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Understanding the First House of Astrology

Understanding the First House of Astrology

The House of Ascendant

The kundali is divided in the 12 segments also known as houses. These houses represent various aspects of life such as birth, career, finance, relationships, death, etc. These houses also have set of their own traits and significance which influences the native. These houses are very important in Astrology for proper analysis of the kundali. First house is ruled by the first zodiac sign Aries, the second house is ruled by the second zodiac sign Taurus and so on. Every planet behaves differently in different houses and thus can have positive or negative effects on the native.

The First House of the Kundali Birth Chart

The first house is considered very important because it is responsible for shaping the personality, nature, thought pattern, happiness and interests of the native. The first house is also called the house of Ascendant or the Rising Sign (lagna). The entire philosophy of every person's life depends on the House of Ascendant.

The first house of the kundali birth chart is also known as tanu bhava in Vedic Astrology because this house represents the personality, looks, strength and features of an individual. These traits are represented on the basis of the ascendant sign. By paying attention to this house one can easily understand about the person's inner and outer life. This house also influences the perception of the native.

The zodiac sign that represents this house is Aries and the ruler is Sun. This house represents what is unique about a person, their passions and what career is more appropriate for them.

Importance of the First House of Kundali

As we know that the zodiac sign that rises on the eastern horizon at birth becomes the ascendant of the person. The horoscope is formed only after ascertaining the ascendant. In which the position of the planets, zodiac signs and nakshatras is revealed. All these things and their positions have a high influence on the native.

What is seen in astrology from the first house?

The factor of the first house is called the Sun. With this feeling, the physical structure, form, color, knowledge, nature, childhood and age etc. of a person are considered. The lord of the first house is called the lagnesh.

  • Body structure: The first house also influences the physical appearance and the height of the person. Whichever zodiac sign is in the first house carries a heavy influence on the native. The first house represents the head and the upper body. Thus, it also carries a high influences on the related body parts.
  • Nature: Ascendant is very important to understand the nature of any person. The lagna shows the power of human thoughts. A person’s tendency and inclination are totally dependent on the ascendant sign. If the person’s rising sign tend to be Leo then the native is emotional and forthright.
  • Early childhood: First house is where your life begins. This house is all about your early childhood and how you were as a kid. The facial features and the behavior are totally ruled by this house. The first house all represents the early experiences that mold you in the individual you are today. If there are negative aspects on this house, then the native had had a tough childhood experiences.

First House is very important for making astrological predictions.

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