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Aries Woman

Aries Woman

Aries Woman

Aries woman is a fireball. They have an energy that is contagious and fiery. Ruled by mars, they have an anger that is beyond sanity. It is something that you will like to witness only one, and rather not be a subject of it too.

Aries women are bold and confident. They are fearless and unafraid. They are like the might of a fast flowing river. They challenge orthodox thinking and will often be the most vociferous among the group. They are the leader of a pack. A lioness in human clothing.

Aside from the furore around them, when faced with the intensity of their own emotions, they also tend to withdraw within. Even though they might be the most communicative of a group, they becomeIn the midst of extreme emotional situations, the Aries women tend to go within themselves and become uncommunicative. They can have that icy cold aura about them which can be terrifying.

Personality of an Aries Woman

A person born under the aries zodiac sign is adventurous, energetic and highly independent. They also display good leadership skills. They are dreamy but will sweat themselves out in the pursuit of their goals. Aries woman is all about her career. You will never be a more career oriented person than her.

They are a well of knowledge, a walking encyclopedia. They have answers about the existent questions. Even though it's a benefit, a downside is they tend to get bored easily. They are forever beyond their peers. Aries women simply love learning. They are attracted to intellect.

When it comes to their physical appearance, Aries woman tends to be of medium height but with a well built, muscular body. Their skin would be smooth and hair would be flowy. You will notice a glint of repressed energy in their eyes, something that can come out as penetrative just like aries man. Sitting under that gaze can be quite unnerving.

Characteristics of Aries Woman

  • Career Oriented: Aries woman is totally career oriented. They have that so-called martian focus and single mindedness. Aries women do not bow down to the pressures of the society and will go after their career before anything else.

  • Fiery and Energetic: Aries women are energetic. The energy of mars shines brightly through them. You can notice an Aries woman through their energy and enthusiasm. The blazing energy of Mars bursts through their being.

  • Perfectionist: Aries woman also tends to be perfectionists. If they don't get the desired results, they tend to get frustrated and will further work obsessively on it. Their perfectionist tendencies also push them towards isolation; but they obsessively love to learn.

  • Independent: Nothing can stop a Martian energy from making their own way. Aries women are independent by default. They are like a wind which can only change the direction through their own will. If you want to get the benefit of Aries talent, give them a free reign.

  • Optimistic: Aries women are optimistic by nature and the failure does not upset them. They rebound with more energy after the failure. They tend to work obsessively to achieve the result that they want and succeed.

  • Competitive: Nothing or no one can beat the competitive spirit of the Aries woman. if they want to do it, they will do it. That too, better than others. Sometimes, if the certain planets are more strongly placed, they can further resort to mean ways to achieve their results.

Aries Wwoman in Love and Relationship

When in a relationship, an Aries woman is strong,loving and supportive. They will often go beyond their way for their loved ones. However, there can also be a streak of that infamous martian

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Aries women also tend to be expressive and will often express their inner feelings in great detail. The most preferred partner for Aries women is someone who is attractive, upbeat and energetic.

Aries Woman in Friendships

Just like every other person who is career oriented and deeply intellectual, an aries woman also has fewer friends. There are very few people who will understand her need to be a step forward in everything.

She can be unemotional among large group people, but with a few select people she can be very expressive with her emotions.

Due to her upbeat energy, many people will be attracted towards her charm. As a result, she will have a string of acquaintances. But the best and close friends would be few.

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