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Apara Ekadashi

Apara Ekadashi

Apara Ekadashi 18 May 2020

Ekadashi has special significance in Hinduism. There are a total of 24 Xmas in the year. Their number increases to 26, including two monasteries of Malamas or Adhimas. Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Jyestha month is called Apara Ekadashi. This time Apara Ekadashi is on today i.e. 18 May 2020. Apara Ekadashi is also known as Achala Ekadashi or Bhadrakali Ekadashi. Worshiping Lord Vishnu on Ekadashi gives the devotee a happy life. By observing this fast, devotees get wealth. By doing this, the goddess of happiness is happy and makes the devotee rich, that is why this Ekadashi is called Apara Ekadashi.

Auspicious Time for Apara Ekadashi

  • Ekadashi date start = 17 / May / 2020 at 12:41 pm
  • Ekadashi date ends = 18 / May / 2020 at 15:07
  • Parana (fast break) time
  • On 19 / May / 2020 = 05:48 to 08:26

Apara Ekadashi Fasting Method

On this day, taking a bath early in the morning and taking a vow should be resolved. After this, worship Lord Vishnu by offering incense, lamps, fruits, flowers, sesame etc. Fast anhydrous throughout the day. If it is not possible then one can eat water and 1 fruit at one time. On the day of Paran, worship, recite and recite the Lord. After finishing the story, share the prasad and feed the Brahmin and send it as Dakshina. Later you can open fast and have food. Chant 'Om Namo Narayan' mantra on the fasting day. Together, repeat the name of the Lord to calm the mind.

Importance of Apara Ekadashi Fast

According to the scriptures, by observing this fast, a bath in Kartik month or on the banks of Gangaji gives fruits equal to donating bodies to fathers. Along with this, apart from bathing in Gomti, darshan of Kedarnath in Kumbh and staying in Badrikashram, the importance of bathing in Kurukshetra during solar-lunar eclipse is the same importance of Apara Ekadashi fast. Not only this, the fruit of this fast is equal to elephants, horses and gold donations as well as yagna and cow and land donations.

Apara Ekadashi Fasting Story

In ancient times there was a king named Mahidhwaj. His younger brother Vajradhwaj was very cruel and unjust. He hated his elder brother. He killed his elder brother in the night and buried his body under a peep. Due to this premature death, the king became a spirit and settled on the papal and started many fights. One day an sage named Dhaumya passed by.

He realized the phantom and knew his past with his power. The sage descended that phantom from the tree and in order to get rid of his phantom vagina, he himself performed Apara Ekadashi fast. The virtue that he got from it, he offered it to that phantom. For this reason the king's phantom was freed from the vagina and he went to heaven wearing a divine body.

Stories Related to Apara Ekadashi

According to another legend, once a king built quite a beautiful garden in his kingdom. Even the deities could not live without being attracted by the beautiful flowers used in it and they started stealing flowers from the garden. Troubled by the theft and destruction of the beauty of the garden, the king made several attempts but to no avail. When the help was sought from the Rajpurohit, all of them feared to have divine power in it. After this, he suggested to put flowers around the garden at the feet of Lord Hari. As usual, the gods and the nymphs reached the garden, but unfortunately an apsara fell on the flower offered to Lord Vishnu, destroying all her virtues and she could not fly away with her companions.

Everyone was surprised to see an apsara in the morning. The king was informed. Apsara confessing her crime, told all the things and repented of her actions. The king then asked him how they could help him now. On this, Apsara said that if any of the subjects of his kingdom keep the fast of Jyeshtha Krishna Ekadashi and donate it to him, then he will be able to return. The king made a proclamation among the subjects and announced to give half the kingdom as a reward, but no one came forward due to lack of knowledge of this fast. Troubled Apsara remembered Chitragupta, then he informed that Ekadashi fast has been inadvertently caused by a Sethani in this city, if she takes a resolution and donates the virtue of the fast then it can become a matter. He told this thing to the king. The king respectfully called Seth-Seethani. After getting pledged by the priests, Sethani donated the virtue of his fast to him. With which Apsara returned to heaven after thanking the king and the subjects. At the same time, according to his promise, the king gave half the kingdom to Seth-Seethani. Knowing the importance of Ekadashi, the king made the fast of every Ekadashi of the year mandatory for all the women and men of the state, including the royal family.

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