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Ashiwni Nakshatra

Ashiwni Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, Ketu is the lord of the Ashwini nakshatra. It looks like the face of horse. The deity of this nakshatra is Ashwini Kumar and Linga Purush. If you belong to Ashwini Nakshatra, you can get many information related to it like personality, education, income and family life etc.

Ashwini Nakshatra

  • Ruled by Aries Zodiac Sign
  • The appropriate color is Blood Red
  • The Animal is Horse
  • Ruling Planet - ketu

Charcertistics of Person Born in Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra is ruled by the zodiac sign Aries, and hence carries the lots of characteristics denoted by the Aries zodiac sign. Hence, the people born under this Nakshatra tends to be the leaders, displaying the correct dynamism for this position. They also have a charisma that attracts and influence people. This is something that often distinguish them from everyone around them. Ashwini Nakshatra endows them with a forthright tendency to initiate. Henceforth, they are born leaders. Due to this tendency, they also tend to be action oriented with little tolerance for passivity. They have the energy of Aries born, displaying remarkable ferocity.

People born under Ashwini Nakshatra are very energetic and active and they have high energy and enthusiasm that often tires others out. They will not be satisfied with petty work. Such people love the limelight and hence enjoy doing big and important things. It is your habit to do everything quickly and in as little time as possible. Such natives are born with exemplary quickness and agileness. If something comes to their mind, they soon change it into action. They are lively, happy and intelligent and have the amazing ability to understand anything quickly and take the right decision. Although, the nature is mysterious and will always be interested in religion, mantra and yoga. They are also fearless and courageous but they should always avoid being angry.

People born under Ashwini Nakshtra know how to defeat their enemies well and they cannot be subdued by power or pressure; Only love and affection can make them yours. They will appear very calm and sober in front and will never hurry to make decisions. Hence, they believe in taking calculative risks. Only after considering every aspect, they make a decision and once they make a decision, they will not back down from it. It is not in their nature to make changes in their decisions by being influenced by someone's words. They also know how to do all their work well. They can prove to be the best friend of friends, and they are also ready to sacrifice their everything for those they want. If they see a victim, then they do not lag behind in showing sympathy to him. They will have immense patience even in the most severe crisis and they have full faith in God. Despite being traditional, they also embrace modernity creating a curious and a different outlook towards life. They like to take care of cleanliness and keep everything around they in a manner.

Males Born Under Ashwini Nakshatra

A native born under Ashiwni Nakshatra endows the native with impulsiveness, aggression, stubborn and arrogant. The native also tend to passionate with a tendency to avoid gumption. He also tends to be someone who leaves his work unfinished and do the work according to themselves.

Everyone make mistakes, some people learn from them, some don't. People born under Ashwini Nakshatra tends to go the other way and never tend to learn from their mistakes. They are stubborn, straightforward and headstrong. They can't be still, their is always this bubbling energy around them. They quickly grow impatient with excessive silence and tranquility. They hate to be dominated but loves to dominate.

Females Born Under Ashwini Nakshatra

The females born under Ashwini Nakshatra tends to be headstrong and stubborn. They follow the beat of another drummer rarely every following the crowd. They, however, respect the ancient traditions and will seldom try to surpass them. She will show utmost patience. Also, the females born under this nakshatra have exemplary oratorical skills and can influence anybody through mere words.

Physical Characteristics of Ashwini Nakshatra Born

They tend to be short in height with sharp features. They have bright and big eyes. Their forehead also tends to be broad almost dominating their physical features.

Education and Income of the Ashwini Nakshatra Born

They are an all-rounder, that is, they are sort of jack of all traders, having knowledge about myriad of things. They can get enough success in the field of education and they can also try hands on in the fields of medical, security department, police department, army, intelligence department, engineering, teaching, training etc. They will also have a special attachment to literature and music and they will often have multiple source of income. By the age of thirty they may have to see a lot of ups and downs.

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