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Dreams & Desire: What is Significance of 11th House?

Dreams & Desire: What is Significance of 11th House?

11th House of Kundali

Each kundali birth chart is sectioned in 12 houses which are also called as 'bhaav' in Vedic Astrology. Each house relates to a particular part of life from which one can understand a person's character, vocation, marriage, family, posterity, and instruction, among others.

These houses or 'bhaav' are basic to Vedic Astrology. The investigation of any kundali is done on the basis of these houses taking into consideration the arrangement of planets in these houses. Indeed, even an unfilled house has its significance. The doshas and yogas in the kundali are determined with the help of planetary arrangements in these houses. Every house is interconnected. These houses are ruled by the zodiac signs, for instance, the first house of the kundali, is governed by the Aries zodiac sign, the second house of the kundali is controlled by the Taurus zodiac sign, and so on.

11th House in Kundali Birth Chart

According to Hindu Astrology, the eleventh house in the horoscope is related to income and profit. The eleventh house of the kundali represents monetary gains, incomes, wealth, accomplishments in life, etc. 11th house of the kundali is also known as the 'Laabh House' because it is auspicious. The aspirations of the native and their supposed fulfillment come under this house. The planetary placements in this house determine a person's occupation and their source of income. It also denotes investments and other means of income. The 11th house of the Kundali Birth Chart is ruled by the Aquarius zodiac sign and the ruler is Saturn.

Factors of the 11th House

Benefits, fulfillment, friends, personalities, jewelry, elder brothers and freedom from blame and suffering, etc. can be known from the 11th house. The 11th house in the horoscope also gives a sense of the wishes, hopes and aspirations of the natives. This house also refers to the profits from work or business, higher education or foreign participation, elections, litigation, speculation, writing and health etc.

Importance of 11th House in Vedic Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, the eleventh house in the horoscope is represents monetary profit. The 11th house provides information about the realization of desires, acquisition of wealth, gain by hard work, income, independence, elder brother, respect for the elderly, gain by knowledge, intellect of the individual, loss of money, etc.

A person who loves can be tested more accurately through the eleventh house, because this house also tells the emotional connection of a person to another person. For a happy married life, one must see the 2nd house, 7th house and 11th house in the horoscope.

In astrology, the eleventh house is very influential. This house also indicates the credibility of the natives. Along with this, the eleventh house in the horoscope represents financial matters as well as the property of the native. The eleventh house of the natives should be seen with regard to wealth accumulation.

What is seen from the 11th house in the horoscope?

  • Income: The 11th house of the kundali is related to income and profits. The planetary placements in this house give information about the income capacity of the individual and whether the individual will prosper or not.

  • Eldest siblings: From the 11th house, the personality of the eldest sibling can be analyzed. The planetary placements in this house tell a lot about the personality, career as well as the overall life of the elder siblings.

  • Friendship: This house also rules the friendships. The planetary placements in this house tell about the native’s attitude towards forming friendships and whether the native values the friendships formed.

  • Economic Condition: Since, the 11th house is related to the income and gains in life, it also tells about the long term economic condition of the native. That can be seen from the planetary placements in this house.

  • Attainment of Desires: The native’s desires can be seen from this house and whether the native have the capacity to attain the desires can also be seen from this house with the help of planetary placements in this house.

The Interconnection of the 11th house With Other Houses of the Kundali

According to astrology, there are 12 houses in the horoscope and these houses are related to each other. Similarly, the eleventh house is related to other expressions. The eleventh house in the horoscope is a sense of profit. Through this, the children of the natives are also seen and we know that the children become sticks of old age. This sentiment also refers to those through whom we receive cooperation.

The eleventh house represents profit. This house refers to investments, gold, fame gained by actions, large organization and committee etc. A person's diligence, aunt and uncle, short journey and father's message, mental peace, legal education, examiner, secret knowledge, affairs of wife or husband and their business investment benefits, enemies of enemies, servants disease, tenants Debt, husband-wife affair and their business benefits, matrimonial life of children, brothers traveling abroad, mother's legacy, family reputation, destruction of enemies And health benefits are considered. This house also reflects your family lineage, religious and spiritual faith of neighbors, death and rebirth of mother, etc. Along with this, the eleventh house also tells the child's spouse, foreign animals, United Nations, NGOs, enemies, children, goals, 8th house deeds, ego and your father's style and contact area of your business.

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