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The Map of Life: What Does Kundali Represent?

The Map of Life: What Does Kundali Represent?

What is Kundali Birth Chart in Vedic Astrology?

Astrology is a study of the position of planets and stars, and it has a great effects on the life of the individuals. Planets pass through every zodiac sign. Some planets stay for longer time such as Saturn, while some stay for shorter time such as Moon.Every planet influences a person either in a negative way or a positive way (depending on the placement of the planet). In a kundali, these planetary placements are depicted in the houses in a kundali.

Kundali is a graphical or a pictorial representation of the planets' position at the time of person's birth. To create a kundali, an accurate time of the birth, date of birth and the location of the birth are required. On basis of this information kundali or the natal/birth chart is created. This birth chart depicts the planetary positions at the time of the person?s birth.

Understanding the basics of Kundali Birth Chart:

To predict the future of a person and to understand the current persona of individual, astrologers refers to the kundali. The planetary aspects that are observed in the kundali reflect the physical, emotional and psychological makeup of an individual. Interestingly,the renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung in many cases also referred to the horoscopes or the Kundalis? of the individuals to gather understanding of the certain psychological framework that was otherwise hard to explain.

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The Important Components of a Kundali Birth Chart:

  • Planets: There are 9 planets in the Vedic Astrology including Sun & Moon as well as the poles of the moon i.e. Rahu & Ketu.
  • Houses: Houses are the divisions of the kundali with each house being of 30 degrees. There are 12 houses in the Kundali that are represented by the zodiac signs; for example, 1st house is represented by the zodiac sign Aries, 2nd house is represented by the zodiac sign Taurus, and so on. Each house also represents a particular aspect of the life such as Friendships, Career, Personality, etc.
  • Zodiac Signs: There are 12 zodiac signs in Vedic Astrology. These zodiac signs reflect their characteristics on the personality of an individual.The utmost focus is given to the Sun Sign, Ascendant/Rising Sign and the moons sign. These three signs have the highest influence on the individuals.

Significance of Kundali in Vedic Astrology:

Kundali provides information about various aspects of life such as family, health, wealth, destiny,profession, marriage, relationships, etc. From the kundali of an individual, itcan be easily understood how the person will behave. Hence, it is a clear reflection of one?s personality, qualities and nature of person, which also grows with the passage of time. It also defines one?s personality through various stages of life.

There can be a certain mismatch between the aspects that a house represents and the planet that is currently residing in that house. For example, Saturn is considered one of the most malefic planets in astrology. This planet is most comfortable in its homehouses i.e. 10th house and 11th house. 10th& 11th house is represented by the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn feels most comfortable in these houses because it is the ruling planet of these zodiac signs. Hence, because of this apparent friendly relationship between the house, zodiac sign and the planet, the Saturn gives off positive results.

So this shows that the houses and planets play an important role in the understanding of the good and bad experiences in life. And this also helps in predicting how the future can possible bethrough the length of duration a planet stays in a particular house.

Another important aspect that kundali deems to provide information about is the karma of the past lives.Vedic Astrologers are of the view that the soul waits for unspecified time period for the particular planetary position to take birth so that it can live the karmas of the past life or lives.

A person's kundali is also a basis for the kundali matching which is done to understand the compatibility of two prospective bride and bridegroom. Kundali matching is an astrological procedure of matching the gunas of two individual. Through this guna matching, the conclusion is derived whether the two individuals would be comfortable with each other.

The following points correctly demonstrate the importance of kundli in one's life:

  • Kundli is very important in an individual's marriage. Kundli Matching is done to check out the compatibility of two individuals.
  • Kundali can show the right path that a person should follow. It accurately predicts the individual's personality, likes and dislikes, etc.
  • It can also be used to tackle the shortcomings in the person's life.
  • The kundali also gives insight into various aspects of life such as relationship, career, marriage, education,finance, etc.
  • Kundali can be used to predict the successes and failures that the individual may experience.
  • Kundali is like a map of the life, providing information about every sphere of a human life.

Among the followers of Hindu Religion, kundali is often within the time span of few days after the childbirth. Many follow the ups and downs of their life through a kundali, gathering understanding of their various experiences and what can be done to lessen the negative effect of the planets. Followers of Vedic Astrology prefer to refer their kundali to choose the correct life path for them.

How does Kundali affects an individual's life?

Kundali can be considered a map of an individual?s life. To actually understand any kind of positive or negative aspect of the human life, the entire kundali should be studies.Looking only through one aspect provides a biased and subjective point of view of an individual?s life. This is the reason that it is considered significantly necessary to talk with an astrologer for a complete overview and an unbiased outlook on the person's life.

Vedic Astrology is the study of planetary influence on the human lives. Planets exercise an influence that can be either positive or negative.

It is equally important to also consider the placements of the planets so correct ups and downs of the individual?s life can be ascertained and understood. Marriage predictions are the most vital section of astrology. In India or Hindu religion, people seek advice from the great astrologer for marriage through Kundli matching of both the individuals.According to astrology, planets placement in no way remain the same and they often pass and trade their influence and traits from one astrological house to another. Sometimes, planets are positioned weakly or badly but on many instances they would rule in the favorable position. All these actions of celestial bodies or planets have a tremendous effect on our lives.

The meaning and importance of astrology would possibly differ for every individual. The beliefs in astrology would differ among individuals. For some natives astrology is a pure science,quite a few others identify it as divine instruction, for some, it is sacred and for others it is a sham. We can say that astrology is a wonderful mixture of spirituality, divine coaching and science. For non-believers, astrology is nothing but a reminder for human insecurity. Astrology holds an outstanding andhuge function in our lives.

Now understanding this, the predictions of one?s fortunes and misfortunes is entirely dependent on kundali.The position of the planets in various zodiac related houses define their influence, whether it would be benefic or malefic. And in accordance with these positions appropriate remedies are suggested to break though the negative influence of the planets. The kundli or the birth chart also guides and influence the career that is the best for the individual. So, yes it is highly preferable and convenient to follow the path shown in the kundali.

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