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The Importance of Venus in Vedic Astrology

The Importance of Venus in Vedic Astrology

Venus is the second planet of our solar system and is the hottest planet of the solar system. This beautiful planet is named after the Roman Goddess of Love & Beauty - VENUS. The inspiration behind this name is that the planet Venus is the brightest star in the sky & the Goddess Venus is deemed the most beautiful. Hence, the planet is named VENUS. It is also the only feminine oriented planet in the solar system. 

This planet shares the structure similar to that of Earth but is extremely hot. This atmosphere of the planet traps the heat from the sun - hence marking the temperature on this planet as an extreme greenhouse effect. It is not the closest planet to the sun but its sulfuric atmosphere traps heat & makes it so hot that nothing can survive on this planet. The atmosphere on this planet primarily comprises of carbon dioxide & clouds of sulfuric acid. Thence, this hellish atmosphere often alludes to the ancient name of the planet – Lucifer. 

The significance of this planet in lieu of Astrology coincides more with the current name i.e. Venus. 

Venus in Vedic astrology rules desires - esp. the desire for romantic love and pleasure. Venus, in Astrology, is absolutely loved and wealth oriented. This planet rules the human relationships and its placement are also considered a measurement of wealth. The marriage, the emotional attachments and the certain other relationships come under the purview of this planet of love. Along with these inclinations, Venus also rules art & creativity, culture, passion & happiness. The placements of Venus emphasis how much we appreciate other people & how much we socialize and indulge in all these worldly things. 

Venus concerns itself with all the five senses - and if well placed marks the native with charm, elegance, poise and sophistication. 

Importance of Venus in Astrology: 

  • Venus is materialistic yet spiritual
  • Venus is also an indicator of wealth in horoscope
  • Venus makes a person aesthetically & artistically inclined

What is the effect of Venus in various houses of kundali? 

First House – When the planet Venus is placed in the First house, it makes the native artistically inclined. The person will be interested in music, dance and painting. Here, Venus makes you active and thus, the person is very physically activity. Venus in the first house also makes you wealthy, but if the Venus is afflicted then it creates obstacles in the marriage.

Second House – When the planet Venus is placed in the Second house, it gives the native the best partner. This placement generally denotes that the spouse will have huge contribution in making prosperous in which your spouse has a big contribution. You are beautiful in appearance and lead a life full of luxury. Gorgeous and beautiful things attract you very quickly.

Third House – When the Venus is placed in the Third house, it endows the native with good mental capacity. The identity is strongly influenced by the thoughts. In this house, Venus significantly affects the native’s health. Venus in this house also influences the finances in the negative way.

Fourth House – When Venus is placed in the Fourth house; it makes the native lucky. When the Venus is in this house, the person gets various opportunities throughout his life. These people also are financially strong (unless another planet is cancelling this out) & generally do well in life.

Fifth House – When the Venus is in the Fifth house, the person is highly inclined. The person is very interested in areas such as poetry, song and music, writing & they also tend to choose profession in this field. 

Sixth House – When the Venus is placed in Sixth house, it shows the relationships that the person will have. The native with this placement is of collaborative spirit and are always at the forefront of helping others.

Seventh House – When the Venus is placed in the Seventh House, it has a negative effect on person’s health. Venus sitting in this position makes the person quarrelsome, you are jealous of others and at the same time you feel insulted & refrain putting the ego aside.

Eighth House – When the planet Venus is placed in the Eighth house, the person in some way or the other experiences tantamount pleasure of the world. But this placement of Venus is not good for the native’s mother; the make the people susceptible to different kinds of diseases. Sometimes it also threatens their life. In this house, Venus makes the people considerable susceptible to negative thoughts & negative diseases. 

Ninth House – When Venus is placed in the Ninth house, it depicts all the pleasures of life that the person will experience. The native will not be short of money and will also have certain inclination towards religious work. You will get happiness from your brother. You are an asset, endowed with virtues and having capricious nature.

Tenth House – When Venus is in placed in the Tenth house makes the individual greedy. These people also have a tendency towards disregarding others. Venus located in this house negatively impacts the happiness of children and makes the native susceptible to luxuriant, wealthy lifestyle.

Eleventh House – When Venus is positioned in Eleventh House, it presents the native with various benefits in everything. Venus sitting in this house is the reason for the beauty, good behavior, name and fame, wealth and provides all kinds of happiness to the individual.

Twelfth House – When Venus is placed in the Twelfth house, the native will never fall short of anything worthwhile. This placement also makes the native strong and destroyer of enemies.

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