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Bhowmavati Amavasya - Pooja & Rituals for Zodiac Signs

Bhowmavati Amavasya - Pooja & Rituals for Zodiac Signs

Bhowmavati Amavasya 24 March 2020

Amavasya falls once every month in the Hindu calendar. The importance of Amavasya falling on a particular day increases, such as Somvati Amavasya when it is on Monday, and Saturnachari Amavasya when it is on Saturday. The Amavasya that falls on such a Tuesday is called Bhumavati Amavasya or Bhaum Amavasya. Fathers are worshiped on this day, so that they may have peace.

According to religious texts, the Amavasya that falls on Tuesday is called Bhaumavati Amavasya. At the time of Bhaumavati Amavasya, it is considered to be a law to perform ancestral rituals. Amavasya is performed for the ancestors of the ancestors and it is believed that on the day of Bhaumavati Amavasya, the Pitradan is given to the ancestors for the Pitras and blessings of the ancestors.

Bathing on the day of Bhaumavati Amavasya is said to be of special importance. On the day of Bhaumavati Amavasya, it is said to be the best fruit to donate. According to Lord Rishi Vyasa, bathing and meditating on this date gives a puny fruit similar to that of Sahasra Cow Dan. Apart from this, on this day, there is a rule to circumambulate Peepal, worship Peepal tree and Shri Vishnu.

Giving charity is auspicious. Bathing in thousands of pilgrimage sites like Haridwar, Kashi and holy rivers has special significance on Bhumavati Amavasya.

On this day, it is also considered very virtuous to put a drowning in the Brahma lake of Kurukshetra. At this place, bathing and donating on the day of Bhaumavati Amavasya gives you renewable fruits. During the period from sunrise to sunset, there will be a flow of bathing on holy rivers. With the bath, the sound of holy shlokas is heard all around. By doing all this work, all wishes are fulfilled.

Importance of Bhaumavati Amavasya

Amavasya Tithi falls in every lunar month. The moon has two sides, in which there is a Krishna Paksha and a Shukla Paksha. On the end of Krishna Paksha, the full moon comes on the end of Amavasya and Shukla Paksha. It is a festival date. On this day, fasting, bathing, donation, chanting, giving food, clothes, etc. for fathers and fathers are best. The Amavasya of Jyeshtha month is more important than the Amavasya that falls in other months. According to the scriptures, after taking bath in the morning on the new moon day of Jyeshtha month, resolve and worship.

On the day of Bhaumavati Amavasya Tithi, work done specifically for fathers is done. On this day, by performing fasts and other works for the fathers, the souls of the fathers get peace. In the scriptures, Pitra Dev is believed to be the lord of Amavasya Tithi. Therefore, tarpan is important for the fulfillment of ancestors on this day, charity and charity. When the sum of Anuradha, Visakha and Swati Nakshatra is formed with Som, Tuesday and Thursday on the day of Amavasya, it is considered very sacred. Similarly, the sum of Saturday, and Chaturdashi is also considered to give special results. On the occasion of such yoga, by virtue of pilgrimage, chanting, penance and fasting on Amavasya, one gets relief from the debts or sufferings caused by debt and sins. Therefore it is considered to be the best day for abstinence, meditation and meditation. In the Puranas, Amavasya has the rules of some special fasts, which gives freedom from the sufferings of body, mind and money.

Bhaumavati Amavasya Puja Method

For the peace of fathers, complete the process of tarpan, pinddaan etc. on the river bank with the help of law. Those who do not get the pujas worshiped with complete method for peace. They get freedom from the blame by performing puja for the fathers on Bhumavati Amavasya. On the day of Bhumavati Amavasya, by giving food to the poor and hungry people, one attains virtue, as well as error defects are removed. It is considered auspicious to anoint Lord Shiva with Panchamrit on the day of Bhaumavati Amavasya. In such a situation, worship of Lord Shiva is very important. Bathing in the Ganges river has special significance for the attainment of the salvation of the ancestors on Bhomavati Amavasya.

Peepal tree worship, on this day, there is a rule to revolve Peepal, worship Peepal tree and Shri Vishnu. Due to which the blessings of Lord Vishnu and his ancestral father gods are received. Offer milk mixed water on the first peepal, pay obeisance to Lord Vishnu, then light a Ghee lamp on the right side, light a left Ore oil lamp, a Ghee lamp with a gram of lentils and an oil lamp with black Urad and black sesame After this, consider the Peepal tree as Vishnu Maya and worship it in the Hexodop method, start the circumambulation, sprinkle some water on the Peepal tree, offer some flowers, then wrap the raw cotton on the Peepal and Performing the circumambulation while chanting the mantra "Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah" and praying, feeding jaggery to cows on the Bhomavati Amavasya and donating red clothes, gold etc. on this day also has special significance.

According to zodiac signs, worship and get happiness on Amavasya, wealth, wealth and good fortune

  • Aries: For those Aries people who have a lot of debt and are not getting it even after lakhs of efforts, then on the day of Bhowmavati Amavasya, offer 108 fist red lentils with Mars' debt-free Mantra on the black stone Shivling.

  • Taurus: The natives of Taurus sign decrease in accumulated wealth. Therefore, on the Bhowmavati Amavasya, offer sweet raw milk in Peepal tree for debt relief. Orbit 108 of the peepal tree.

  • Gemini: In order to overcome the wealth related problem, the people of Gemini have to offer a red or vermilion-colored triangular flag on the peak of Hanuman temple on the day of Bhowmavati Amavasya. This will soon increase the corpus of funds.

  • Cancer: The native of Cancer, feed milk to the blind on the day of Bhowmavati Amavasya. If blind people cannot find it, then feed the poor children with milk. This will increase your accumulated fund. Property-related tasks are overcome.

  • Leo: If the debt on the Leo zodiac is increasing. If you are spending more than the income, then on the Bhowmavati Amavasya, anoint the Shivling with honey. Eat without salt on this day and donate it to the poor according to their ability.

  • Virgo: On the day of Bhowmavati Amavasya, the native of Virgo, if feed fodder to cow, feed bread or biscuits to dogs, feed flour to fish, all financial problems will be eliminated. Will be able to buy land and buildings.

  • Libra: On the day of Bhowmavati Amavasya, the native of Libra zodiac is offered in a peepal tree mixed with raw milk and sugar and water. Break seven leaves of peepal and bring them to your home and wash them with Ganges water and write them with saffron ink and keep them in your vault. This increases wealth.

  • Scorpio: On the Bhowmavati Amavasya, the native of Scorpio, offer red lentils on the Shivling. Perform 21 recitations of the indebted Mangal Stotra. With debt relief Sagittarius: If the people of Sagittarius have any problem related to money, then on the day of BhowmavatiAmavasya, give a lamp in the evening. This will not only remove the money problem, but it will also bring peace to the fathers.

  • Capricorn: The native of Capricorn should offer oil, black sesame, iron, black cloth, black urad and blue flowers to Shani Dev on the day of BhowmavatiAmavasya. This will solve the economic crises. If any work is interrupted then it will go away.

  • Aquarius: On the new moon day of Jupiter, do 7 recitations of Shani Sthavaraja or Shani Chalisa. Offer the poor, beggars sitting outside the Shani temple as per their strength or offer fruits.

  • Pisces: The native of Pisces should serve animals and birds on the Bhowmavati Amavasya. Feed the poor with sweet rice or immortal. Visit Shani Dev. This will remove the constraints of property related work.

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