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An Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology

An Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology

What is Evolutionary Astrology

The succinct and clear description of evolutionary astrology was given by Jeff Green in his seminal book - "Pluto - The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul". A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future result.

This precisely describes the crux of evolutionary astrology.

Evolutionary Astrology is one of the systems of Astrology which focuses more on the karmic tendencies of life and the soul. This field of astrology strives to answer the deepest desires and the inclinations of the soul.

Evolutionary Astrology strives to understand these three major aspects:

  • Where the soul has been
  • The present life
  • Where the soul is going

Although, evolutionary astrology acknowledges the significance of ascendants, moon sign and the sun sign - the major aspects of the traditional astrology - it digs deeper to understand the karmic conditions of the present life and to also understand the purpose of the soul.

This ultimate task of understanding the purpose of the soul can only be accomplished through gaining a deeper understanding of the planet Pluto in the birth chart.

The significance of Pluto in Vedic Astrology:

  • Certain tendencies and attractions that one faces in the current life
  • The repetitive patterns in life
  • Provides information about why these patterns are repeating themselves and offer insights and ways to break these patterns

The most important fact about evolutionary astrology is that it does not strive to provide remedies to rectify the situations or circumstances of life but rather seeks to guide the person towards the search of deeper meaning and gain insights and find answers to the question themselves in whatever that deem fit to them.

Basics of Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology is a field that works upon the concept of karma and the past lives but from the view of the souls' evolutionary mission. As per this field, the past lives have impact on the current life through the unconscious memories of the past lives.

  • Uncover the past life and understand what is preventing the individual to get growth and joy
  • Helps in understanding certain tendencies and attractions
  • Helps in the realization of innate gifts and talents

The Lunar Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology

There are two lunar nodes - the South Node and the North Node and they are directly opposite each other. As per the teachings of the Evolutionary Astrology, people are inherently unconscious about the patterns of their South Nodes putting their complete focus on the abilities of the North Node.

  • the south node provides information about the challenges and gifts that are carried forward from the past life and where you feel the most secure. However, individuals are not conscious of these things.

  • The north node focuses on the fulfillment and what the individual consciously strives for, often ineffectively, because they lack the prerequisite information.

  • Both north and south node, together provide answers about the past life and tendencies, the purpose of the soul and the direction your life should be taking.

The Six Nodal Themes

  • Aries/Libra Nodal Axis: General life subjects on the Aries/Libra nodal pivot are me versus you, driving as opposed to following, having one's direction as opposed to bargaining, wedded versus single, and war versus harmony. An Aries South Node demonstrates a previous existence as an autonomous, fearless, and brave recluse. A Libra South Node shows a previous existence of being coupled in a long helpful association.

  • Taurus/Scorpio Nodal Axis: General life subjects here are close to home assets versus shared assets, straightforward versus complex, development versus change, magnificence versus the monster, and quiet sections drama. Taurus South Node previous existences have been steady, calm, unsurprising or generally prosperous. On the other hand, Scorpio South Node previous existences have been brimming with injury, catastrophe, mistreatment, and demise.

  • Gemini/Sagittarius Nodal Axis: General life subjects incorporate information versus morals, doubt versus confidence, certainties as opposed to knowing, self-training versus the scholarly world, and understudy versus instructor. Gemini South Node previous existences were frequently spent living in a city where they would gad about conversing with and trading thoughts and aptitudes with others. A Sagittarius South Node shows previous existences with significant lots of time spent voyaging, just as picking up and spreading information.

  • Cancer/Capricorn Nodal Axis: General life topics on this nodal hub are feeling versus rationale, home and family versus profession, expectation versus result, mother versus father, and roots and legacy versus at this very moment. A Cancer South Node demonstrates a previous existence that was conventional, protected and loaded with the natural. A Capricorn South hub demonstrates a previous existence of diligent work, accomplishment, societal position, and expert.

  • Leo/Aquarius Nodal Axis: General life subjects in this matching are individual versus aggregate, despotism versus majority rule government, spotlight versus behind the stage, the sovereign versus the homeless person, and vanity versus philanthropy. A Leo South Node shows a previous existence of acknowledgment, either acquired or increased through close to home accomplishment, and a sparkling character. An Aquarius South Node shows a previous existence of living in a public culture where you lived and worked with others for the benefit of everyone.

  • Virgo/Pisces Nodal Axis: For this situation, general life topics may incorporate substantiation versus deliberation, examination versus motivation, detail versus wholeness, explanation versus bewilderment, doing as opposed to envisioning, and temperance versus inebriation. A Virgo South Node demonstrates a previous existence that was useful, modest, useful and concentrated on the everyday practice and unremarkable subtleties of life. A Pisces South Node shows a previous existence in confinement from society or the normal world.

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