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Aries Man

Aries Man

Aries Man

Linda Goodman called Aries Men ‘an electrically charged dynamo”. Ruled by mars, aries man are full of bursting energy. They are optimistic and exuberant people to have around. Mars bestows them with excessive and overflowing energy and because of this, these men are always on a run. There is seldom a dull moment with these humans. But, with the rule of Mars comes the dangerous and ugly aggression which every Aries born is susceptible to.

Aries Man Personality

If you look at an Aries Man, you will find an exciting combination of Steve Jobs with his obsessive tendencies and Einstein with his level of intelligence and knowledge. Aries men are attention seeker with a robust, easily noticeable personality. Without ever trying, they can manage to be the center of attention. They are ruled by mars and have the streak of that famous martian aggression. Hence, they are often short tempered.

Aries men have an irresistible charm that is alluring. They are often of medium height with muscular built. You will see their busting energy shining bright in their eyes. They also have athletic bodies.

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The first impression that someone gets from these gentlemen is rough and demanding looking persona with a shining vitality in their eyes. Their gaze can be equally penetrative and unnerving; often bringing out the vulnerability in others.

Aries Man Characteristics Traits

If you seek to define Aries Man through the dominant characteristics traits, following traits fills the bill perfectly:

  • Aggressive: Aries man, ruled by Mars, is shadowed by the Martian anger. It fills them with angry energy which is not easy to miss. Mars is considered to be a fiery hot planet in astrology, it also bestows the natives born under Aries Zodiac Sign with anger. Hence, Aries Man tends to be short tempered and impatient. They have a warrior-like anger which can be stinging.

  • Competitive: With the kind of energy that Aries Man possesses, it is natural for them to be overly competitive with their peers. Aries Man have this natural, innate tendency to be the best in their chosen pursuits. They will rarely ever fall behind someone and listen to the directions being piled on their head. Although, healthy competition is alright, but with the energy of Mars it can quickly escalate to another level.

  • Attention Seeker: We all know that person who always wants to be a center of attention in everything and among everyone. They can also be know-it-all. Since, Aries Man has the tendency to know it all; they have knowledge about almost everything under the sun. Hence, even if they don't tend to be attention seekers, they surely have the wherewithal of knowledge to be a center of attention. It is something Aries men naturally do without thinking, it is quite rooted in their psychology.

  • Highly Intelligent: Aries Man has a sharp mind, yet they find it hard to concentrate. They often get bored with the banality of daily life. There is often a reason with every sort of boredom, and with Aries Man it is their level of intelligence and knowledge. It is often above average, in such cases, it gets tough to be a part of the cliche society. Hence, frequently they are looking for something to entertain them and absorb their attention.

  • Adventurous: With the bubbling, overflowing energy, the need to unleash it is all consuming. Aries Man, ruled by Mars, are highly adventurous and fearless. They often indulge themselves by being involved in highly daring games such as bungee jumping, deep sea driving, etc.

Aries Man Friendship

They have a mile long line of acquaintances. It is due to their natural ability to connect with everyone they meet.

However, amidst these acquaintances there are only a few best friends. They have the capacity to entertain everyone they meet and hence, it isn't hard for them to make friends. But in friendships, they are loyal and valuable. They will often go out of the way for the people that he had managed to form deep friendships with. However, there can be times when his demanding nature and self centeredness get the best of him. And when it happens, anyone couldn’t help but be stinged by their lack of awareness how hurtful they can be.

Aries Man in Love

Aries Man can be quite complex when it comes to love and relationships. Sometimes, due to their fiery energy they find it hard to sustain the relationships. However, when in a relationship they can be quite loving yet demanding. There can also be a streak of aggression here and there. Aries men sometimes also tend to have chauvinistic sides which can be suffocating.

In love, aries men have dual personalities. They have two sets of behavior, one is where they are dominating and aggressive, distant and the other when they are quite loving. When it comes to love, aries man is bashful. He can come out as shy and introverted, often finding it difficult to convey his feelings. The fear of rejection also looms on their head, which is strange, given their energetic and optimistic nature.

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However, in the later stages of relationships, Aries Man can be impulsive and emotional. When they grow comfortable around another human being, a demanding and sometimes possessive side of their personality comes out; which can also be quite shocking for everyone.

When in love, Aries men also have this tendency to be jealous. Their thoughts might also indulge them to be insecure with their partner, often leading to conflicts. This negative experience also brings out the famous martial temper and aggression to surface.

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