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What Does the 12 Houses in Astrology Signify?

What Does the 12 Houses in Astrology Signify?

Understanding the Houses in Kundali

The base of the study of Astrology lies in the houses of the kundali. The combination of the planets & the houses defines the outcome for an individual; taking into consideration various other intricacies.

What exactly is a house in astrology?

A house in the astrology is like a clock. The zodiac is divided into 12 segments, or houses, everyone being ruled by an alternate zodiac sign. The kundali starts with the primary/first house, which is governed by Aries and goes counterclockwise around. When you look at your birth chart for the very first time, it's difficult to know precisely where to focus. It can be overwhelming. There are houses that are loaded up with signs & symbols, while others are altogether unfilled. It can be overwhelming to figure out where to start & how to proceed further.Once you understand the basic terminology, it can be pretty easy to find your way around this astrological labyrinthine. The most important thing upon which the entire kundali is based is the Ascendant. The meaning of the word ‘Ascend’ according to Google – “rise or move up in the air”. Hence, Ascendant is also called the rising sign. The Ascendant is the zodiac sign that is rising above the eastern horizon at the particular time of the person’s birth. Astrologers use houses to understand the various aspects of the person’s life. Individuals frequently read about the houses to predict which parts of their life will come into center and where they can take the most ideal activities. The daily horoscope that you read in the newspaper is not as accurate as the horoscopes based on the kundali. For precision and for detailed horoscope, it’s always useful to refer your birth chart, which can be created online for free.

The birth chart of a person provides complete information about the person, their personality, their interests, their career & various other aspects.

Houses in Vedic Astrology:

There are 12 houses and they are as follows:

  • First House:
    First house in the Vedic astrology is the house of Ascendant. It is also known as the house of self. It is related to sign rising from eastern horizon at the time and place of an individual’s birth. It is the ascendant house that ascertains the positions of all the others houses in the kundli birth chart.

    First house is considered the most significant in Vedic Astrology because it marks the beginning of new life. The zodiac sign which is related to the first house is the zodiac sign of Aries and the planet that naturally rules it is the Mars. First house represents the personality, character, temperament, bodily physique, self-identity, strengths and weaknesses as well as health. By studying and understanding the planet placed in the first house an accurate judgment about a person’s inner and outer self can be made.

  • Second House:
    The second house of the kundali birth chart is related to the family and growing up. It is also known as the house of possession because it signifies everything that we own such as material goods, wealth, any kind of investments etc. Aside from the material aspect of life, this house also signifies possessions that are intangible such as emotions, feelings, younger siblings and how do we relate to them. The second house also represents one's ability of articulation. This house also related to immediate family & close relations. Certain problems related to the arenas reflected by the second house can be solved by understanding the planet sitting in this house. The second house of the kundali is ruled by the Taurus zodiac sign and the ruling planet is Venus.

  • Third House
    The third house in Vedic Astrology is related to communication, creativity, mental intelligence, interests, habits as well as the relationships that one share with their brothers and sisters. It signifies an individual’s mental and creative capabilities. The third house basically rules communication and its every form. Even all the professions related to the communication come under the purview of the third house such as media, journalism, writing, libraries, IT, publishing, etc. The third house of the kundali is ruled by the zodiac sign of Gemini and the ruling planet is Mercury.

  • Fourth House
    The fourth house in Vedic astrology is related to the roots or the nativity of an individual. And everything that signifies the strong ties to the native place comes under the purview of this house. It signifies the relationship with the mother, family, family values etc. Fourth house is also related to the mental peace and satisfaction and hence also governs the domestic environment. Fourth house is related to the Cancer zodiac sign and hence, it is ruled by moon.

  • Fifth House:
    Fifth house in Vedic astrology signifies pleasure through self-expression. It rules the mental intelligence & the creativity, the capability to innovate and to generate novel ideas. All sorts of creative expressions are ruled by this house such as arts, writing, painting, etc. Fifth house rules expression and is related to personal pleasure and the natives usually have a higher penchant for personal fulfillment. Hence, they are focused more on all that gives them personal satisfaction in life. Fifth house relates to Leo and the natural ruler of the house is Sun.

  • Sixth House:
    Sixth house in Vedic Astrology deals with health and well being of a person. This house also signifies fear and the need to overcome it. 6th House also rules the employment & job related aspect of an individual. This house relates to obstacles, debts, enemies and how the person overcomes these hurdles. Sixth house in the kundali birth chart relates to the zodiac sign of Virgo. Mercury is the natural ruler of this house. Along with the career, the 6th house also signifies the areas where the native is bound to face most challenges and shortcomings.

  • Seventh House:
    Seventh house is the house of partnerships and hence rules the marriage. 7th house is just opposite to the house of ascendant. The first house is related to the self whereas the seventh house is related to the everyone else. Everything related to the martial life is ruled by this house. Along with this, 7th house also deals with the fertility & the ability to have children. Seventh House also projects the darker side of relationships/partnerships that the native forms form. Divorce, break-ups, fights and struggles are under the rule of this house. Seventh house is governed by the zodiac sign of Libra, and hence Venus is the natural ruler of this house.

  • Eighth House:
    8th House in Vedic Astrology is considered downright malefic. It rules over death, longevity and certain sudden obstacles. It has an influence over the nature of death & the planets in this house determine whether death would be peaceful or not. This house can affect the longevity of the person and can help in determine the chronic illnesses. This house disrupts mental peace. If a malefic planet is placed in this house than the native will be subject to various crimes, imprisonment, addictions, etc. These are the negative influences of the eighth house. If the placements of the house is positive than the outcomes can be positive too such as long life, higher learning, etc. The house is ruled by Scorpio and Mars is the natural ruler of this house.

  • Ninth House:
    The ninth house in the Vedic Astrology reflects one's religious and spiritual views. It highlights whether the person will believe in religion or not or if the person would stick to orthodox religious values. 9th house also represents one's philosophical inclinations. In Vedic astrology, this house is considered as the house of luck. It indicates whether fortune would favor the native or not. The 9th house is related to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and the Jupiter is the natural ruler of the house.

  • Tenth House:
    The Tenth House in Vedic Astrology is the house of work and profession. The native’s choice of occupation is defined by the planetary placement in this house. This is the house of career. This house indicates the choice of profession & the success or failure of the native in their chosen profession because this house also indicates your earning capabilities. It also defines the native's professional outlook and defines whether the person would be laze or ambitious in their workspace. This house is ruled by the zodiac sign of Capricorn & the ruling planet is Saturn.

  • Eleventh House:
    The eleventh house in the Vedic astrology represents income & gains. It represents sudden profits, wealth, income and abundance. Eleventh house also rules friendships & how the native would maintain these friendships. This house also indicates whether the native would be a social butterfly or taciturn. The eleventh house is the ruled by the zodiac sign of Aquarius with Saturn as a ruling planet.

  • Twelfth House: The Twelfth house represents the ending and the completion of a life cycle. The house signifies detachment, seclusion and solitude. Whatever the person should detach from is denoted by the 12th house. When this house is afflicted, it projects some serious hardships such as jail sentence, addictions, hospitalizations, loss of near and dear ones. The negative influence of this house also causes mental weaknesses, habit of intoxication, etc. This is the house ruled by Pisces which also denotes intuition, isolation and imagination. The natural ruler of this house is Jupiter.

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