the prospective pair can be determined with this quality. The maximum possible score that can be obtained in this comparison is 4. This indicates the physical compatibility between a couple. Yoni is represented by animals and there are 14 yonis in astrology each having two nakshatras. Some examples of yoni's are: Ashwa (Horse), Gaja (Elephant), Gau (Cow), Mriga (Deer), Vanara (Monkey), etc. The points are dependent upon the behavior of each animal towards the other. If the animals are friendly towards each other then the higher point is given or vice versa.

5.    Graha Maithi - The intellectual and mental relationship between the future couple can be seen through the Graha Maithi Guna. The maximum points that can be obtained in this comparison are 5. Graha maitri is used to determine the strength of love between the couple. This comparison is done by comparing the lords of the moon sign in the charts of both the bride & the groom. The relationship between the lords differs and the points are given according to the friendliness of the signs with each other. 

6.    Gana - This quality helps in determining the compatibility between the personality, behavior, attitude and attitude of both. The maximum points that can be obtained in this comparison are 6. This is used to determine the individual temperament of the individuals. This is broken down into 3 groups: Devta, Manushya, Rakshasa the points are given based on the compatibility of these gana 

7.    Bhakoot - The bhakoot property refers to the state of financial prosperity and family welfare after marriage. After marriage, the bride as well as groom's profession will prosper and this is dependent on this guna. The maximum points that can be obtained in this guna are 7. This guna is used to measure the overall health, overall welfare as well as the prosperity of the couple and that of the family after marriage. The bhakoot dosh can affect the intimacy between couples. This guna holds 7 points and because of this it is the second most important point in the kundali match making. Bhakoot dosh is based upon the distance of the number counted from the bride's sun sign to the groom's sun sign and vice versa.

8.    Nadi - This is the final guna that holds the maximum number of points and thus is the most important. It tells about the health of the entire family after marriage. With this guna, cases of childbirth and child are also determined. The maximum score that can be obtained in this comparison is 8, making it guna with the highest points and thus the most significant one. This guna helps in checking the genetic compatibility of the bride & grooms to ensure that they are capable of producing healthy children; To ascertain this the nakshatra's are divided into 3 groups. If the nadi is same then 0 points are given and if it differs then 8 points are given. Hence, nadi should be different for the highest compatibility.

The prospective bride and groom should get at least 18 points in kundali matching for the marriage to be considered auspicious and successful

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