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Why Do Twins Differ Despite the Matching Kundali?

Why Do Twins Differ Despite the Matching Kundali?

Do Twins Have the Same Birth Chart?

Astrology is one of the oldest forms of studying the movements of planets and stars. The term ‘Astrology’ is derived from Greek words, ‘Astra’ which means ‘a star’ and ‘Logos’ which means logic, thenceforth, translating to ‘Logic of the Stars’. Astrological birth chart or kundali is a map of your life. It is based on the positions of stars & planets in different houses. This kundali or birth chart defines your life path, what obstacles you might face and on the whole how your life will turn out.

Keeping all this in mind, we can say that the kundli will be astrologically different for every individual on this earth. But have you ever stopped to wonder about the astrology and kundali of twins? How do two people having the same birthdays, born at the same time and at the same location can lead or have absolutely different lives? Astrologically, how the people born on the same day, same time, at the same place and also from the same womb, can have so different fates?

Numerous kids share the same birthdays. Out of these kids, some become doctors, engineers, professors and some do menial jobs to survive through life but this change is understandable because they are not born at the same place and at the same time. But twins are born at the same place, at the same time and also from the same womb, yet their lives turn out to be so different. Why? How is this possible? Why the life or the future is so different for twins born with the same kundali with same sun sign, ascendant and even the position of the planets?

Vedic Astrology takes ‘Karma’ and ‘Circumstances’ into consideration, so when Vedic Astrologers analyze kundali they also take note of these things. Hence this particular issue is also dependant on the circumstances that the individual is born into. These circumstantial differences can lead to different destinies; they can change the fate of people born at the same time under the sun. Circumstances play an important part in the destiny of people.

But if the circumstances of the twins do not differ, being born in the same family, how come their destiny or fate is not same? This can be answered through karma because Vedic Astrology is also dependent on the karma of the past lives. Ever since the development of the system of Vedic Astrology, it has always believed in the principle of karma. So whatever the person's Kundli holds is the karma of his previous birth. And this is one of the reasons for the differences in the kundali of the twins.

Vedic Astrologer talks of the karma accumulated during the previous birth. The Vedic astrologer believes that everything that we have acquired in the current life is the result of the karma of past life. According to the scriptures of the Vedic astrology, the positions of planets are secondary to the accumulated karma of the past life. Whatever the person gets is due to the accumulated deeds of all previous lives. Hence, this could be one of the reasons that the destiny & fates of the twins are not the same. The reason being that the deeds of the past life, even the past life, and the subsequent result cannot be the same for the twins.

Since, the twins are born at the same place and on the same date, so it is indubitable that their thoughts, feelings, diseases will be any different. There will be absolutely minimal (if any) difference in these aspects. They will remain the same yet there would be a remarkable difference in their personality, deeds, and way of living even though the position of the planets in the kundali is the same.

Now the science behind the astrology of twins is that whatever differences that exist between the two twins is because of the movements of the planet. The time of birth is different among the twins. Twins are born seconds or even minutes apart. This could lead to a slight difference in the position of planets in their birth chart or kundali. The planetary movements are calculated in degrees and the difference of even degrees can lead to remarkable changes in kundali or birth charts. Even though the planets are in the same houses but a slight difference of degrees can lead to changes in their destinies.

It is often believed that the twins usually divide their kundali birth chart between them. Every zodiac sign, every horoscope has multiple ways of expressing themselves with several themes and inner contradictions. Usually, an individual who does not have a twin will usually play out this role subconsciously or consciously. He will choose to express certain aspects of his chart and bury the others.

When it comes to twins, since both these people carry the same charts they decide early on which parts they choose to express. The one who is more dominant among the two will choose the leading roles, while the other might choose the rest. The intricacies of astrology play an important role in defining the personalities and the subsequent future choices of the twins.

How to Identify Twin Yoga in Kundali?

Vedic Astrologers believe if the planets are placed in the below mentioned places, then they create a yoga for having twins. Following planets and their placements are significant in understanding the prospect of having twins in the kundali.

  • Jupiter: Jupiter is the ruling planets of Sagittarius and Pisces. If it is placed in the 5th house of the kundali along with either Pisces or Sagittarius zodiac signs then it creates yoga for twins in the kundali. It is also important to note whether it is being aspected by Sun or Moon. If it is the case, then the probability is high of having twins. It is also possible for the twins to be of different gender.

  • Conjunction of Rahu, Jupiter or Venus: If Venus is in conjunction with either Rahu or Jupiter then the chances of having twins are higher even after several years of marriage.

  • Moon and Venus are placed in the same zodiac sign.

  • Ascendant Sign and Moon are placed in the same zodiac sign.

  • Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and the Ascendant Sign are strong.

  • Pisces or Sagittarius are having either the conjunction of Jupiter and Sun or Mercury.

  • If the Mercury is watching over Venus, Moon, Mars, Virgo or Pisces then it creates yoga for twins in kundali.

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